The 16 Swankiest College Campuses, Ranked By Luscious Vibes

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College is a time for self-exploration and intriguing classes. But the perks of on-campus living can also factor into your decision on where to go. From full-on lazy rivers to endless dining hall options, these college campuses are oh so impressive.

1.High Point University, High Point, North Carolina

Photo of an on campus center at High Point University

The recently renovated campus has amazing amenities and fancy-as-heck dormitories for students to reside in. The dorms show off individual pools, basketball and volleyball courts, and even have individual restaurants, too. Talk about a luxe college experience. That's not all, though. There's also a movie theater, an arcade, and an actual steakhouse.

High Point University / Via

2.Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

Photo of Hovitz Hall on Kenyon College campus

Combining classic architecture with modern amenities, this incredible 1,000-acre campus is known for its beautiful nearby hiking trails and a 480-acre environmental center. The Ohio-based campus also boasts a conservatory and a glass structured art gallery. There are also all-you-can-eat dining halls available for students, no pesky meal plan required. The two on-campus libraries are a sight to behold as well, and students suggest visitors tour the Olin and Chalmers Libraries at night for an extra cool view.

Kenyon College / Via

3.Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan

Photo of Michigan Tech University

Boasting an entire on-campus ski resort, this tech university has the bragging rights to about 112 acres of ski-friendly terrain. How cool is that?

Ryan Neely / Shutterstock / Ryan Neely

4.Pomona College, Claremont, California

Photo of Pomona College campus

Known for its beach days and skiing opportunities, the liberal arts college is all about taking advantage of the unique Southern California climate. Known as the "college in a garden," the campus is natural and clean, with emphasis put on experiencing the outdoors. On their annual Ski-Beach Day, hired buses take students to the beach and a mountain resort nearby for fun in the snow and in the ocean. Sounds fancy! There's also impressive architecture to see all around campus, with eco-friendly dorms and stately structures galore.

Pomona College / Via

5.Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

Aerial photo of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Known for its gorgeous architecture and grand entrance, Stanford University is truly one of the most incredible campuses in the US. While there isn't a one-stop attraction like a ski resort, there is the Hoover Tower, which boasts an observation platform with the best views of San Francisco.

Steve Proehl / Getty Images

6.Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Photo of a dormitory at Boston University

Looking for a luxury dorm experience? Apply to Boston University ASAP! The 26-story glass structure is basically a condo with private bathrooms, walk-in closets, and flat-screen TVs galore. The tech-savvy space is unlike any other dorm, ever.

Janice Checchio / Photo by Janice Checchio for Boston University Photography / Via

7.The University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

Photo of a building at The University of Missouri

With a massive gym and rec center, the University of Missouri also shows off a unique lazy river, which is beyond cool. There's also a sauna, a whirlpool, a hot tub, and an on-campus beach club. There's also a racquetball court and various other full courts for endless games.

Denistangneyjr / Getty Images

8.Berry College, Mount Berry, Georgia

Photo of a dining hall at Berry College

Did you grow up going to summer camp, and now you want to somehow continue the communal experience? Berry College might just be for you. The liberal arts college has the largest continual campus and is surrounded by lush woodlands. The fire pits, meadows, and rushing streams make this gorgeous campus feel like a dream.

Rob Hainer / Shutterstock / Rob Hainer

9.Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

Aerial photo of the Oberlin campus

If you love fine art but happen to be on a student budget, Oberlin College has got you covered. Campus perks include the option to rent famous works of art through the Allen Memorial Art Museum for as little as $5. This campus is also big into music and features more than 230 Steinway grand pianos across campus, including one in every single resident hall. The private arts college also boasts miles of bike trails, a rock-climbing wall, and various on-campus galleries.

Oberlin College / Via

10.The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

Photo of Union South at The University of Wisconsin-Madison

The student union, dubbed Union South, is a huge on-campus hub with so many amenities it would make your head spin. I'll try to list them — there's a bowling alley, an art gallery, a climbing wall, a billiard hall, a movie theater, various restaurants, an entire hotel, and a banquet hall! Talk about impressive. This luxurious union was made with students' input in mind, and is an example of catering to students' wishes on campus.

Destination Madison / Via

11.Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina

Aerial view of Furman University

The 750-acre private university is considered one of the most beautiful college campuses in the US. Covered in lush gardens and wonderful lake views, it's really the Georgian-style architecture that has proven to impress time and time again.

Furman University / Via

12.Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Photo of the Old Main Hall at Western Washington University

Are you an outdoorsy person? If so, the extensive Outdoor Center at Western Washington University has you covered tenfold. Camping, kayaking, ice picking, and more are all available through the on-campus rental center. It's an adventurer's dream college.

Jim Feliciano / Shutterstock / Jim Feliciano

13.University of California, Santa Cruz, California

Aerial photo of The University of California

This sprawling campus is known for its gorgeous outdoor space and impressive hills. The naturally inclined campus is located near the Pacific Ocean and shows off the best redwood trees, open meadows, and cool caves Cali has to offer. Because, is a college campus really complete without caves? Students also enjoy discounts at the school aquarium, and can participate in rope challenge courses and rock climbing walls.

University of California / Via

14.University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photo of the law school on the University of Michigan campus

First, there's the amazing North Quad — a hybrid dorm and academic building specifically designed for international students and intercultural programs. One of many stately places on this sprawling campus, the university focuses on student experience and academic accomplishments. It is well known for its nice dining halls and tech-savvy classrooms. While there isn't a standout amenity, like, a lazy river, the overall campus offers plenty of great student accommodations.

University of Michigan Law School / Via

15.University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

View of campus featuring the reflection pond and green space

Theme-park enthusiasts rejoice! Located near Disney and Universal, the University of Central Florida campus is filled to the brim with great amenities and a modern campus designed for a student-friendly experience. With endless restaurants to choose from — ranging from a sushi bar to a cupcake truck — UCF also has an endlessly cool reflection pond, on-campus stables, and a luxurious recently renovated fitness center.

University of Central Florida / Via

Which of these college campuses stand out to you?