17 Selfish People Who Made It Their Mission To Make Life Harder For Everyone Else

1.Whoever's unforgivable parking job this is...and done in a car with no accessibility sticker, no less:

A car taking up multiple handicap parking spots

2.This person who found a very considerate way of utilizing a bike rack!

A bike chained to a bike rack
u/Varoeldurr / reddit.com

3.This coworker who was strongly opposed to being a good samaritan, apparently:

An ice cube tray with only one cube left

4.This plane passenger who, I can PROMISE you, also has their seat reclined:

Someone's feet peeking out under an airplane seat

5.And speaking of selfish passengers, how about this woman who flew while having COVID?!?!??!!?!!

A woman on a plane texting someone that she has COVID

Here's a close-up of her text:

A woman texting someone that she has COVID

6.Whoever left a disposable BBQ on a specially dedicated park bench:

Stains on a bench


A surcharge for a bill being under 10 euros

8.This person who saw no problem with lounging away on the subway during rush hour 😌💅:

A woman laying down on the subway seat

9.This driveway blocker who succeeded in making everyone's night 10000000% harder:

A car blocking the driveway
u/mad_cherry / reddit.com

10.This wretched Yelp reviewer/"influencer" who made a big ol' stink over $0.30:

A person complaining that they weren't given food for not having enough money

11.Or no, wait — maybe this customer was actually the worst...??????

A person complaining about their service


Someone's Starbucks drink on a grocery shelf

13.Whoever left this shoe aisle looking like THIS:

A disheveled aisle in a shoe store

14.Whoever went around defiling these graves......just awful:

Gravestones with spray paint on them

15.The Phantom Pisser™:

A note asking for people's help in identifying whoever is peeing in the sauna

16.This "UTTER PRATT!!!":

A car blocking a mail box
u/roop26roop / reddit.com

And lastly:


A ticket that called a driver a "self-absorbed asshole"