What are the 16 personality types on Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify has created 16 musical personality types based on your listening habits. Here’s how they came up with them.

The Spotify Newsroom announced four metrics to determine users’ “Listening Personality.” This is more about musical taste than musical statistics, like the other data points used in Spotify Wrapped. The company weighed two types of listening behaviors for each metric.

What are the metrics Spotify uses to come up with Listening Personalities?

Familiarity vs. Exploration

Those who repeat artists versus those who explore new ones.

Timelessness vs. Newness

People are willing to engage with older tunes versus those who only go for newer releases.

Loyalty vs. Variety

Those who repeat songs versus those who cycle through a lot of tracks before returning to the same one.

Commonality vs. Uniqueness

People who follow popular artists versus people who seek out the more obscure.

What are the 16 Listening Personalities on Spotify?

The Adventurer

A “seeker of sound,” Adventurers veer out into the “unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, newer tracks.”

The Early Adopter

Early Adopters are always on “the pulse of new music” and are the first to pick up on trends.

The Deep Diver

Deep Divers delve into their favorite artists’ catalogs to take “in all the sights and sounds” they discover along the way.

The Devotee

Devoted listeners have an encyclopedic knowledge of their most beloved artists. They know the words to the deep cuts and the hits.

The Replayer

These are “comfort listeners” who stick to a few core artists on their playlists.

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur has “taste that people can get behind.” The friend whose playlist never disappoints.

The Maverick

A more rebellious music lover, Mavericks are “frolicking in that sidestream” while the masses flock to the mainstream.

The Fan Clubber

Every artist’s ideal fan, the Fan Clubber, supports their fave through and through with their “full heart.”

The Top Charter

While others prefer the obscure, the Top Charter is here for the hits only.

The Enthusiast

Enthusiasts are super fans who always know what their idols are doing and are always ready to support them.

The Time Traveler

Time Travelers seek out music that’s new to them, “regardless of whether it’s new to the rest of the world.”

The Musicologist

Musicologists are more preoccupied with the sonic elements of songs, “gravitating towards songs that stand the test of time.”

The Nomad

These “sonic explorers” are happy to listen to all kinds of music. But the handful of artists and songs they love will always be with them, “kind of like a musical souvenir.”

The Voyager

Voyagers live and breathe music and expand their world “through sound.”

The Jukeboxer

Jukeboxers act like every song they like is one of their favorite songs, and they’re happy to queue them all up.

The Specialist

The most selective of the bunch. Specialists are curators, but once they fall in love with an artist, they’re all in.

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