15 Leaked Screenshots Of Brides And Bridesmaids Who Had Serious Beef

1.This bride who was pissed that their maid of honor got COVID:

A social media post calls a bridesmaid selfish after she texted the bride the day after the wedding to tell her she has COVID
u/grouchy-potato / Via reddit.com

2.This bride who got caught by their maid of honor after posting in a Facebook group:

A bride-to-be posts in a Facebook group asking what to do about a maid of honor who isn't making an effort to help plan things, and the maid of honor responds "did you forget I was part of this group?"
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3.This bride who was not understanding that her maid of honor just became a mother:

The bride-to-be posts in a Facebook group asking what to do about a maid of honor who hasn't been participating, and how to talk to her without sounding mean
u/_littlebee / Via reddit.com
A response says the bride-to-be should extend grace to her maid of honor who is a new mom, and the bride-to-be says that a wedding and child are of equal importance
u/_littlebee / Via reddit.com

4.This bride who wasn't celebrating their maid of honor's pregnancy:

A bride-to-be says she feels "betrayed" because her maid of honor got pregnant and will have a due date two weeks before her new postponed wedding date
u/mdnnnsph / Via reddit.com

5.This bride who didn't want to invite the maid of honor's long-term partner to the wedding:

The bride-to-be says she's not inviting her maid of honor's partner to the wedding because they're not allowing plus-ones, but the maid of honor is accusing them of homophobia
u/nydixie / Via reddit.com

6.This bride who had unreasonable expectations for their bridesmaids:

A bridesmaid asks if it's selfish for her to say no to the bride's request that she dye her blonde hair dark brown
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7.This bride who made their friends APPLY to be bridesmaids:

A bride-to-be says she's sending out applications to be a bridesmaid and wants people who are committed to helping, and she'll only pick three people
u/whimzeee / Via reddit.com
The bridesmaid applications includes an entire page of rules and requests, including that all clothes decisions will be made by the bride
u/whimzeee / Via reddit.com

8.This bride who worried their bald bridesmaid who had cancer would ruin the aesthetic in pictures:

In a group text, the bride says she asked a friend to be her bridesmaid before she had cancer, and now she's not sure if she should include her because her hair is falling out
u/AzDesertRat45 / Via reddit.com

9.This bride who wanted to drop a bridesmaid just so there was an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids:

The bride says they had nine groomsmen and nine bridesmaids, and when one of the groomsmen had to drop out, she asked one of her bridesmaids to drop out too to keep it even
u/hb234A / Via reddit.com

10.This bride whose bridesmaid got engaged and it started a whole bunch of issues:

The bridesmaid got engaged, scheduled her bachelorette party for the same day as the bride's bridal shower, and asked two of the bride's bridesmaids to be her bridesmaids as well but didn't ask the bride
u/larenardemaigre / Via reddit.com

11.This bride who felt getting drunk should be a requirement for her bachelorette party:

A bride asks if she's being a bridezilla for expecting that her bridesmaids will get drunk with her, or as she calls it "party energy," during the bachelorette party
u/flyawaygirl94 / Via reddit.com

12.This bride who told their bridesmaid to hold off on surgery until after the wedding:

A bride asking how to tell her friend she's no longer a bridesmaid because she's selfish for getting surgery months before the wedding
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13.This bride and bridesmaid who had a conflict about money:

The bride says she'll pay for a bridesmaid's shoes for the wedding, the bridesmaid picks very expensive shoes, the bride says they're too expensive, and the bridesmaid says "it's these or nothing"
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14.This bride who prioritized the wedding theme over her bridesmaid's allergies:

A bride says her bridesmaid is upset because the bride made her wedding lavender themed and the bridesmaid is allergic to lavender
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15.And this bridesmaid who felt her time at a wedding event was wasted because the bride had a panic attack:

A bridesmaid sends a long text detailing all the sacrifices she made to attend a wedding that she feels was a waste of time because the bride had a panic attack
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