15 Things That Make Merely Existing In Society Really Freaking Infuriating

1.When you see the price increase of Disney+ over the last four years:

A billing history table showing annual Disney+ Premium subscription fees increasing over four years from 2021 to 2024
u/ziggygersh / reddit.com

2.When this entitled person did this:

Passenger with feet resting on airplane seatback, another person seated adjacent

3.When two "college kids" were selling $5 chocolate bars outside of Target and tried to charge this innocent person nearly a grand because they were scammers:

Wells Fargo Bank notification for a declined transaction of $975, with options to keep or turn off Wallet app notifications
u/stun17 / reddit.com

4.And when Target started locking up their underwear and socks because too many people were stealing them:

Aisle in a store with multiple clear security cases displaying electronic accessories
u/parklawnz / reddit.com

5.When this office building decided it would be ideal to put the men's restroom several floors below it:

Two restroom doors with signs indicating the men's restroom is on the 3rd floor
u/SquegeeMcgee / reddit.com

6.When this mom "popped" all the coffee pods because "they were too full and it was kinda annoying to close the drawer":

Three stacked coffee pods with a donut shop design, labeled as medium roast decaf. A QR code is visible
u/SageHowlter / reddit.com

7.When this company put the world's stickiest sticker on a stick-free pan:

Scratched and worn metal surface, possibly a pot or pan, with noticeable damage to the coating
u/Infinite-Bowler-217 / reddit.com

8.When this fast food joint thought it would be appropriate to risk ink getting on someone's fries to show their unsolicited religion message:

Open fast-food container with fries and a handwritten message about Jesus inside the lid
u/tizzleduzzle / reddit.com

9.When this Taco Bell committed the ultimate crime:

Handwritten note
Handwritten note
A folded tortilla wrap with visible fillings of rice, beans, and tomatoes
A folded tortilla wrap with visible fillings of rice, beans, and tomatoes
Salad with chopped tomatoes and lettuce on a paper wrap
Salad with chopped tomatoes and lettuce on a paper wrap

u/HallowweenHovercraft / reddit.com

10.When this apartment building said there was going to be alarm testing conducted in this confusing manner:

Sign on wall announcing alarm testing on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 with instructions and emergency contact information
u/Not_a_Replika / reddit.com

11.When people like this take up four parking spaces:

Pickup truck with oversized wheels parked across multiple spots at night outside a movie theater
u/JBFRESHSKILLS / reddit.com

12.When the "new upstairs neighbor’s kids keep throwing stuff off the balcony and you see a bottle of their pee come down in a water bottle":

Discarded plastic bottle with a yellowish liquid inside lying on grass
u/iwant2cry420 / reddit.com

13.When McDonald's McChicken "deal" is actually one cent more than the original price:

Screenshot of a digital food order showing a special offer for 2 items at $3.99 and a single item priced at $1.99 with a quantity option
u/Nicolai315 / reddit.com

14.When companies think this way of thinking keeps good morale:

Office poster with text about not doing non-work tasks during work time, featuring a Minion from Despicable Me holding a sign that says "TRUTH"
u/DiorRoses / reddit.com

15.And, finally, when people like this do something like THIS:

Photo of several empty theater seats with a person's hand indicating their assigned seating area; text overlay "These were our seats"
u/Travotaku / reddit.com