The 16 Best Volumizing Mascaras to Give Limp Lashes a Boost, Tested & Reviewed

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From puny to pumped up in a single swipe.

<p>InStyle / Jessica Juliao</p>

InStyle / Jessica Juliao

Getting thicker-looking lashes is the ultimate beauty goal of millions of people around the world. Think about it: There are new iterations of false lash strips being launched on a monthly basis to achieve a diverse range of looks. People spend hundreds of dollars on just one lash extension appointment so they can wake up with a full, fluttery-looking fringe. “Everyone wants thick, full eyelashes,” says NYC-based celebrity makeup artist Ashley Rebecca. “Just like hair, the more volume, the better — why not apply this theory to your eyelashes?”

But falsies are frustrating, eyelash extensions are pricey, and there are so many different types of mascara with product names squished with every beauty buzzword, making each one sound better than the last. But which one is actually the best to make lashes look full, lush, and doe-eyed without compromising lash health or triggering eye irritation? We researched and vetted more than 75 mascaras before curating a list of the 24 bestselling formulas currently available.

We put all 24 mascaras to the test as part of our daily makeup routine for four weeks. We dedicated more than 300 hours testing and analyzing each mascara for how easy it was to apply, dry, wear, and remove. If it required excessive rubbing or medical-grade soap, it got a no in our book. Most importantly, we evaluated the overall look and style they gave us. After testing for four weeks, we scored and ranked each mascara, and these are the 16 highest-scoring volumizing mascaras we tested.

Best Overall: Tarte Maneater Mascara

$27 at

$15 at

Volumizing mascara fans know that formulas in this category can be a little thick, but not Maneater: It adds bulk to lashes without weighing them down. The numerous tiny bristles glided through our lashes to coat each one with pigment that never clumped up, even when we applied multiple coats, which made layering a dream. Our lashes held up quite well throughout the day and never flaked, but despite the mascara’s longevity, it wasn’t too hard to take off — we found that more than 90 percent came off easily with a pass of a makeup-removing wipe.

We were definitely impressed by the quality of this mascara and were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the custom-designed brush. However, the fat tube features an equally fat cap that was a little uncomfortable to hold. We’d prefer a narrower tube with a cap that’s easier to wield during a meticulous mascara application session.

Who It’s For: This is a top notch mascara for those seeking out an easy-to-remove, volume-boosting formula that won’t flake, smudge, or clump.

Just Trust Us: When you crack open the tube for the first time, the brush won’t have a lot of product on it. Be sure to swirl it around a little bit to load it up before your first application to get that high-impact lash.

Key Ingredients: Jojoba, carnauba wax, vitamin E|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 2|Brush: Molded custom brush with over 500 bristles|Size: 0.3 oz

Best Drugstore: Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara

$10 at

$11 at

This Maybelline mascara acted like a push-up bra for our eyelashes — even when we skipped our curling step while testing, this affordable drugstore formula lifted our lashes throughout the entire day without sagging, making our eyes look more awake. The large, broad brush grabbed tiny lashes with ease, coating it with the lightweight, layerable formula that we built up more than four items to get the thick flutter we desired. Because it dried quickly, it never smeared, even at the corners of our eyes.

By all accounts, this is a fantastic formula, especially at the wallet-friendly price. Note you might experience some very light flaking; we didn’t see any mascara crumbs on our face, just on our lower lashline, which didn’t really bother us.

Who It’s For: If you are on a budget, have stubbornly straight lashes, and appreciate a mascara that can be built up to create a bold look, this formula is for you.

Just Trust Us: The curved brush makes it easy to apply this formula to lower lashes without any smudging, and it holds the perfect amount of product right from the get go, so you won’t have to wipe off excess — don’t worry about clumps!

Key Ingredients: Jojoba oil, carnauba wax|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 3|Brush: Spoon-shaped brush with densely-packed and fluffy fiber bristles|Size: 0.25 oz

Best Luxury: Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

$40 at

$40 at

Right from the jump, using this Chanel mascara is a luxury experience. The cap is perfectly sized and weighted, making application comfortable, while the brush’s well-spaced bristles and lightweight formula made for smooth, clump-free results. With just one pass, the inky pigment separated our lashes, created lift and curl, and thickened each one to create a lush, dramatic look we loved. Once it dried, it stayed put, yet was easy to remove.

