18 Keto Smoothie Recipes To Fill You up on the Run

Satisfying smoothie recipes right this way.

No time to make breakfast? Try a low-carb keto smoothie made with healthy fats like avocado to fill you up for hours. Just toss the ingredients into a blender and give it a whirl. In less than a minute, you'll have a delicious and filling smoothie treat. You can even whip up the smoothie while waiting for the coffee to brew. In almost an instant, you'll have a full low-carb breakfast made.

Smoothies are just one of the healthy eggless breakfast ideas you can have on a keto diet. Homemade low-carb cereal is another great quick and easy breakfast idea.

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18 Healthy Keto Smoothie Recipes

From low-carb strawberry smoothies to avocado and peanut butter-based shakes, here are 18 of the best keto smoothie recipes to make at home.

<p>Low Carb Yum</p>

Low Carb Yum

<p>Fat For Weight Loss</p>

Fat For Weight Loss

<p>Low Carb Yum</p>

Low Carb Yum



<p>Wholesome Yum</p>

Wholesome Yum

<p>Low Carb Yum</p>

Low Carb Yum

<p>Step Away From The Carbs</p>

Step Away From The Carbs

<p>Simply So Healthy</p>

Simply So Healthy

<p>Low Carb Yum</p>

Low Carb Yum

<p>Elana’s Pantry</p>

Elana’s Pantry

<p>Paleo Magazine</p>

Paleo Magazine

<p>In Sonnet’s Kitchen</p>

In Sonnet’s Kitchen

<p>Keto Diet App</p>

Keto Diet App

<p>Low Carb Maven</p>

Low Carb Maven



<p>Low Carb Yum</p>

Low Carb Yum

<p>The Happy Health Freak</p>

The Happy Health Freak

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Yuri Elkaim