17 Extremely Messed Up Emails Bosses Sent That Employees Shared With The Internet

A garden variety a-hole boss will say and do messed up stuff when no one is looking...

cartoon saying, i hate my job

But a BLAZING A-HOLE of a boss will put their most toxic behavior down in writing...OVER EMAIL NO LESS! Well, if they're dumb enough to put it in writing, we're going to show it:

1.The heartless boss who sent this frankly unbelievable email to employees shortly after a beloved coworker died:

boss letting everyone know a coworker has passed and they may clock out to grieve in the break room but not discuss it at all

2.The boss who — after management fired 60% of the staff, resulting in this worker having to put in 14-hour days — dared to send them this email:

The email reads:

3.And the boss who sent employees an email explaining they would be charging admission to this year's company picnic:

tickets for the event are almost $30 plus employees would have to pay for their own meal

4.This boss who questioned their employees' dedication...based on how they took their lunch breaks:

boss asking people to take their lunches at their desk when the ceo visits
person saying, your boss is an asshole

5.The boss who sent this unhinged email that — among other things — implied that the concerns of people without kids are less important than those of parents:

boss upset that people put in their notices without thinking of their coworkers who are parents and now the handbook will be changed to make it mandatory to give 3 months notice

6.The boss who acted like this after an employee tried to call out sick:

boss asking what the sick time is being taken for

7.And the boss who told their employees that if they call out sick, then might as well LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB:

manager going off about calling out of work and saying they've never done that and even showed up to work after a car accident so they expect the same for their employees

8.The boss who demanded an employee cancel their vacation...long after they approved the employee taking it:

boss saying that they and another coworker have surgeries scheduled so now the vacation that was asked for needs to be cancelled or moved
man saying, i'm going to need you to go ahead and come in on saturday
20th Century Fox

9.The boss who actually sent this to her employee who'd just found out her boyfriend of four years was cheating on her:

boss saying that the employee being said is oppressive and they need to leave their personal life at home but return to work

10.And the abusive ex-boss who emailed a former employee asking for a code (the employee already provided when they left) “by tomorrow”:

could you send all code you wrote either as a repo or zip by tomorrow

11.The boss who terminated an employee for missing work to attend the funeral of a coworker, then sent this insulting email to the whole company (accidentally or "accidentally" including the terminated employee it's about):

boss saying the workers had bad attitude and that people have to make sacrifices in order to keep the privilege of working there, adding that extra pay isn't available for anyone that can cover shifts but maybe they'll get a pay raise next year

12.The boss who sent this email after an employee asked to take a day off to attend the funeral of his girlfriend's dad:

we just can't take time off when employees feel like it, the company has bereavement but not for girlfriend
woman saying, my boss is the one with the problem

13.The boss who insulted and chastised an employee...then immediately turned around and asked for a favor:

comining in sick does not give you the right to slack off... also can you give a person a ride to work tomorrow

14.And the boss who sent this email after this employee simply said they weren't able to stay late after their shift ended:

i thought you would stay an hour after your shift, i'm in need of a team player

15.The boss who sent this email with almost no notice...amounting to a huge FU to their night staff (not to mention the weekend staff):

email sent at 11:33am for a mandatory meeting at 2:15pm the same day

16.The boss who — a month after this employee left the company — demanded they pay them back for supposed "overpayment":

boss asking for a check of $137.08 for supposed overpayment

17.And lastly, Elon Musk's email to employees after taking over Twitter:

starting tomorrow everyone is required to be in office for a minimum of 40 hours a week and remote work is no longer allowed
woman saying, this is bad

HT: r/antiwork