The formula won’t budge after it’s dried down, but it is on the wetter side, so you’ll need to be patient. If you rush through your application, you may make a little bit of a mess. This is especially the case if you have long lashes — the formula can transfer while you apply. Those who have lashes that are normal or shorter in length can be a bit more hasty while applying; even if you have long lashes, you’ll still enjoy the performance of this mascara so long as you’re careful.

Who It’s For: This is a wonderful mascara for someone who appreciates splurging on a high-quality formula and wants a lightweight, longwearing mascara that’s easy to apply.

Just Trust Us: If you have very long lashes, be precise with your application to prevent any smearing while the formula dries.

Key Ingredients: Acacia gum, beeswax, carnauba wax|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 3|Brush: Molded brush with spaced-out bristles|Size: 0.21 oz

Best for Length and Volume: Yves Saint Laurent Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara

$28 at

$32 at

Quite frequently, you have to sacrifice separation if you’re hoping to achieve voluminous lashes, especially if you don’t have many lashes to begin with, but this YSL mascara delivers both and more. We didn’t know it was possible for our sparse lashes to look this fluffy and full! Application was easy thanks to the conical brush; the formula stayed damp but not wet as we layered on multiple coats, so we experienced no transfer. The product remained clump and flake free all day.

This formula is quite lightweight, so it won’t weigh down lashes, but if you have very straight ones, don’t expect this mascara to do any heavy lifting in the way of holding a curl. If you have super straight lashes, you know that most volumizing mascaras won’t really keep lashes curled — that said, applying a primer first completely solved this issue.

Who It’s For: This mascara is a must-try if you have thin, sparse lashes that have resisted the volumizing effects of other formulas.

Just Trust Us: This product comes off easily, even if you’re just using water and a makeup eraser cloth, so it’s great on delicate lashes.

Key Ingredients: Iris extract|Waterproof: No; waterproof option available|Shades: 3|Brush: Conical brush with gradually tapered fiber bristles|Size: 0.3 oz

Best for Length and Volume Waterproof: MAC Cosmetics Magic Extension 5MM Fibre Mascara

$23 at

$27 at

Even when we apply waterproof mascara, we tend to find that it runs toward the end of the day, so we loved this MAC formula — it never budged. We’ll note that the cap and brush are great for klutzes as it’s easy to get a good grip on and navigate through our lashes. The spoolie’s tapered shape allowed us to get right into the inner corners and along the lower lashline. Once we got the hang of the formula, it layered well, creating a voluminous but not overly dramatic look. We applied a bunch to fully coat our blonde lashes and despite this, our lashes never felt heavy, nor did the product flake off.

This formula is thick, almost sticky, which can make it a little hard to work with at first. You’ll have to put in some effort to create true definition and separation. However, it is not a wet formula, so it won’t transfer as you style your lashes.

Who It’s For: If you get teary during weddings or special events, you'll need this waterproof formula that holds up all day, even on lower lashes.

Just Trust Us: Because this formula is waterproof, it can take a little extra effort to remove if you apply numerous coats, so dedicate some additional time to your evening routine when using this mascara.

Key Ingredients: Bayberry fruit extract, carnauba wax|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 1|Brush: Subtly conical brush with gradually tapered fiber bristles|Size: 0.37 oz

Best Waterproof: CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara

$10 at

$13 at

It’s hard to beat this waterproof formula at this price point. The carefully-designed brush is easy to use (though it’s a fat wand, it can be used on the lower lashes without issues) and combed through our lashes to create fast definition and separation while creating a thicker look with zero clumping. The formula is very smooth and dries quickly; we found it was easy to layer on multiple coats of this product to amp up the volume. We didn’t experience any flaking or smearing.

If you want a very voluminous lash that lasts all day, this might not be the mascara for you. We found that the formula faded throughout the day, kind of like an eyeliner would, which resulted in a softer look. That said, it’s great for someone who likes subtler volume.

