17 Of The Best Jokes From This Year So Far That Wouldn't Have Made Sense 10 Years Ago

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Somehow it's July, and we're more than halfway done with 2023. A LOT has happened already this year — and, as usual, people on the internet have made just about everything a meme.


So, here are some of the most memorable memes of 2023 so far that truly wouldn't have made sense last year:

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1. Every. single. meme from the upcoming Barbie movie, like the "Do you guys ever think about dying?" moment in the trailer:

the exact moment the girlies with depression were down for barbie no matter what pic.twitter.com/fvfSERJ8DI

— 🦋The Other Happy Place🦋 (@otherhappyplace) May 25, 2023

Twitter: @otherhappyplace

2. And the memes from the fact that Barbie and Oppenheimer open on the same day:

Their entire lives have led up to the Oppenheimer / Barbie release pic.twitter.com/w2FgLwhDg1

— Yann (@yannhatchuel) June 26, 2023

Twitter: @yannhatchuel

3. When McDonald's released Grimace Shake in June for his birthday, and Grimace took over the official McDonald's Twitter:

i have suprise on 6/6 txt me 707-932-4826 pic.twitter.com/gboDwOcWQL

— McDonald's (@McDonalds) June 5, 2023

Twitter: @McDonalds

That shake made Grimace the talk of the town:

mcdonald’s app wasn’t working so i had to go up to a real person and say the words “can i try the grimace milkshake please” pic.twitter.com/VpZC61lsAr

— Alex (@alexxmalloy) June 16, 2023

Twitter: @alexxmalloy

4. All the memes from Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime show performance — including the ones about her backup dancers:

unidentified flying objects entering u.s. airspace pic.twitter.com/0SbW5MSH60

— Brittany Shepherd (@brittanys) February 13, 2023

Twitter: @brittanys

5. When the US shot down that Chinese spy balloon, and people came up with several memes:

BREAKING: The US government has neutralized the threats posed by the Chinese spy balloon.Below the official timeline and corresponding map. pic.twitter.com/8pKPyL52TF

— WallStreetBΞts (@wallstreetbets) February 4, 2023

Twitter: @wallstreetbets

6. All the memes from King Charles' coronation:

He finally gave us his Housewives tagline. pic.twitter.com/k4AdvqOqDx

— Josh Feldman (@ItsJoshFeldman) May 6, 2023

Twitter: @ItsJoshFeldman

7. The jokes from Twitter users when Elon Musk announced the app will limit how many posts individual users are able to view daily:

🤬 pic.twitter.com/9kk7aul6fi

— fresh 🥖 faguette (@SupaDupaQQ) July 2, 2023

Twitter: @SupaDupaQQ

Literally this:

elon even my own mother doesn’t limit my twitter screentime who tf are you

— rey (@thecallowayist) July 2, 2023

Twitter: @thecallowayist

8. Ariana DeBose's rap at the BAFTA awards, which featured the iconic lyrics "Angela Bassett did the thing":

This has fully consumed my brain. I replay it every time it crosses my timeline. I search for it in quiet moments. I’ve seen it 84 times and it still titillates like new. I will sing it on my deathbed. Angela Bassett did the thing. It is all I know now. https://t.co/vHaGMt3sde

— Zach Kornfeld (@korndiddy) February 21, 2023

Twitter: @korndiddy

9.The MSCHF big red boots that took over the internet:

  20th Century Fox / Alamy / Via Twitter: @CAdreamboy

The jokes wrote themselves:

Yall gotta get the gloves to match the big red boots too lol pic.twitter.com/abSxbY49yj

— Malcolm Xcellent (@J_Nova_Kane) February 8, 2023

Twitter: @J_Nova_Kane

10. The reactions to Prince Harry's autobiography, Spare, which includes a lot of private details we didn't ask for:

A moment of silence for the sound engineer who recorded Prince Harry's audiobook 😳🫣 #princeharry #spare pic.twitter.com/JFggeCHUp4

— Munya Chawawa (@munyachawawa) January 12, 2023

Twitter: @munyachawawa

11. The memes from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour:

Me getting ready to watch opening night of Taylor Swift Era Tour From bed #TSErasTour pic.twitter.com/7dOTJKJTFz

— 🧜🏾‍♂️🧚🏾‍♀️🫧⭐️ (@moonlighttsouls) March 17, 2023

Twitter: @moonlighttsouls

A huge moment for the Swifties:

Help why is this so ominous sounding pic.twitter.com/HcFdzWDURC

— Jenna 🩷 7/29 & 8/9 (@spilling_wine13) March 17, 2023

Twitter: @spilling_wine13

12. The Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich meme from a clip from Snack Wars that blew up online, especially on TikTok:

Us watching you attempt to outrun something you tried to pspspspspspsps after we specifically said not to pic.twitter.com/gQq7sKQ8pK

— Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (@OKWildlifeDept) March 23, 2023

Twitter: @OKWildlifeDept

13. The reactions to Disney's highly anticipated The Little Mermaid remake:

the little girl next me in the theater watching my grown ass cry during the little mermaid pic.twitter.com/xF2QgmiU85

— ➐ (@pinkfaiyr) May 28, 2023

Twitter: @pinkfaiyr

14. The "She's Everything. He's Just Ken." memes based on the Barbie movie:

they were the true 'she's everything ... and he's just ken' pic.twitter.com/5MUUDwi9Pe

— POP CULTURE (@notgwendalupe) April 5, 2023

MGM Distribution Co. / Alamy / Via Twitter: @notgwendalupe

15. When Elon Musk's Twitter removed people's blue check marks:

they really took his check pic.twitter.com/KSyBRvc12m

— Tim Hogan (@timjhogan) April 20, 2023

Twitter: @timjhogan

16. The memes after Beyoncé announced her Renaissance world tour:


— RENAISSANCE Updates🪩 (@B7Album) February 16, 2023

Twitter: @B7Album

17. And finally, every joke about Threads vs. Twitter since Threads came out:

me logging onto twitter after using threads pic.twitter.com/aHB2tYqKwr

— Molly Morrison (@mollyhannahm) July 6, 2023

Twitter: @mollyhannahm

What are your favorite memes and jokes from this year so far? Let us know in the comments below!