16 Easy Summer Fruit Tarts, Galettes, and Crostatas

You know how they say something is as easy as pie? Well, here's something even easier, just in time for summer. Open-face tarts, galettes, and crostatas deliver the fruit-filled promise of pie but with a lot less fuss. Just so you know, galettes and crostatas have free-form fold-up pastry bases and are so similar they might as well be twins separated at birth, with the galette growing up in France and the crostata in Italy. Tarts are usually but not always made in a tart pan. But don't sweat the distinctions unless you're in pastry school. Whatever you call them, these easy fruit desserts offer a more relaxed approach to summer baking. Read on to get 15 favorite recipes for summertime tarts, galettes, and crostatas.

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