Who It’s For: Try this mascara if you prefer a more everyday voluminous look rather than dramatic volume.

Just Trust Us: It’s a waterproof mascara, so you’ll need an oil-based makeup remover to take it off.

Key Ingredients: Carnauba wax, panthenol|Waterproof: Yes|Shades: 4|Brush: Patent-pending, large molded brush with short bristles|Size: 0.44 oz

Best for Natural Look: Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara

$28 at

See at

This is the perfect do-it-all mascara for those who don’t want more than one formula on rotation. It separates, adds natural volume with one swipe (and has bolder and bolder payoff with subsequent coats), and leaves lashes feeling surprisingly moisturized. Application was pretty easy, though it did take a little effort to zone in on our lower and tinier lashes with the thick brush. The mascara was on the thinner and wetter side, but still dried fairly quickly, leaving our lashes flexible without smudging throughout the day. We also enjoyed the packaging — the tube has flat sides, so it can’t roll off your countertop.

Though this formula does pretty much everything, it won’t do much to add extra curl to your lashes. However, it won’t actively work against your lash curler, either. Considering how luxurious this formula feels, how surprisingly affordable it is, and how many things it does well, this one detractor isn’t a dealbreaker.

Who It’s For: If you don’t wear mascara often but want a workhorse of a formula, you’ll like this product.

Just Trust Us: Though it dries reasonably fast, wait a few seconds before opening your eyes widely after applying to avoid transfer.

Key Ingredients: Sugarcane extract, silk extract, castor oil, candelilla wax|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 2|Brush: Brush with densely-packed, medium-length bristles arranged in a spiral formation|Size: 0.27 oz

Best for Volume and Curl: Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

See at

$33 at

This exceptional formula has a lot going for it; it’s a must for anyone who loves highly dramatic, glamorous-looking lashes. We loved the red carpet effect that this lightweight formula created, which was amplified by the curved brush. Its bristles hooked onto each lash to deposit pigment and add significant, lasting curl. We barely noticed this mascara on our lashes throughout the day; it never clumped or flaked. We also liked how quickly it dried — we sneezed 30 seconds after applying one morning and there was no transfer!

Overall, we’d say this is a must-have mascara, but if you want to get really specific with details (which is fair, considering the price point), it would be nice to have a more comfortable cap. It’s not unwieldy, but using it would be more luxe if the cap were ergonomic.

Who It’s For: Anyone who wants ultra-dramatic lashes and a variety of formula shades to choose from will appreciate this mascara.

Just Trust Us: If you like to have multiple mascaras in your routine, this is the one you’ll want to reserve for bold evening looks.

Key Ingredients: Crambe abyssinica seed oil, cornflower extract, jojoba|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 5|Brush: Curved brush with short, spaced-out bristles|Size: 0.21 oz

Best Lengthening : Victoria Beckham Beauty Vast Lash Mascara

See at

See at

Even if you have lashes that are on the sparse side, you’ll get a gorgeous result from this mascara, which created an airy, fluttery look as it lengthened our lashes. The gently curved brush simplified application to our lashes in our inner and outer corners — and even though we layered on five coats, the formula never clumped or got heavy (and didn’t flake or transfer, either). Our lashes stayed soft and comfortable throughout the day.

The brush in this tube of mascara is on the bulkier side, which may not be your preference, especially if you like to add a few coats to your lower lashes as a larger size can increase the risk of smudging. But if you have very long lashes, you’ll have no complaints.

Who It’s For: This mascara is ideal for someone who likes long, lush lashes, natural-looking drama, and sophisticated, display-worthy packaging.

Just Trust Us: To get the best definition, you’ll want to use an eyelash comb on your lashes before the formula has dried.

