17 Times People Celebrated A Little Too Early, Resulting In Failure And Embarrassment

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Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming they've won a race, or made a basket, or gotten a compliment from Gordon Ramsay, and sometimes they're wrong. Brace yourself for some cringey, funny, BIG YIKES moments below...


1. This person who heard, "Congratulations," and got hyped, only to be let down harshly.

2. This motocross rider who fist pumped in mid-air, sabotaging what would've been a first place finish.

3. This guy who threw up the peace sign as he outran the defense, only to fall, fumble, and give up entirely.

4. This person who was happy about a budding romance until like nine hours later.

5. This guy who didn't realize he missed a dunk when he did his lil' celebration.

6. This keg toss competition where Brian Shaw said nobody would beat his performance, only for Thor Björnsson (who you may recognize as Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane from Game of Thrones) to beat his time.

7. This goalkeeper who celebrated while the ball rolled in for a goal.

8. This Family Feud contestant who answered incorrectly, but was so certain of herself.

9. This crowd that cheered thinking they were getting a free bag, when all they were receiving was a promo code.

10. This fighter who was bouncing with joy until her opponent was declared winner.

11. This dude on MTV's The Challenge who jumped the gun on celebrating and accidentally sabotaged his partner, getting them both eliminated.

12. This dude who REALLY thought his shot was going in.

13. This motorcyclist who got a little too excited before crossing the finish line.

14. This guy who dropped the ball before stepping in the end zone, allowing the other team to pick up the ball and score.

15. This guy who thought he hit a home run, but the ball was actually caught. (In his defense, everyone, including the announcers, thought it was a homerun.)

16. This tennis player who got ahead of himself.

17. And finally, we end the way we began, with Gordon Ramsay fooling someone into excitement before cooking 'em.

Ouch. Remind me to never celebrate anything unless I've crossed the finish line or several hours have passed by without a comment turning from a compliment to a burn...

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