The 17 Best Mattress Toppers That Will Make an Old Bed Feel New Again

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Maybe you moved back in with your parents during the pandemic and have been roughing it on your creaky childhood bed for the past few months. Or perhaps you woke up this morning and realized that your mattress could be causing all that back stiffness. Whatever your situation, there’s a cushiony, marshmallowy mattress topper to solve all your problems (well, most of them).

Looking for more lift and support? Go for a microcoil topper. Need to add some softness to your too-firm mattress? A plush pillow-top option should do the trick. Not sure what you’re looking for, but know you need something? We've got you. Read on for the 17 best mattress toppers that make any bed feel brand new.

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1. Linenspa Signature Collection Down Alternative Fiber Bed Mattress Topper

Best Down Alternative Mattress Topper
Love the fluffy feel of your comforter, but your mattress…not so much? Take some advice from PureWow’s fashion director, Dena Silver and invest in Linenspa’s Signature Collection Down Alternative Fiber Bed Mattress Topper to make your bed feel brand new. She says, “I was looking for something to soften the bed in a box mattress I bought this summer, but I didn't want to drop a ton of money on a topper. I bought this Linenspa down alternative comforter and was granted three plush inches of cloud-like comfort. I love that it not only stays in place thanks to the easy-to-use elastic straps, but that it only needs to be fluffed about twice a month to keep the filling evenly distributed. Plus, the down alternative filling didn't make me overheat at night, even during heat waves in July and August.”

Buy It (From $57)

2. Parachute Down Mattress Topper

Best Down Mattress Topper

Unlike a down pillow that needs continuous fluffing, Parachute’s Down Mattress Topper won't easily deflate into a pancake, thanks to its dual-chamber, thanks to its dual-chamber design and 550 fill power. It features not one, but two layers of feathers for a plush-yet-firm comfort level that feels like you’re floating on a marshmallow while you snooze. Plus, the three-dimensional baffle box stitching ensures all the feathers remain evenly distributed, no matter how often you change sleeping positions.

Buy It (From $269)

3. Casper Mattress Topper

Best Casper Mattress Alternative Mattress Topper

Unless you’ve been snoozing under a rock since 2014, you’re probably aware that Casper makes some of the most popular mattresses in a box options on the market. But you may not know that the brand has its own mattress topper that provides all the comfort of a Casper…without actually having to buy a new bed. It features three layers of latex foam (the same material used in all of its mattresses) to create a buoyant feel. The foam even has tiny holes that allows hot air to move away from your body, keeping you cool while you sleep. Still deterred by that price? Consider that you’ll receive the same 10-year limited warranty on this topper that you do with all of Casper’s mattresses.

Buy It (From $195)

4. Layla Memory Foam Topper

Best Copper-Infused Mattress Topper

Looking for something soft and supportive at the same time? Layla’s Memory Foam Topper is made with two inches of copper-gel infused memory foam, wrapped in the same material as the brand’s mattress cover. Why copper? The material is naturally antimicrobial, so it traps and kills bacteria to keep your bed fresher, longer. When infused into foam, it also creates a plush layer that cradles your body while taking pressure off your hips, shoulders and spine for uninterrupted sleep.

Buy It (From $149)

5. Bear Pro Topper

Best Mattress Topper for Muscle Recovery

Yep, you read that right. Your mattress topper can help your body recover quicker from a tough workout. Bear’s pressure-relieving two-inch foam pad uses something called Celliant technology, which is clinically proven to help you fall asleep (and stay asleep) to send your body into recovery mode. The best part? You’ll wake up more rested and have extra energy to start every day on the right side of the bed. Similar to the Layla model above, this topper is also infused with copper for added antimicrobial properties.

Buy It (From $345)

6. Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper

Best Responsive Foam Mattress Topper

Tuft & Needle’s Original Adaptive Foam Mattress is a favorite on Amazon—no, seriously, it has more than 10,000 positive reviews. But the brand also makes a mattress topper with the same coveted snooze experience at a more budget-friendly price. It’s made with responsive foam that adds softness to mattresses without too much sink, so you still feel supported. Tuft & Needle’s Mattress Topper is covered with a breathable knit that keeps your sheets from bunching up as you sleep and has a non-skid bottom, preventing it from shifting around on your mattress.

From $120 at Amazon

7. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

It’s no secret that Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses are pricey, which is why we love the brand’s TEMPUR Supreme Three-Inch Mattress Topper that won’t break the bank. Designed with three inches of TEMPUR (the same material found in their mattresses), it conforms to your body and adapts to your body temperature, weight and shape for targeted, personalized comfort every time. The cover is also machine-washable, which means it’s just as easy to keep clean and free of allergens as your bedding. A good rule of thumb: Toss it in the washing machine every time you change your sheets to keep it fresh.

From $227 at Amazon

8. Molecule Airtec Mattress Topper

Best Cooling Foam Mattress Topper

Molecule’s Airtec Mattress Topper is quite possibly the most high-tech option out there. It was developed by engineers, neurologists and sleep experts and was designed to work specifically with your existing mattress to improve support, comfort and temperature regulation. Molecule developed something called AirTEC core technology, which has five times the airflow of traditional memory foam to keep you cool all night long. Even more impressive: it keeps its airflow, even when compressed, so you never wake up hot.

