16 Restaurant Designs That — I Kid You Not — Actually Exist

1.This restaurant mural that's allegedly an image of the sun:

A mural that looks like sperm
u/SunBlue / Via reddit.com

2.These stacked dining booths that you need a ladder to use:

Stacked tables with ladders
u/September89 / Via reddit.com

3.This restaurant bathroom sink made from wood that clearly wasn't sealed to be water proof:

Molded wood sink
u/duucfho / Via reddit.com

4.This restaurant that starts with the letter K, so they made the poor choice of putting one on every window:

KKK on a window
u/MercurySG3M / Via reddit.com

5.This restaurant wall that gave me a headache as I tried to read it:

"leave as welcome may all who guests came as riends"
u/Nopeasuoli / Via reddit.com

6.This board of pasta names at an Italian restaurant that takes too long to decipher:

Signs of pastas
u/VaultVulp / Via reddit.com

7.This wallpaper at a restaurant bathroom that looks like poop stains:

Poop stain wallpaper
u/FritoMatt / Via reddit.com

8.The kid's menu at a restaurant called "Let's Do Greek":

"Let's do kids"
u/steverin0724 / Via reddit.com

9.This confusing menu cover design:

A menu cover
u/Zargaith94 / Via reddit.com

10.This restaurant bathroom tile coloring that would give anyone a heart attack:

What appears to be blood on the tile
u/tacosaretheanswer / Via reddit.com

11.This image a restaurant hung up that I'll see in my nightmares forever:

A person with a hot dog for a head
u/David_Trancon / Via reddit.com

12.This restaurant plate design that makes it look stained:

What appears to be a dirty plate
u/IamC0m1cGuy / Via reddit.com

13.This restaurant bathroom that was so cramped, they had to cut out part of the door:

The bathroom stall door touching the toilet
u/roadman_dave / Via reddit.com

14.The inaccurate compass sitting on the exterior of this restaurant:

An inaccurate compass
u/anonymous / Via reddit.com

15.The placement of these urinals at this restaurant bathroom:

Urinals placed so the men will stand butt to butt
u/anonymous / Via reddit.com

16.And lastly, this unreadable black-and-white menu:

An unreadable menu
u/darkdetective / Via reddit.com