Key Ingredients: Microalgae, niacinamide, panthenol, vitamin E|Waterproof: No, humidity resistant|Shades: 1|Brush: Curved brush with short bristles|Size: 0.22 oz

Best Volumizing Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: Estée Lauder Turbo Lash High Powered Volume + Length Mascara

$30 at

See at

Not only is this formula ophthalmologist tested and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, but it’s formulated with a blend of nourishing oils to help condition and soften lashes. Upon application, we immediately observed that this is one of the blackest black mascaras we’ve ever tried. The brush deposited just the right amount of formula and created a full, fanned-out look with just one coat. It was very easy to remove, with a gentle cleansing taking the formula right off — no tugging or lost lashes.

If you want a very dramatic look, building up multiple coats won’t cause clumping or flaking, but it may make your lashes feel heavy. The formula is also not the best at holding a curl; if you have naturally curly and thick lashes, one or two coats of this will make you look like you’re wearing lash strips.

Who It’s For: Anyone with sensitive eyes (or who wears contacts!) who likes a bolder look and wants to condition their lashes will enjoy this mascara.

Just Trust Us: If you have light-colored lashes that need multiple coats of mascara to darken them, this formula will do it in two coats.

Key Ingredients: Maracuja oil, argan oil, castor oil|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 1|Brush: Brush with graduated-length bristles and three reservoirs|Size: 0.27 oz

Best for Short Lashes: Hourglass Cosmetics Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara

$32 at

$32 at

It can be hard to bulk up short lashes without making them clump or look even stubbier, but the narrow brush in this mascara gets the job done and then some. With quite literally just one pass of the wand, our short, curly lashes looked much longer, fuller, and more glamorous. The super thin and short bristles on the brush helped build the formula up on our lashes without causing them to clump; with two coats we definitely understood why this mascara is called “Instant Extensions.” At the end of the day, it comes right off, even when you use water.

Because it’s so easy to remove, it makes sense that it can come off if your eyes run or water, so keep that in mind if you’re prone to seasonal allergies or get teary-eyed while watching your shows. If you live in a dry area and tend not to have runny eyes, this mascara will likely last on you.

Who It’s For: Those with short lashes will love this formula, especially if they detest applying multiple coats to achieve a bold look.

Just Trust Us: This formula comes in travel size, which we’d highly recommend as its removability makes it ideal for bringing on the go.

Key Ingredients: Carnauba wax, shea butter, castor oil|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 1|Brush: Molded brush with short, spaced-out, tapered bristles|Size: 0.35  oz

Best for Mature Eyes: Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Fanning Volumizing Mascara

$14 at

See at

This Benefit mascara proves that it’s not impossible to achieve a voluminous look on thinning lashes — and not only that, our testing proved that it can define and lift them the entire day. So long as we removed excess product from the brush (which was easy with a quick wipe against the tube), adding multiple layers didn’t make our lashes heavy or clumpy. Because the formula is humidity resistant, it stayed put without flaking or smudging.

It’s those longwear properties that made the formula so hard to take off, not unlike a waterproof mascara. It took quite some effort to remove — we ended up using multiple products and making multiple attempts — but we didn’t damage or pull out any lashes in the process. It’d be best to use an oil-based remover and patience with this mascara.

Who It’s For: This is an ideal mascara for someone who wants dense, defined, and lifted lashes with a bold look that lasts all day, even through humidity.

Just Trust Us: To get an even loftier lift from this mascara, curl your lashes before applying it.

Key Ingredients: Rice wax, panthenol, cranberry extract|Waterproof: No, water resistant and humidity resistant|Shades: 1|Brush: Long, curved brush with medium-length bristles|Size: 0.3 oz

Best Longwear: Lancôme Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting & Volumizing Waterproof Mascara

$30 at

$30 at

This formula dried in mere seconds, but lasted hours and hours, looking the same at the end of the day as it did when we first put it on: A lengthy, curly lash that made our eyes pop. It layered well, making it easy to build up to a bolder and fuller look that was perfect for nights out. Even though it was extremely durable — it didn’t flake, run, or transfer — this mascara was surprisingly easy to remove. We didn’t experience “raccoon eyes” when taking it off, nor did it burn our eyes during the process.

Though the brush’s curved shape generally suited our top lashes, it still could use some work. It wasn’t easy to precise with it on our lower lashes, and it's very flexible tip made it that we had to be extra careful when applying it to the lashes in the inner corners of our eyes lest we bash it into our eyeball.

