17 Educational Content Creators Demystifying Fashion on Social Media

They'll help you break down recent runway shows or even land a job at a major fashion house.

<p>Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images</p>

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

While there are some excellent fashion schools out there, you don't need to pursue a fashion degree to get a fashion education. Great, influential designers like Virgil Abloh studied architecture and engineering, and still paved the way for a new era in the industry. Fashion school can certainly help prepare you for a career as a designer, journalist or a marketer, but it's not an end-all, be-all. If it's not for you, there plenty of are other avenues to learn about fashion: online courses, hand-on experience and, increasingly, individuals creating digital content with the goal of educating others about everything from how to interpret a runway collection to the history of certain trends.

There are fashion historians, luxury experts, designers and more making fashion more accessible by sharing their knowledge and insider insight on the Internet. While many have channels on public platforms like TikTok and YouTube, others have Patreon pages as well, offering fans a way to support them financially while getting access to more content.

Below, meet 17 of our favorite follows, with a bit about what each one has to offer.

Tanner Leatherstein

Follow for: insight into what leather goods are really worth

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Fascinated by the materials, cuts or prices of shoes and accessories? Then Tanner Leatherstein is a must-follow. On TikTok, he uses his expert knowledge in leather construction to disassemble handbags while assessing the true quality and value of each one. Warning: You may be tempted to slam your laptop shut or throw your phone across the room as he tears apart your dream bag. You should also emotionally prepare yourself to hear the discrepancies between costs of materials and production and retail price.

Fashion Roadman

Follow for: engaging analysis of industry phenomena

If you often find yourself asking big-picture questions about fashion, look to Fashion Roadman. The UK-based fashion journalist tends to discuss fashion history, analyze runway shows and break down hot debates, like whether or not social media and increased accessibility to the industry ruined fashion.

Loic Prigent

Follow for: enthusiastic and runway show coverage with behind-the-scenes tidbits

Loic Prigent is a fashion video journalist with a commitment to parsing apart complexities and having fun. His videos often show top luxury houses' runway shows like Chanel and LaQuan Smith, including interviews with designers and front-row guests. He has a unique angle into fashion since he speaks French, and can more deeply interview fellow French-speaking designers and experts. Plus, his energetic voice and enthusiasm translate to never being bored while watching.


Follow for: smart hot takes on industry news

Looking for thoughtful opinions on hot topics in fashion? Fashionlover4 is like your smart friend whom you can always learn from without feeling stupid. Highlights include the hot take "How Bernard Arnault Ruined Fashion," and "The History of Menswear."

Jansen Garside

Follow for: context on industry goings-on

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Jansen Garside's videos will take you to the next level if you already have a foundational footing in fashion and runway shows. Runway reviews go in-depth on how looks might relate to a brand's history or the creative director's signature style. Garside, who has a master's in High Fashion from Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome, Italy, also discusses major fashion news events like Pharrell Williams being appointed to creative director at Louis Vuitton.

Arson Nicki

Follow for: fashion Cliff's Notes

Arson Nicki's videos are perfect for the person who is just getting into fashion or only wants the bullet points. In 30 seconds or less, Nicki breaks down fashion shows, describing standout looks and exploring how the looks create a narrative. If fashion and runway shows feel like a complex and scary world to enter, this is a great starting point.

Shelby Ivey Christie

Follow for: an intersectional perspective

As a fashion and costume historian, Shelvy Ivey Christie offers inspiration from various eras in fashion with a healthy dose of shopping content. Currently completing her master's at NYU in Costume Studies, she looks at fashion through a lens of race, class and culture.


Follow for: fashion news with a dose of drama

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Luke Meagher offers detailed commentary on everything from runway shows to pop-culture moments. HauteLeMode videos are informative, tea-filled and accessible, since they're not overly complicated or filled with jargon.

Charles Gross

Follow for: everything you should know before buying a luxury handbag

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When you want something between educational and aspirational, turn to Charles Gross, who somehow brings ASMR to just about every video he records. Shopping hauls, beauty videos, fashion commentary and insider insights make this Birkin collector's videos worth the watch.

Echo Omndi

Follow for: insider conversations that demystify fashion

If the fashion industry and its leaders feel too rarefied, there's Recho Omondi's content and interview-based podcast that features industry folks like photographers and model scouts. The intimate chats provide an inside look into how deals happen, lessons learned during lengthy careers and how to find and apply purpose to your journey in the industry. For someone looking to build their career and explore fashion, Omndi's work demystifies it all.

The Fashion and Race Database

Follow for: a decolonization of fashion's past and future

Overseen by longtime fashion educator Kimberly M. Jenkins (also worth a follow), The Fashion and Race Database sheds light on fashion's historic ties. Whether it's tackling the role of cotton in the industry or pointing to news about wage theft, this page does the important work of showing the less glamorous side of fashion, rife with inequality.

Black Fashion Archive

Follow for: Black fashion history

The Black Fashion Archive page documents Black fashion and style from the last couple of decades. Posts are often educational and highlight individuals who changed the industry, including those with names you may not know.

Rian Phin

Follow for: fashion through a pop-culture lens

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Rian Phin's TikTok videos tend to look at fashion shows through a pop-culture lens. For example, a recent post on Miu Miu's Fall 2023 collection explores the influence of "dweeb couture" and technology. Phin's videos are fun and inclusive of youth culture, offering thoughtful, big-picture takes each time.

Rashida Ward

Follow for: style inspo that centers Blackness

Run by Rashida Ward, @howtobeafuckinglady is a fashion archive of epic moments in fashion with special attention to Black celebrities, models and editors. Whether it's an archival image of Jill Marie Jones on BET or Grace Jones in an interview, each post promises a piece of history and inspiration.  (Ward is great on Twitter, too.)


Follow for: fashion job-hunting tips

It can feel like there is a huge lack of resources when it comes to finding a job in fashion, whether that's in retail or on the corporate side, due to the competitive, sometimes exclusionary nature of the industry. Glamobserver, however, makes finding fashion jobs more accessible by providing tips on where to look, interview advice and notes on keeping your resume polished and tailored for wherever you apply.


Follow for: insight into the business side of fashion brands

For a fashion business analysis with visuals, look to Understitch. Videos insightfully cover the trajectories and histories of fashion's biggest brands, from Chanel to Fenty. They help the viewer understand how finance, marketing and creative all work together at a fashion company... or don't.


Follow for: documentaries on the hottest names in fashion

Threaducation is home to a variety of documentaries that help satisfy any curiosity about the storied histories of fashion's top brands and most famous designers. Highly researched commentary and archival videos offer an intimate look at everyone from Issey Miyake to Kidsuper.

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