17 Photos That Made Me Go, "Why Would Anyone...I Mean...What Exactly Is Going On Here?"

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If you're anything like me, you've come across a photo or five on the ol' internet that have made you think, What exactly is going on here?!


Well, here are a bunch of especially puzzling ones I've come across lately. Enjoy!

1. This for-sale dresser with a naked person in the reflection:

Questions Raised

Why would they take a photo of something they wanted to sell online naked?

Especially when said item had a MIRROR?

And how could they not notice at any point in the process of posting it that their NAKED BODY WAS IN THE REFLECTION?

Wait a minute...could it be they wanted to be seen naked?


2. This whole...situation at the supermarket:

Questions Raised

Why did they choose to do this at the supermarket of all places?

And what do they do if they run into, like, their fifth grade teacher in the produce section?

Is his mask COVID-19 appropriate?

3. This tweet about maybe the worst clubgoer ever:

Questions Raised

Hold on — are they saying this woman is literally urinating on the dance floor?

That she's pissing herself because, like, "Blinding Lights" came on and she didn't want to miss it?

Does she still dance as she pees?

What does she do afterward?

Just dance in the puddle?

Does anyone slip in it?

Or get mad at her?

Does she get kicked out of the club?

And why does this person want to meet her and call her a legend?



4. This sign on an elevator with a gentle reminder:

Questions Raised

Am I wrong to assume this means someone used their erection to push a button?

Or did someone do the button pushing with a limp penis?

Or a vagina?

But those seem kind of less ideal for the pushing of buttons, amirite?

Like, there'd have to be a lot of mashing?

I mean, it could be done, of course, but...WHY DOES ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT ANYWAY?

5. This person with a gun in their...tights:

Questions Raised

Was she not planning to bring her gun with her when she put on her tights?

Was there no moment after she put her gun there when she was like, Hmmm, maybe I should change my pants?

And how is that woman helping her doing such a good job of pretending there isn't a gun hanging precariously next to her face?

6. This gasoline nozzle warning you not to stick it in your mouth or up your backside:

Questions Raised

Why did they feel the need to have this warning?

Is it because someone actually put the nozzle in their mouth?



Or maybe no one did it at all, but the gas station owner is a little kooky?

Like, maybe the owner was like, "Man, I couldn't sleep last night, Earl."

"Why not, Boss?"

"Well, I'm worried someone's gonna stick the nozzle in their mouth."

"Why would—"

"Or up their rectum!"

"Boss, I really don't think anyone is gonna stick a nozzle up their ass."

"Let's put some warning stickers on there anyway. For my peace of mind."

"You got it, Boss."

7.This pizza display with a serious rodent problem:

Rats are in a restaurant's display case, sitting on the pizzas

Questions Raised

How could they be open for business, with customers in the restaurant, when they literally had mice crawling around on their pizzas?

Not to belabor the point, but how did they not notice FREAKING RODENTS ON THEIR PIZZAS?!

And — I hate myself for this — but why do I sort of think those pizzas look good (you know, except for the mice)?

8. This couple that brought a freaking tiger to the mall:

Questions Raised

Who has a Bengal tiger as a pet?

And why would they bring it in public?

AND...why would they bring it in public to a mall with lots of people and kids?

What on earth could they be shopping for?

Like, did they walk up to the Cinnabon with the tiger? Try on jeans? Browse the Apple store?

And lastly...how rich and entitled do they have to be to think they could do this and not get in trouble?

9. This posting asking a doormat thief to return the, uh, doormat:

Questions Raised

Did she just randomly see the doormat and think, Let's do this?

Or is stealing doormats just her thing?

Like it's her hobby? "No, I don't like to knit, but I LOVE to steal doormats!"

Or maybe she really needed a doormat?

But how badly could anyone really need a doormat?


10. This really, really weird ongoing prank:

Questions Raised

How many days exactly has this person been putting bread in the toilet?

Has it been a LOT of days?

Or does Vince just have anger issues?

And why IS this person leaving bread in the toilet anyway?

What exactly did Vince do to this guy?

I feel like bread guy might have a legit beef with Vince, you know?


11. This sign at a cemetery banning sunbathing and barbecues:

Questions Raised

Who on earth went sunbathing at the cemetery?

And who had a freaking barbecue?

Was someone like, "Hey, what're you doing this weekend?"

"I thought I might head down to the cemetery. You know, to catch some rays and grill up some brats. You should come!"

"Ooh! Can I? Sounds fun!"

12. These vandalized LeBron James toys:

Questions Raised

Why would someone do this?

Do they hate LeBron?

Or did they just hate the new Space Jam?

Wait...did Michael Jordan do this?

Did the vandal keep all the heads and now has, like, eight LeBron heads at home?

Did they steal all these to make, like, a badass necklace of LeBron heads?

13. This donut mix chilling in the bathroom:

Questions Raised

Why would you store the donut mix in the bathroom?

Do they really not have a place to put the donut mix other than a bathroom?

It IS a donut shop, you'd think they'd have thought planned for that, right?

Did a customer take this photo? If so...why are they letting customers into the bathroom when the donut mix is in there?

And is that yellow thing used to sift the donut mix or something? Ugh!

14. This missive to some arguing neighbors:

Questions Raised

Who is this quarrelsome couple?

Like, what is their story?

Oh! And what exactly happened with the ironing board?

Also, can I hire this person to write notes for me?

15.This dozing traveler and his roving hand:

  u/fanzel71 / Via reddit.com
u/fanzel71 / Via reddit.com

Questions Raised

Did this guy really lay down and take a nap right on the floor of the terminal?

How tired was he?

Was his flight delayed?

And I always thought the "sleeping with a hand in the pants" thing was a joke in movies and TV shows...I guess not?

16. This Donald Trump $20 bill:

Questions Raised

Where did this thing come from?

And who is making these?

OK, I get it...if you're a Trump supporter, you might like having one of these as a souvenir, but why would you be such a jerk as to use it for a fake tip?

Do they know it's actually NOT legal tender?

17. And this sign asking cocaine users to please, please wash their hands:

Questions Raised

I'm confused...did they put up this sign because they have a problem with people doing cocaine in their bathroom? Or a problem with people not washing their hands after doing cocaine?

Are they like, "Hey, do your coke in my bathroom. That's fine. But not washing your hands afterwards? THAT'S DISGUSTING!"

Wait, is this sign meant for employees?

Is it like one of those "All employees must wash their hands after using the toilet" signs? But with an emphasis on cocaine?

And where the heck is this place?