Buy It (From $224)

9. Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper

Best Natural Mattress Topper

Looking for something less…synthetic? The Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper is created with three inches of premium materials sourced from nature: wool, organic cotton and natural latex. Each topper is GreenGuard Gold and GOTS-certified, meaning it’s certified low in chemical emissions and toxins, which decreases indoor pollution levels. It's free of any polyurethane based foams and harmful chemicals that could not only interrupt sleep, but also cause potential harm to your health in the long run.

Buy It (From $250)


Best Latex Mattress Topper

When PureWow’s SVP of content, Jillian Quint, suddenly developed a lower back problem in her mid-30s, she was desperate to find a fix, so she turned to Pure Green’s Three-Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper for some relief. She says, “I didn’t want to wake up every morning in pain—but I also didn't want to have to buy an entirely new mattress. Clearly, finding the perfect mattress topper is a very personal choice, but I loved the way this three-inch latex number totally transformed the firmness of my bed—from way too soft to just right. And because it's latex, there's none of that sinking feeling you get with memory foam; it bounces right back to its initial shape.”

From $69 at Amazon

11. Chili OOLER Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh

Best Cooling Mattress Topper

If you’re serious about keeping cool while you catch ZZZs, then Chili’s hydro-powered mattress pad is for you. The OOLER is Chili’s most advanced sleep system that pumps water through channels in the pad to keep your bed as cool as 55°F. Want to switch to a warm and toasty option for the winter? This unit can also be used to warm your bed up to 115°F. No matter what setting you use it on, it’s easily controlled by an app right on your phone and features adjustable noise levels for uninterrupted sleep.

Buy It (From $699)

12. Leesa Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper for All Sleeping Positions
If you’re the type of person who’s rolling from your side to your back to your stomach all night long, you might have a trickier time finding a mattress that supports you in every position. Enter: the Leesa Mattress Topper, made from the same responsive foam as the best-selling Original Mattress, in a two-inch topper compatible with the bed you already have. The foam provides support, relieving hip and shoulder pressure no matter if you’re in the fetal position or spreading out like a starfish, so you actually toss and turn less throughout the night.

Buy It (From $199)

13. Advanced Sleep Solutions Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If this price isn’t enough to lure you in, maybe the specs will. Advanced Sleep Solutions’ Memory Foam Mattress Topper delivers two inches of cradling comfort by way of gel foam with an open cell structure design that helps to prevent overheating and provide a cooler space to sleep. It also helps to add extra cushioning under pressure points for more relaxed muscles and better spinal alignment. Plus, it helps to minimize motion transfer, so you don’t wake up every time your partner rolls over.

From $60 at Amazon

14. ViscoSoft 4-Inch Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Pillow Top Mattress Topper

Behold: The plush feel of a pillow top mattress with the pressure relieving benefits of foam. Made from 2.5 inches of temperature regulating gel memory foam wrapped in 1.5 inches of down alternative filling, this four-inch, high-density, pressure-relieving product can even make saggy beds feel like a million bucks. Thanks to the dual layer design, it creates the perfect balance of softness and support that can help relieve back, hip and shoulder pain and properly align the spine.

From $130 at Amazon

15. LEISURE TOWN Reversible Mattress Pad

Best Reversible Mattress Topper

In July and August, all we want is a crisp, cool bed. But come winter, we’ll take all the warmth we can get. That’s why we love that Leisure Town’s Reversible Mattress Pad adapts to the seasons. The cooling side features a quilted design made of 100 percent breathable, super-soft fabric, overfilled with 3D snow down alternative fill (which perfectly mimics the loftiness of true goose down without allergy risk), for more air circulation that can help regulate body temperature. On the reverse, this mattress topper features an ultra-plush polyester Sherpa top for an extra snuggly feel that’s ideal for winter. And thanks to the down alternative fill, it won’t ever make you overheat. Oh, and it’s even machine washable and pre-shrunk, so you never have to worry about ruining it in the wash.

From $60 at Amazon

16. The American Bedding Store 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Innerspring Support

Best Microcoil Mattress Topper

One thing that most mattress toppers lack is true lift and bounce. Unless you invest in this innerspring supported pad from The American Bedding Store. It features a hybrid design made with a combination of memory foam and pocketed microcoils to mimic a hybrid mattress—no sagging, sinking, overheating or flattening over time. The individually wrapped spring coils allow for maximum airflow throughout the topper, while the addition of premium gel memory foam aids in cooling and air circulation. And those same materials also help promote proper spine alignment by supporting the curves of your body in any position. But the best part has to be the dual-sided feature, which allows you to choose your ideal comfort. One side features support foam for a firmer feel, while the other features gel memory foam for a plusher, cooling effect.

From $149 at Amazon

17. LUCID 2-Inch 5 Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Zone-Targeted Mattress Topper

Rather than one flat plane, Lucid’s ridged mattress topper features five separate zones for targeted pressure relief where you need it most: shoulders, back, hips and knees. It’s made of conforming memory foam support, which has the unique ability to distribute weight evenly for a more restful sleep. Not to mention the textured design helps improve breathability so you sleep cooler and more comfortable than you would on flat memory foam pad. But the really cool thing about this mattress topper is that lavender essential oils are literally infused into the material to create a naturally calming feeling that can help you doze off faster. Skeptical? Just check the 18,000 positive reviews.

From $35 at Amazon

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