Who It’s For: Anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with touching up their mascara and wants length and curl should test this mascara.

Just Trust Us: The wand picks up a surprising amount of product, so be aware — you’ll want to wipe it off because it’s easy to accidentally get it on your nose when applying.

Key Ingredients: Carnauba wax, tea leaf extract, beeswax|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 2|Brush: Molded curved brush with 360 bristles|Size: 0.27 oz

Best Buildable : Milk Makeup Kush High Volumizing Mascara

$15 at

See at

The star ingredient in this formula is hemp seed extract (hence the name), which is likely why this formula was so smooth to apply (and not irritating at all to remove). The wet formula dried quickly, so it wasn’t hard to layer on coat after coat. On our fine lashes, we found that we needed to apply at least three coats to achieve more drama — overall, this formula created more of a subdued, doe-eyed look.

Though multiple coats felt very light on the lashes, they did begin to flake after some wear. The brush was also very large, which made it difficult to reach our wispiest, smallest lashes during our testing period. We like this mascara, but think it would be best for someone who already has thicker lashes.

Who It’s For: Anyone who wants a more subtle, everyday look as well as added length from their mascara should try this formula, especially if they already have naturally thick lashes.

Just Trust Us: To fully load up the brush, we recommend pumping your wand multiple times before applying — the initial amount of formula on the brush will leave you wanting more.

Key Ingredients: Carnauba wax, hemp seed extract|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 1|Brush: Large brush with fluffy bristles|Size: 0.27 oz

Best Volumizing Mascara That Doesn't Flake: ILIA Fullest Volumizing Mascara

$13 at

See at

We’re prone to rubbing our eyes frequently throughout the day due to allergies, but this clean, comfortable formula never flaked out on us throughout the testing process. It applied on the thicker side, but didn’t cause clumping and dried surprisingly quickly — and, as an added bonus (in our opinion, anyway), the formula smelled like vanilla extract! The large brush features an hourglass shape that effectively coated all of our lashes. As fans of a more natural look, which this product created upon the first coat, we enjoyed the muted black hue of the formula.

We will admit that the size of the brush made it a little bit hard to navigate, especially along the tops of our lashes (key if you have blonde lashes) and the bottom lashline, but if you like a hefty brush, you’ll love this one.

Who It’s For: This is a good choice for someone who wants a clean mascara formulation that won’t flake and creates a softer, everyday glam look.

Just Trust Us: If you like applying mascara to your lower lashes with the tip of your brush, know that this one collects a lot of formula there — it’ll be tidier to apply it with your brush held horizontally instead.

Key Ingredients: Carnauba wax, beeswax, panthenol|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 1|Brush: Large hourglass-shaped brush with fluffy bristles|Size: 0.32 oz

Best Clean: Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara

$11 at

$11 at

This clean formula from Rare Beauty comes right off with a makeup removing wipe or even micellar water, but that’s not to say it doesn’t last on the lash. This formula performed beautifully, leaving our lashes looking full, glamorous, curly, and voluminous. It applied smoothly, though we found that applying more than a few coats could cause some light clumping. The mascara dried quickly with zero transfer.

While the brush coated our lashes well, we wished it was smaller, as its size made it hard to build up a lot of volume and product at the root of our lashes, as well as hard to reach our inner corners. However, this could be due to our eye shape or lash type. Larger, round eyes with long lashes will have no problem getting a seamless application out of this product.

Who It’s For: This mascara is for someone who is looking to achieve a more glamorous lash that’s still suitable for every day and has no patience to spend a lot of time removing their makeup.

Just Trust Us: To get even more definition from this mascara, try brushing a clean spoolie through your lashes before the formula dries.

Key Ingredients: Carnauba wax, castor oil|Waterproof: No, washable|Shades: 1|Brush: Subtle hourglass-shaped brush with fluffy bristles of various lengths|Size: 0.45 oz

What to Keep in Mind

  • Your Eye Health: Are your eyes or eyelids sensitive or reactive? Is your skin oily? Do you wear contacts regularly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll need a specific formulation. Sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers should stick with hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested mascaras to minimize the risk of irritation, says celebrity makeup artist and Lilly Lashes expert Alayza Casey.

