150 Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys Born in 2023 That Are Guaranteed To Stand Out

Unique names for your sweet babe.

One of your first big decisions as a new parent is choosing your baby’s name! However, sometimes that can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re looking for an unusual baby name or a unique baby name that stands out, but not one that your baby will hate or get made fun of for having.

But don’t let that stress you out. With thousands of unusual baby name options available, there’s one out there that’s perfect for your little one. And lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites. We gathered 150 unusual baby names for girls and baby boy names that are just as cool as they are rare.

So no matter if you’re thinking about going for a vintage-sounding name, looking for a name that is nature-inspired or one that’s after a name of your favorite places or starts with a certain letter of the alphabet, we’ve got you covered. We even have a few that start with letters that are hardly used, like Q, X, Y and Z. Here are 150 unusual baby names you’ll absolutely love.

150 Unusual Baby Names

1. Aero

This name is Greek and means “of the sky.”

2. Alaska

This is derived from the Aleut word "alaxsxaq,” which means "the mainland.”

3. Ari

This Hebrew name means “lion.”

4. Ashlynn

This beautiful Irish name means “dream.”

5. Aspen

This name can be used for a girl or boy and means “quaking tree.”

6. Astrid

Hailing from Scandinavia, this name means “divinely beautiful.”

7. Azure

Meaning “sky blue,” this pretty name is pronounced AH-zhure and is of Spanish origin.

8. Bear

This animal-inspired name means strong and brave.

9. Beckett

Coming from Engish and German roots, this name means “little brook.”

10. Birdie

The meaning of this cute name is “bright, famous, little bird.”

11. Bode

Pronounced Bow-dee, this unique name means “messenger.”

12. Brynlee

This is an English name that means “Gift from God.”

13. Cadence

This name has Latin origin and means “rhythm, flow.”

14. Cami

Meaning “helper to the priest,” this name is a variant of the Latin name Camilla.

15. Case

“Bringer of peace” is what this name means.

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16. Caspian

This name means “of the sea.”

17. Charlize

This South African name is a feminization of Charles and means “free man.”

18. Cheyenne

This name is of Native American origin and means “people of a different language.”

19. Cora

This Ancient Greek name means “honest.”

20. Crew

This is a name of Latin origin meaning “chariot.”

22. Cyrus

This Persian-derived name means “sun.”

21. Dagon

This Biblical name means “fish.”

22. Dahlia

This Lithuanian name means “destiny.”

23. Damon

This name means “loyal friend” in Latin.

24. Daphne

“Laurel tree” is what this Greek name means.

25. Darra

In Hebrew, this name means “wise.”

26. Daxton

This name means “warrior who conquers great obstacles.”

27. Dawson

Coming from Welsh origins, this name means “son of David.”

28. Dixie

With Latin roots, this name means “I have spoken.”

24. Duke

Hailing from a popular American surname, this name means “leader.”

25. Easton

This name means “toward the sunrise.”

26. Eden

“Paradise” is what this Hebrew name means.

27. Elodie

This French name means “wealthy and rich.”

28. Ember

Meaning “spark,” this name is of French origin

29. Emerson

With English roots, this name means “powerful and brave.

30. Enzo

If you’re Italian you’ll know this name means “winner.”

31. Everleigh

This pretty name is of English origin and means “woodland.”

32. Fable

This name means “a story with a lesson.”

33. Faris

In Arabic, this name means “knight.”

34. Faye

Derived from English origin, this name means “fairy.”

35. Finley

This name means “fair warrior.”

36. Felix

The Latin origin of this name means “happy, fortunate.”

37. Forest

This nature-inspired name is of French origin and means “woods.”

38. Fritz

This German name means “peaceful ruler.”

39. Galaxy

If you’re a fan of space, you’ll love this American name, which means “large system of stars.”

40. Gavin

Meaning “white hawk,” this name comes from the Middle Ages.

41. Gem

This name means “jewel” and originates from the Italian name Gemma.

42. Genesis

This Hebrew name can be for a girl or boy and means “beginning.”

43. Genevieve

This French name means “white wave.”

44. Graham

With English origin, this name means “gravel homestead.”

45. Gray

This name means “pleasant.”

46. Greenleigh

This American name means “green meadow.”

47. Greer

With Scottish origin, this name means “watchful.”

48. Gretel

This fairy tale name means “pearl.”

49. Gwendolyn

This Medieval name means “a blend of elements.”

50. Hadley

This Old English name means “heather meadow.”

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51. Harlow

This unique unisex name means “army.”

52. Harmony

This Latin name means “unity.”

53. Haylen

“Fire” is what this Scottish name means. (See baby names that mean fire.)

54. Haven

With English origin, this name means “safe place.”

55. Henley

“High meadow” is what this English name means.

56. Hero

Meaning “demi-god,” this name is of Greek origin.

57. Indiana

Hailing from French origin, this name means “graceful.”

58. Ireland

Evolving over centuries from the Old Irish word “goddess.”

59. Irwin

This name means “sea lover” and has English origin.

60. Israel

This Biblical name is Hebrew and means “he who prevails with God.”

61. Jace

This name means “the Lord is salvation.”

62. Jaelynn

This name is of American origin and is the masculine version of Jaelyn.

63. Jannika

Hailing from Europe, this name means “God is gracious.”

64. Jinx

Meaning “spell,” this name has Latin origin.

