15 vegan dishes to bring to Friendsgiving

15 vegan dishes to bring to Friendsgiving
15 vegan dishes to bring to Friendsgiving

Holidays bring people closer together. No matter where you choose celebrate, you will encounter delicious food and great company. Hence the need for an arsenal of creative meal ideas! You don’t want to be the one person who didn’t bring something to the table.

If you or your loved ones have new dietary restrictions this year — maybe it’s time to look for some alternative recipes?

You’ll make a great impression at the next Friendsgiving by bringing a vegan dish. Seriously! According to The Telegraph 542,000 people aged 15 or over have gone vegan. It seems like the numbers will only keep on growing. So make your meal even more accommodating by figuring out ways to incorporate a tasty vegan dish into your cooking repertoire. With countless online resources to guide you, there is nothing you cannot do. Below are some mouthwatering ideas to get your started.

1. Vegan Biscuits

What would Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving be without warm, delicious biscuits? This item will fill people up and soak up any leftover juices from people’s plates.

2. Vegan Cornbread

Another transitional piece of the holiday food puzzle. While not always the centerpiece, cornbread is often missed when not presented at the table.

3. Vegan Grilled Cheese

This one is a true people pleaser. Like Chandler Bing implies all throughout Friends, grilled cheese sandwiches are the bomb — especially on Thanksgiving. They’re easy to make and hard to resist. Plus, you’ll win many points with this one.

4. Vegan Pumpkin Pie

No Thanksgiving meal even complete without this staple dish. So get your baking hat on and figure out what works best for you and your dinner guests.

5. Vegan Spinach Dip

If you don’t want to make the centerpiece food item for the meal, your best bet will be to go with something that can be eaten as an appetizer. Get people’s appetites going with a delicious dip.

6.Vegan Sweet Potatoes

7. Vegan Cranberry Sauce [/listheader]

You might not be serving real turkey at the meal, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the traditional cranberry sauce.

8. Vegan Squash Bisque

Squash is a fall favorite and something that can be very versatile when it comes to Thanksgiving recipes. Making a soup out of it can really set your meal apart from the rest.

9. Vegan Gravy

If you can make a delicious vegan gravy, there isn’t much you cannot do in this world.

10. Vegan Stuffed Turkey

This is the main event and the reason people get together around this holiday. If you and your vegan friends are craving some turkey, this will be your holiday savior.

11. Vegan Apple Pie

It’s never a bad idea to have this recipe in your back pocket. Some people say that vegan desserts actually taste better than non-vegan ones.

12. Vegan Green Bean Casserole

The recipe above had us drooling. It doesn’t even need to be a “Friendsgiving only” dish.

13. Vegan Stuffing

What would Friendsgiving be without stuffing, people? Nothing. It would be a big, giant nothing.

14. Vegan Mac and Cheese

This dish is a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? The added bonus of it being vegan means everyone will be happy.

15. Vegan Brussel Sprouts

You can’t go wrong with a vegetable side-dish.

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