    If your lashes are brittle or damaged, you'll want conditioning ingredients to encourage healthy growth, like strengthening castor oil and hydrating jojoba oil, says Rebecca. Anyone with watery eyes, and oily or hooded lids, says Casey, should only use waterproof or water-resistant mascaras to prevent a slip and slide on your eyelid.

  • Formula: As soon as you open a tube of mascara, you'll know immediately whether it's a volume booster: A rich, creamy formula is a dead giveaway, and a thinner, watery consistency will do nothing for volume. But before purchasing a new mascara, Rebecca and celebrity makeup artist Natalia Thomas insist that you thoroughly read the ingredient list for anything that could trigger an allergic reaction.

  • Wand Shape: According to Casey, straight wands are ideal for separating and lengthening, while tapered wands are great for precision application to corner lashes. “Curved and hourglass shapes bring the most volume to lashes because of their ability to really get in there and distribute product on each individual lash,” says Rebecca.

    However, not every eye shape or lid type will be compatible with every wand, and you’ll have to do some experimenting to see which wand suits you. Above all, make sure the wand you select helps separate your lashes, says Thomas. “When eyelashes get clumpy, they don’t create a voluminous effect,” she explains. 

  • Brush Density: Both Casey and Thomas seek out firm-feeling brushes with densely-packed bristles, although Casey prefers molded brush heads for their more flexible bristles. "Bendy bristles are easier to maneuver and control during application, and they also prevent clumping to ensure each lash is evenly coated for maximum volume."

    Yet, if you have full, long lashes already, "you can use any brush and it will get the job done,” explains Rebecca. “If you have shorter lashes, you will want to use more of a wand or stubby bristled brush that focuses on getting as much mascara onto your shorter lashes as possible.”

    But the true secret to getting voluminious lashes is technique: Every expert swore by the wiggle process — start by getting the brush snuggled into the roots of your lashes, then wiggle it back and forth as you move up and outward to the end of your lashes.

  • Wearability: There are a few common pitfalls that will inhibit the wearability of any mascara, starting with your skincare routine. “How much and where you apply your eye cream as well as how long you wait for it to absorb before applying your mascara is important,” says Thomas. “Eye cream will break down your mascara and cause the dreaded raccoon eye.”

    Similarly, eyelash growth serums should be applied well in advance of your mascara, although many new mascara formulas contain ingredients to support lash growth. Other forms of moisture can also negatively affect your mascara, including humidity, oily skin, and teary eyes, all of which can be combated by using a waterproof formula, but you can protect your mascara from drying out too quickly by not pumping the tube full of air when you use it.

Your Questions, Answered

Should you wear volumizing mascara on your lower lashes?

Whether or not you wear volumizing mascara on your lower lashes largely depends on your personal preference. “I like how it adds definition and drama,” says Casey. “If you choose to apply mascara to the lower lashes, use a lighter hand and focus on the tips for a more natural effect.” However, Rebecca recommends avoiding it: “We all know that mascara on the bottom lashes tends to run and smudge the most," and if you have runny eyes or oily lower lids, keep your bottom lashes bare.

Do I really need an eyelash primer?

Our experts typically don’t find that using an eyelash primer is necessary, but if you have brittle lashes that need conditioning or very fine lashes that need extra bulk, a primer can be worth a try. That said, it may also make your beauty routine a little more time consuming. “I find it difficult to cover the white or flesh tone of eyelash primer with mascara, and personally find the outcome to be a little bit too clumpy and cumbersome,” warns Thomas. Still, though, it can’t hurt to test a lash primer to see if it works for you.

How do I apply volumizing mascara?

The key to getting super thick-looking and lifted lashes is by focusing on building volume at the roots. Casey recommends prepping your lashes by curling them before applying your mascara. “Then, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and comb through to the tips, layering as needed for added volume,” she says.

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