17 Screenshots Of Roommates So Terrible, You'll Thank Your Lucky Stars You Live Alone

1.Hairballs in general are gross, but GIANT hairballs!?

Large hair ball left in the corner of a shower
u/PieceEqual6004 / Via reddit.com

2.The bottom of the sink can't even be seen in this screenshot:

Kitchen sink full of dirty dishes
u/anon200325 / Via reddit.com

3.If the sink water looks brown, it's a red flag:

A dirty sink filled with hair strands and brown water with the Snapchat caption "Breh"
u/throwabah18292992 / Via reddit.com

4.I guess the walk to the couch was shorter than the walk to the trash:

Three overfilled boxes of trash sitting on a couch
u/flossyyourmolars / Via reddit.com

5.Bad roommates can be walking fire hazards:

A full paper towel role and an air spray can placed next to a lit candle
u/Agreeable-Shock7306 / Via reddit.com

6.When your roommate surprises you with shower art:

Shower with multiple long hairs stuck to the wall
u/notnickiminajxx / Via reddit.com

7.The classic bad roommate laundry pile-up:

Pile of clothes sitting on top of a laundry machine
u/Ok-cardiologists6575 / Via reddit.com

8.Texting "my bad bro" after clogging a toilet doesn't actually help the situation:

Imessage conversation that reads: "Oh shit my bad bro I was in a rush because I had a meeting to go to and I did not realize it was clogged" the message reply reads: "We have to sanitize everything" and includes an image of a toilet with a plunger in it
u/exhaustedroomie / Via reddit.com

9.If the recycling never makes it to the recycling bin, was it ever truly recycled?

Piles of overflowing trash on the floor
Big_Pomelo3224 / Via reddit.com

10.If your roomie is accident-prone, invest in a fire extinguisher:

Burnt wooden shelf in a home
u/Aquariusmoon10 / Via reddit.com

11.When you ask your roommate to clean up for your mental health and you STILL come home to this:

Cluttered table full of electronics and beverages
r/trashy / Via reddit.com

12.It's time to pack your bags (and shoes):

Black boots floating in a kitchen sink full of dirty water
u/chickpeas_and_squats / Via reddit.com

13.I'll be discussing this one in therapy:

College dorm room filled with piles of to-go boxes and soda bottles
u/ScubaLazerLoLz / Via reddit.com

14.What is with the fire hazards? Turn off the stove, people!

Burnt food in a pan on a stove with a burnt spatula
u/gilly_girl / Via reddit.com

15.Eating someone else's food is never okay, but leaving this amount of ice-cream is just cruel:

An almost empty ice cream carton
u/notoneforlies / Via reddit.com

16.Trash that wants to "live on the edge" as they say:

A piece of trash that was placed next to trash can instead of inside of it
u/B_Rad / Via reddit.com

17.And finally, my #1 pet peeve is when my roommate puts "clean" dishes in the cabinets:

Dirty bowl and spoon
u/cinnamonrole29 / Via reddit.com

A special thanks to the subreddit "r/badroommates" for the reminder that our roommates could always be worse!