15 Ways to Snag Free (or Cheap) Coffee on National Coffee Day


Tons of businesses around the country are offering free and discounted cups of joe for National Coffee Day. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Let’s be real: Pretty much every day is National Coffee Day in America. Americans love their coffee — a lot. The average American drinks 2.1 cups a day, and 49 percent of coffee drinkers say they’d rather give up their cell phone for a month than coffee. We import more than $4 billion dollars’ worth of the stuff every year, and it accounts for 75 percent of American caffeine consumption. And just in case you’re fretting over the health ramifications of all of that brew, the government’s 2015 dietary guidelines say that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day is perfectly safe (as long as you’re not pouring in the cream and sugar.)

However, Sept. 29 — the official National Coffee Day — is the one day a year you can get your caffeine fix for free at many shops around the country. Here are some of the deals and steals to keep an eye out for:


Dunkin’ is offering guests a free cup of Dark Roast coffee. (Photo Courtesy of Dunkin Donuts)

Dunkin’ Donuts

Though “donuts” is in the name, the main attraction for many fans of this national chain is the coffee. Dunkin’ is celebrating the holiday by giving guests a free medium cup of hot or iced Dark Roast coffee (no purchase necessary). However, offers at the chain can vary from franchise to franchise, so make sure to double check before you order.

Krispy Kreme

The chain known for their addictive glazed doughnuts is doubling down on this year’s freebies. Visit one of their many national locations to pick up a free cup of coffee AND a free glazed doughnut. You hear that, Dunkin’? It’s time to step up your National Coffee Day game.


This East Coast convenience store chain with a cult following is offering a free coffee in the size of your choice at their 680+ locations — a deal that’s sure to make their devoted fan base love them even more.

Peet’s Coffee

Visit one of Peet’s 250+ stores in nine states and Washington D.C. to get a free coffee when you purchase a breakfast item.


Missouri-based Lamar’s is offering a free commemorative coffee mug along with their free 12-oz. coffee. (Photo Courtesy of Lamar’s Donuts)

Lamar’s Donuts

Take home a souvenir with this Missouri-based donut chain’s offer: free coffee and a free coffee mug at one of their 26 stores in six states. Visit the Lamar’s Facebook page to get the offer emailed to you, and make sure to get there early, as supplies are limited.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

This Florida-based restaurant chain with locations around the country is offering a free “Cold Brewsta” with the purchase of any menu item — but the National Coffee Day party doesn’t stop there. Throughout the month of September customers have been able to get a 12 oz. cup of coffee for only $1.

Coffee Beanery

This chain, with locations in 11 states, is offering customers $1 cups of coffee in any size. As a bonus, customers can keep the celebration going by purchasing a pound of coffee for just $2.


This convenience store chain just rolled out a new line of signature coffee blends in their 500+ locations, and to promote they’re offering customers a free cup of self-serve coffee, served in environmentally friendly cups.


Eight O’Clock is using the holiday to promote their new line of chocolates infused with coffee beans. (Photo Courtesy of Eight O’Clock)

Eight O’Clock

This coffee company known for their Arabica brews are using the holiday as an opportunity to introduce their new line of treats, called Coffee Thins, to the world. To celebrate the launch and the caffeinated holiday, they’re giving fans the opportunity to try the snacks for free (while supplies last) by logging on to their website.


The coffee conglomerate is taking a different angle on National Coffee Day. Rather than give away a free cup of joe, Starbucks is giving free coffee trees to farmers who have had their crops hit the hardest by coffee rust, which is a plant fungus said to have destroyed millions of trees around the world.


The office supply superstore is getting in on the National Coffee Day action with a giveaway. Post a photo on social media with a coffee mug and the hashtag #OfficeMugShot for the chance to win a free Staples coffee pack.


Why should travelers miss out on the National Coffee Day freebies? If you’re a JetBlue Mint customer, you’ll be able to sip espresso brews from the Brooklyn Roasting Company while airborne.


The highway travel center chain Pilot Flying J is offering free 16-oz. cups of coffee with coupon. (Photo Courtesy of Pilot Flying J)

Pilot Flying J

Attention truckers and road trippers! This chain of highway travel centers will celebrate the holiday with free 16-oz. cups of coffee when customers display a coupon available on their Facebook page.

Whole Foods

The organic grocery chain has been celebrating coffee all month, offering customers coffee for just 25 cents. Plus, you’ll be sipping for a good cause: Whole Foods will donate $1 to the Whole Planet Foundation for each cup of Allegro Coffee purchased.

Caribou Coffee

If you’re looking to do good while getting your caffeine fix, on Sept. 29 this national chain will donate a cup of coffee to nurses and families in cancer centers throughout the country for each cup of Amy’s Blend coffee purchased.


Even Lactaid is getting in on the fun with a Facebook giveaway. Visit the company’s page for the chance to win an exclusive prize pack complete with Lactaid milk, Birch coffee, and premium supplies including a French press and milk frother.

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