17 sheet masks with yummy summer ingredients that your skin will crave

Sheet masks have become super popular in the beauty world. While they originated in South Korea, they’re now a skin care staple in many people’s routines. The sheets, which are usually made out of fiber or gel, are soaked in concentrated serums or essences that help to give the skin hydration and radiance. Plus, they make for great selfies.

The summer is the perfect time to test out new sheet masks, especially since our skin changes during the warmer months. Not only are there sheet masks with fruity ingredients, but there are plenty of cooling and hydrating ones as well. Take a look at some of our faves below.

1IYOU Apple Face Mask Set of 10, $24.81

This apple-infused sheet mask has vitamin C and E, which means glowing skin and an even skin tone.

2Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Sheet Mask, $8

This watermelon-infused jelly sheet mask will cool, hydrate, and help with your skin’s texture.

3Too Cool For School Coconut Ceramide Mask, $6

Quench your skin’s thirst with this coconut water mask. Your skin will thank you for giving it hydration.

4Origins Flower Fusion Raspberry Refreshing Sheet Mask, $7

This sheet mask is made of 100% bamboo. Even better? It will give your skin a boost of hydration while also calming any irritation.

5Patchology “Just Let It Glow” Healthy Glow Sheet Mask, $5

This fruity sheet mask, which has pear fruit and seaberry extract, will bring life back into your skin.

6Tony Moly I’m Real Peach Sheet Mask, $3.75

Everyone loves a sweet peach and now your skin will, too. This peach-infused sheet mask helps your skin go from drab to fab in 20 minutes.

7Leaders Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Sheet Mask, $6

Enriched with melons from the Kalahari region in Africa, this sheet mask will deeply hydrate and improve rough skin. It’s perfect for sensitive skin types.

8Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Hydrating Face Sheet Mask 6-Pack, $14.89

Garnier made a sheet mask version of the cult-fave Moisture Bomb Moisturizer. Like the name suggests, this water-based sheet mask will give your skin a boost of hydration and moisture.

9Miss Spa Coconut Facial Sheet Mask, $3.99

This coconut-infused sheet mask will give you glowy, dewy skin that will be plump to perfection. The ingredient is popular for a reason.

10St. Ives Glowing Apricot Sheet Mask, $2.49

Ditch dull skin and get a gorgeous glow with this reviving, apricot-infused sheet mask.

11Masque Bar by Look Beauty Cucumber Face Sheet Mask, $10.99

Cucumber isn’t just for your salad. This rejuvenating sheet mask is perfect for post-sun exposure as it will restore your skin.

12Pond’s Hydrate and Glow Sheet Mask, $2.49

This sheet mask is enriched with papaya extract, which will hydrate dry skin, leave it supple and radiant.

13Borghese Fango Essenziali Treatment Sheet Mask, $7

This sheet mask is infused with mango and pomegranate, the perfect blend of fruits for your skin.

14Spalife PH Balancing Pineapple Facial Mask, $2.49

This pineapple-infused sheet mask promotes cell regeneration and it naturally adds radiance to your skin.

15Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Sheet Mask, $1.99

This sheet mask is loaded with 81% grape extract to minimize the appearance of large pores. We’ll cheers to that.

16Berrisom Cocktail Recipe Piña Colada Mask, $1.99

This piña colada sheet mask will give you a glowing complexion. Now your skin can get a taste of this highly sought out cocktail.

17Bath and Body Works Sea You Soon Face Sheet Mask, $1.50

This keeps selling out for a reason. The sea minerals and hyaluronic acid ingredients work together to give dry skin much-needed moisture. You’ll feel like you’re on the beach, too.