65. Joelle

This name means “the Lord is willing.”

66. Jolie

This unique French name means “pretty.”

67. Justine

This French name means “righteous.”

67. Jylan

With Greek and American origins, this name means “calm.”

68. Kaleb

This Hebrew name means “whole heart.”

69. Karina

This name comes from the Greek name Katherine and means “pure.”

70. Keegan

This name has Irish origins and means “fiery.”

71. Kellan

With German and Irish origins, this name means “bright-headed.”

72. Kingston

This English name simply means “King’s town.”

73. Kinsley

“Proud” is what this English name means.

74. Kit

This Greek name means “carrier of Christ.”

75. Kirk

This Scottish name means “church.”

76. Konrad

“Bold advisor” is what this German name means.

77. Knox

This is a Scottish surname that means “from the hills.”

78. Kristoff

This name may be taken by a Disney character, but it also has Scandinavian and Greek origins and means “bearing Christ.”

79. Kyler

This Dutch name means “archer.”

80. Landon

This English name means “from the long hill.”

81. Landry

This name is of English origin and means “ruler.”

82. Leighton

“From the town by the meadow” is what this English name means.

83. Lex

This is a Greek name that means “man’s defender.”

84. Lincoln

This English name means “lake.”

85. Lucca

“Giver of light” is what this Italian name means.

86. Marlowe

“Storyteller” is what this English name means.

87. Milo

A form of the name Miles, this Greek name means “destroyer.”

88. Myles

This English name means “merciful.”

89. Neil

“Bright shining ones” is the meaning behind this Old English name.

90. Nelson

This Irish name means “son of a champion.”

91. Niall

Meaning “passionate,” this name has Scottish descent.

92. Nina

With its Spanish origin, this name means “little girl.”

93. Noell

Translated, this French name means “Christmas Day.”

94. Nori

“Belief” is what this inspiring Japanese name means.

95. Oakley

This Old English name refers to the tree of the same name.

96. Ocean

“The father of waters” is what this Celtic name means.

97. Odette

This lovely French name means “wealth.”

98. Oliver

This German name means “elf army.”

99. Ollie

“Olive tree” is the meaning behind this Latin name.

100. Owen

A name derived from Eugene, this Welsh name means “noble-born.”

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101. Pacey

“A form of pace” is what this French name means.

102. Parker

“Gamekeeper” is what this once-occupational surname means.

103. Peyton

This is an English name that means “warrior’s village.”

104. Pax

This unique name has Latin roots and means “peace.”

105. Phoenix

This name has mythological roots and means “dark red.”

106. Piper

Once a surname is given to a person who played the pipe (flute), this name is of English descent.

107. Posie

“A bouquet of flowers” is what this girl name means.


This English name means “red flower.”

109. Queency

This Old French name means “estate of the fifth son.”

110. Quest

This Latin name means “long search.”

111. Quinn

This name means “wise” in Celtic.

112. Radley

This English name means “from or near the red meadow.”

113. Raine

The English variant of the French word “reine,” meaning, “queen.”

114. Ralph

With the meaning “wolf counsel,” this old name has Scandinavian and Germanic elements.

115. Raydon

This name is French and means “counselor.

116. Reagan

In Gaelic, this name means “little king.”

117. Reese

This name is English and means “enthusiastic.”

118. Remy

This name has French origins and means “oarsmen.”

119. Rhett

Meaning “advice,” this name has an English origin.

120. River

“Stream of water that flows to the sea” is what this English-rooted name means.

121. Ryden

This Scandinavian name means “horseman.”

122. Sage

This English name is derived from the sage plant.

123. Sasha

This Greek name means “protector.”

124. Sawyer

An English occupational name means “woodcutter.”

125. Shaine

As a variant of the English name Shane, it means “God is gracious.”

126. Shay

This beautiful Gaelic name means “admirable.”

127. Shiloh

“His gift” is the meaning behind this Hebrew name.

128. Shyla

This English name means “white dove.”

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129. Sienna

This name is of English origin and means “orange-red.”

130. Skyler

Meaning “fugitive,” this name has Danish origin.

131. Sloane

This Irish name means “raider.”

132. Sutton

“From the southern homestead,” is what this English name means.

133. Stormi

With an Old English origin, this name stems from the word “storm.”

134. Suri

This is a Yiddish variant of the name Sarah and means “princess.”

135. Tatum

Meaning “cheerful and full of life,” this name hails from the British Isles.

136. Teagan

An Irish name that means “little poet.”

137. Trent

In Latin, this name means “swift.”

138. True

This English name means “genuine and real.”

139. Tyra

This name is Swedish, Danish and Norwegian and means “thunder warrior.”


This Hebrew name means “God is my light.”

141. Utah

With French roots, this name means “of the city.”

142. Valentine

This name is a variant of the Latin word Valentinus and means “strong.”

143. Winnie

This Welsh name means “happiness.”

144. Winter

This seasonal name comes from Old English and is a European surname.

145. Wyatt

“Brave in battle” is the meaning behind this English name.

146. Xu

This Chinese name means “established by Yahweh.”

147. Yale

With Welsh and Old English roots, this name means “heights.”

148. Zane

This is the Hebrew version of the name John and means “God is gracious.”

149. Zealand

This name means “from the sea-land.”

150. Ziggy

A variant of the German name Sigmund, it means “victory protector.”

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