16 Absolutely Chilling Photos From Serial Killer And Sex Offender Cases That'll Haunt You For Eternity

I'm not embarrassed to admit that, like most millennials, I have a bit of a morbid fascination with true crime cases. I've listened to dozens of podcasts and watched numerous documentaries about serial killers, which might lead you to believe that I'm numb to crime content. But there's something about these 16 photos from real true crime cases that still spook me every time I look at them:

H/T: r/oddlyterrifying

1.This photo of German serial killer Fritz Honka's hands:

Fritz Honka's hands
u/KobraKay87 / Via reddit.com

2.The mask worn by the English serial killer known as "The Beast Of Jersey." He was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of 13 charges of assault and sexual offenses. His youngest victim was 9:

The Beast of Jersey's mask
R. Powell / Getty Images

3.This photo of Robert "Willy" Pickton — a Canadian serial killer and former pig farmer. He confessed to 49 murders, and it's believed he fed some of his victims to his pigs. He also sold "pork pies" that actually contained human flesh:

closeup of Robert Pickton

4.This questionnaire filled out by serial killer Richard Ramirez, aka "The Night Stalker," while he was in prison:

Richard Ramirez's questionnaire
u/epilogueteen / Via reddit.com
Richard Ramirez's questionnaire
u/epilogueteen / Via reddit.com
Richard Ramirez's questionnaire
u/epilogueteen / Via reddit.com

5.And this mug shot of him:

Richard Ramirez's mug shot
u/Minnidaddy / Via reddit.com

6.Here's him waving to his groupies in court:

Richard Ramirez waving in court
u/tinkyowowinky / Via reddit.com

7.This snapshot of Pedrinho Matador, a Brazilian serial killer who was confirmed to have murdered 71 people (but it's presumed he had over 100 victims), participating in a podcast years after his release. He was killed in 2023, but had made a YouTube channel before he died:

Pedrinho Matador
Cometa Podcast / Via youtube.com

8.These last words of German Serial Killer Peter Kürten before he was put to death by the guillotine in 1931:

Profile and front view of Peter Kürten with a quote about his last words
u/lightiggy / Via reddit.com

9.And this image of his mummified head, which was split in half to study his brain:

A preserved head labeled "Peter Kurten - The Dusseldorf Vampire" on display
u/Devi8tor / Via reddit.com

10.While on the subject of preserved heads, here's Diogo Alves, a 19th-century Portuguese-Spanish serial killer who's on display at the University of Lisbon:

A head encased in a clear preservation tank
u/ChileanDorianGray / Via reddit.com

11.This "soup bowl" (aka a human skull) found in serial killer Ed Gein's house:

a soup bowl made out of a human skull
u/Minnidaddy / Via reddit.com

12.This police sketch of "Mr. Cruel," an unidentified child killer in Australia during the 1980s–1990s that was never caught:

Black ski mask with three circular cutouts for eyes and mouth
Victoria Police / Via reddit.com

13.This note from "The Lipstick Killer," aka William Heirens, who killed three women in Chicago between 1945 and 1946:

A message from a serial killer stating, "For heaven's sake catch me before I kill more I cannot control myself"
Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis / Via Getty Images

14.This newspaper article about serial killer Ted Bundy's execution in 1989:

newspaper clipping about Ted Bundy
u/kinda_cringe347 / Via reddit.com

15.This X-ray of the trailer used by serial killer David Parker Ray, who is believed to have tortured and murdered more than 50 women. He was known as "The Toy Box Killer":

An X-ray of a trailer showing objects inside: shelves with items, equipment, and a wheelchair hanging
u/EconomicsNo9030 / Via reddit.com

16.And finally, this X-ray of serial killer, cannibal, and sex offender Albert Fish's pelvis and perineum, with more than two dozen self-embedded needles in it. He had a self-harm and sexual mutilation kink:

X-ray of Albert Fish's pelvis
u/lookingforvelvet / Via reddit.com