15 Screenshots Of The Wildest Things Toxic Family Members Had The Gall To Say Or Ask

1.This relative who never checks in but demanded money:

person says they've never texted to just check in so why should they
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2.This cousin who expected a family discount for clothes and jewelry:

post about their family asking for a discount
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3.This relative who wanted someone to plant fruits just for them:

convo about what fruits and veggies are being planted that might have extra
u/ShepherdsWeShallB / Via reddit.com
person says they cant do black cherry seeds because it's too late so the other person gets upset even though they were just offered everything
u/ShepherdsWeShallB / Via reddit.com

4.This cousin who rightfully got kicked off of their relative's Netflix account:

person upset they can't get the netflix password
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5.This cousin who threw a fit about not getting what they wanted from their grandfather's will:

person one asking relative if they can have some bits of their grandfathers things since it all get left to person two
u/shaunaad / Via reddit.com
person two offers up photographs and toys but person 1 only wants the grandfather's new washing machine and money so that they can have a new bathroom. person two says they would try to help
u/shaunaad / Via reddit.com
person 1 mad and wanting more of the appliances and tvs available, and wanting the money in cash instead of bonds and person 2 saying there are legalities that prevent them from doing so
person 1 calling person 2 a selfish person because they won't give them anything immediately
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person 1 still getting mad and calling person 2 selfish saying, it's funny how people behave when there's inheritance involved isn't it
u/shaunaad / Via reddit.com

6.This cousin who owed a relative $7,000 and instead of paying it back, suggested that the relative SELL THEM A HOUSE and take the commission:

it's a pretty ad look when you go to vegas and buy new jordans when you someone money, especially family
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7.This sister who wanted to visit their sibling (but not pay for the ticket):

sibling one asking sibling 2 to pay 32 pounds for their flight change to stay longer for christmas and sibling 2 asking so i have to pay to see you
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8.This cousin who asked a relative for EXTRA birthday gifts for their son:

person 1 thanking person 2 for gifting their PS4 to their son but also wondering if they can throw in all their old games
u/neverplatonic / Via reddit.com
person 1 mentions a specific game the kid wants and maybe they can buy it for them and consider it a birthday gift person 2 says the console and other games are enough for a gift and that they should look for a discounted game if they want it
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9.This aunt who rudely asked a relative to pick up their son:

person saying they already had plans so they don't know if they'll be able to pick up their cousin
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10.This sister who wanted their siblings to pay thousands of dollars so their kid could swim in their dead dad's pool:

sibling one wanting the estate to pay for use and maintenance of the pool and sibling two saying she minds the money being spent that way on something they don't use
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11.This cousin who felt they deserved a free professional photoshoot:

person demanding photo shoot for a free
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person saying they are now gonna charge them $200 for the photoshoot minus the $9 they claim they owe for a cord 20 years ago, plus $50 for the emotional distress
u/AddisonArmilda / Via reddit.com
person declining the new price and insisting getting their one photo for free
u/AddisonArmilda / Via reddit.com

12.This cousin who ordered a relative to get them weed:

person saying since the two of them smoke, there's no reason why the other person can't buy some weed and get given some
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13.This sister who wanted their sibling to assist them on a paid job without any intention of paying them:

sibling one asking sibling two for help filming a video for tiktok for a makeup client
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14.This sister who asked their sibling to watch their kid AND to pick them up from their house:

sibling asking for kid to be picked up because she needs to go to work but says she can't drive to drop the kid off because they don't' have snow tires
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15.And lastly, this aunt who asked for A LOT of free help on their wedding:

aunt saying she still needs an answer about her wedding cake
u/fishbebrave / Via reddit.com
person saying she can't make a cake professionally so offers up to help another way and aunt asks for dress altering and person says they aren't able to do that either so the aunt gets mad and them belligerent
u/fishbebrave / Via reddit.com
aunt saying this is why people call the person lazy
u/fishbebrave / Via reddit.com
aunt telling the person she's going to tell her mother about this and that she will never get through university with this attitude and the person saying go ahead and tell my mom, she's in the kitchen making me a carrot cake from a tutorial
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