17 Pieces Of Evidence That Landlords Shouldn't Even Be A Thing In The First Place

1. The fact that a PSA needed to be made because so many landlords were asking their tenants for sexual favors instead of rent:

2. This incredibly offensive suggestion that a free stamp would be in any way helpful toward the rent struggle:

3. The landlord who let a maintenance worker come into a tenant's apartment without telling them and get dry wall dust all over everything:

4.Landlords who can't get it through their thick skulls that just because something "worked fine" four years ago doesn't mean it works now:

5. The audacity of this landlord to literally charge their tenants for elevator rides:

6. This landlord who is preying on the family of their dead tenant for rent:

7. This landlord who let people into their tenants' homes during the pandemic:

8. Any landlord who thinks the things inside their tenants' apartments are essentially theirs:

9. Landlords who discriminate against applicants for screwed-up reasons:

10. Landlords who play down the urgency of basic human needs:

11. This landlord who's perfectly content letting their tenants suffer during a heat wave:

12. Any landlord who somehow think it's okay to spy on their tenants:

13. The types of landlords who are ready to screw everyone over because of one tenant's mistake:

14.This landlord who knows damn well they're screwed if a lawyer gets a firsthand look at how they run things:

15.The fact that landlords have zero consideration for your vacation time:

16. This landlord who had the world's most nonsensical (and, tbh, pretty dangerous) excuse for ending a tenancy:

17. And finally, this landlord who is totally fine with exposing their tenants to a sewage leak...possibly forever?!

H/T: r/LandlordLove.