16 Tumblr Replies That Made Me Laugh To Myself At My Desk

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1.The one where they photosynthesized:

2.The one with a warning:

3.The one with real skeletons:

4.The one with the official human motto:

5.The one with an important law of nature:

6.The one with the tomatoes:

7.The one with the dads and the lesbians:

8.The one with the literate clunk:

9.The one with the pun:

10.The one with the "eyes":

11.The one with the hermit crab:

12.The one with the height:

13.The one with the hot tip:

14.The one where they showed us the boat:

15.The one with the chart:

16.And finally, the one that proves nobody on Tumblr can be real for a second: