15 Hilarious Fails From This Week That I Specifically Curated To Make You Die With Laughter

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Dear reader, happy Monday. At the start of each week, I put together a little list of the funniest internet fails from the past week in an effort that I know never fails (ha, ha) to make you laugh. So, enjoy!

Note: #8 contains spoilers for Killers of the Flower Moon.

1. This home screen:

Twitter: @Horned_Sphere

2. This hurt to read:

Twitter: @visualbasic97

3. This knitting rejection:

Twitter: @EliMcCann

4. This YouTuber's vocabulary (bless him):

Twitter: @jpbrammer

5. This Scrub Daddy:

Twitter: @annadeathbed

6. This because it's just so funny to me that SNL actor and writer Tim Robinson saw this group chat (and was aware of it for who knows how long?) and just now decided to leave:

Twitter: @mslauramac

... The screenshot killed me.

Twitter: @mslauramac

7. This blacked-out moment:

Twitter: @yelyahbell

8.Paramount Pictures' twitter page replying, "You know he had to do it to 'em" to a picture of Robert De Niro's character in Killers of the Flower Moon:

"You know he had to do it to 'em."

9. I can *feel* the air in that room after this nerdy sentence was said:

Twitter: @sewistwrites

That said, I have a ranked list of favorite fonts. Font enthusiasts are not alone!

10. This cologne. What are we doing anymore?

Twitter: @evadentz

11. This gambling mishap:

Twitter: @drew_peacock91

12. This cake:

Twitter: @messedupfoods

13. Whatever is going on in this server:

Twitter: @thejoshl

14. This city that failed to remove this Dracula decoration:

Twitter: @MechaBarbarian

15. And, finally...modern tipping culture. I ask again, what are we doing here:

Twitter: @Molson_Hart

You can check out some more hilarious fails posts here. And if you liked these tweets, be sure to follow their creators! I'll see you next week for more Fails from Julia™.