A Bullet Vibrator Is Just What You Need To Help You Zone In On That Hot Spot

Photo credit: Raymond Ho
Photo credit: Raymond Ho

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It’s said that you don’t need to be big to make a big impact. You know, you've heard it before: Size doesn't matter. It's really more about how you ~use~ it. Need an example? Look no further than the bullet vibrator.

"I call it pocket-sized fun; good things come in small packages," says Jenni Skyler, PhD, certified sex therapist and resident sexologist at Adam & Eve. "A bullet vibrator is just a lot of power punched into this fun-sized vibrator."

While most aren’t any more than a couple of inches long—if that—a good bullet still offers all the sensations you need to help you reach peak pleasure, a.k.a. orgasmic bliss, and its size makes it discrete and sometimes quiet enough that you can take it pretty much anywhere. And, in some cases, you can even wear it around your neck without getting any side eye (looking at you, Vesper).

There are also some perks to playing around with small toys, like being able to hyper-focus on the certain spot that really gets you going. Another perk: Maintenance is super low key. Since you're working with something smaller, thoroughly cleaning your toy with mild soap and warm water before using it again takes minimal time and effort.

Ready to add somethin' small-but-mighty to the secret stash of vibes you keep in that special drawer in your nightstand? Here's everything you need to know about shopping for bullet vibrators.

First up, what exactly is a bullet vibrator?

A bullet vibrator is essentially just a smaller version of a classic vibrator. Most are designed in a bullet shape—where it gets its name—and have fewer vibration settings than something larger, like, say, a rabbit or a wand. While you might think smaller equals less powerful, it’s actually a huge benefit. Many women need serious clitoral stimulation to get off, and a little compact bullet vibrator takes care of that, above all else.

"Their intense and concentrated vibrations allow you to zone in on the hot spots that take you over the edge," says sexologist Jess O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast. That isn't just exclusive to your clitoris, btw—a bullet can be used on other sensitive parts of your body, too. (Think: inner thighs, nipples, anus...get creative, friends.)

Not to mention its small size easily allows you to take your fave vibe on vacation, over to a partner’s house, or out on the town—cause you never know when the mood will hit you.

What does someone buying a bullet vibrator for the first time need to know?

For an individual or couple who is just starting to incorporate toys into their playtime, a bullet vibrator is a great place to begin, says Skyler. The bullet is simple, there aren’t so many bells and whistles that you don’t know which end goes where, and it’s all about pleasure with no pressure.

You won’t get as many vibration options with a bullet, but if you’re a little more sensitive, that also means you won’t get overstimulated. "It’s a beginner’s absolute treasure because it’s so unintimidating," Skyler explains.

The bullet’s size and shape also don’t scream "sex toy" if someone happens to come across it (especially if that "someone" is a nosy little kiddo rooting around in your bedside drawers).

What should I keep in mind when buying a bullet vibrator?

As with all sex toys, when it comes to bullet vibrators, you have options. If you’re thinking about adding a toy to your chest (and you should), decide whether you want something that runs on batteries or is rechargeable, where you’ll be using it and if it needs to be waterproof, and what kind of other accessories you want it to include.

Once you know the answer to those questions, that’s when the fun begins: It’s time to start shopping for your new bedside best friend. Whether you’re a vibrator newbie or a sex-toy connoisseur, bullet vibes are a staple in any collection. To help you get browsing, here are the 18 best bullet vibrators experts are buzzing about.

1. We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

The Tango comes with a tapered tip and flat edge that allows you to target different areas of your body—and clitoris. It’s rechargeable, has eight different vibrations, and is waterproof, so you can take it in the shower. Plus, it seriously lasts. "I’ve had mine for years and it’s just as powerful as the day I bought it," O’Reilly says.

2. Cooxer Bullet Vibrator

Your orgasm potential shouldn’t have to suffer because you’re on a budget. Enter the Cooxer Bullet Vibrator. Despite the low price, this sleek vibe has everything you need to get off—it vibrates, it’s waterproof, and it's operated with a push-button control. What more could you want?

3. Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet Vibrator

This bullet is powerful and has 20 settings, giving you plenty of ways to switch things up. It’s also dipped in hypoallergenic silicone, giving it a smooth finish. The design allows you to target all the right spots easy-peasy. "I really like its pointed tip," O’Reilly says.

Want more tiny sex toys you can stash anywhere? K, here's 11:

4. Glam Squad Rechargeable Bullet Set

Skyler says she loves a bullet without a cord because you can just "stick it in your pocket and go." This versatile set comes with different sleeves that act as different types of stimulation so you can change out the pulses and vibrations as your mood and needs do. It's also completely waterproof so you can take the fun with you into the shower or tub.

5. Kip Bullet Vibrator

Dame is known for rolling out high-quality toys that are designed and tested by women—and Kip is no exception. This pint-sized bullet vibe has an angled silicone tip to help target specific areas, as well as a cupped face to give you all-around clitoral stimulation.

6. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

At five inches long, this nugget is bigger than the average bullet, but smaller than the average insertable vibrator. Translation? You can put it wherever you please (on your clit, in your vag, etc.).

Sweetening the deal even more: 17 (!) different pulsing patterns. Because, options.

7. Adam and Eve Double Play Bullets

This double bullet lets you and your partner both enjoy its effects at the same time, which, Skyler notes, makes it great for same-sex couples or hetero couples who are both picking up those good vibrations.

Two bullets plus 20 vibration functions equals total bliss. Now, that's some good math.

8. Bullet Blaster Kit

If you're all about those textures, then this little number is for you. While it's great to use without the included sleeves, popping one on will change the stimulation, from sensual to intense. Bonus: You—or your partner—can control the whole experience with the attached remote.

9. Crave Bullet Vibrator

No muss, no fuss—this simple bullet gets the job done. The Crave is waterproof and made with a combo of stainless steel and phthalate-free silicone. It’s also known for being super quiet, so you can get your kicks without anyone else knowing.

10. Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

This takes your standard bullet and raises you one. Well, two—rabbit "ears" that is. These ears can hug your clitoris (aww), giving you sensations from allll angles. It can also do both straight-ahead vibrations and patterned pulsing to max out your pleasure.

11. Roxie Bullet Vibrator

If you’re looking for a discrete bullet, this is it. The Roxie is sleek and simple, with a tapered tip to help you target different areas. It’s also covered in silicone for a nice second-skin feel.

12. Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

The Je Joue G-Spot bullet vibe is made for external and internal stimulation (which btw, most bullet vibrators aren't), thanks to its curved head that’s designed to hit your G-spot. With five speeds and seven patterns, you'll want to take this waterproof vibrator anywhere and everywhere.

13. Palma Bullet Vibrator Ring

You know a vibe is next-level when you can wear it as jewelry. The Palma is a waterproof vibrating ring with three speeds and two custom vibration modes that let you control the vibration with your own movements, Plus, it looks pretty.

14. Kinki Stix Finger Ring Bullet Vibrator

This little battery-powered vibe is small, but so mighty. Just twist the base to turn up the vibrations. The ring end slips over your finger, so you can keep it handy when you’re doing… other stuff.

15. Lelo Lyla 2 Bullet Vibrator

This bullet is coated in silicone for a smooth feel and is controlled with a wireless remote—so you or your partner can control what’s going down (from up to 118 feet away). The Lyla has six preset patterns, but can also mimic your own moves. Bonus: It’s fully waterproof and rechargeable.

16. Tenga Iroha Stick Bullet Vibrator

At first glance, this petite vibe looks just like a tube of lipstick—making it the perfect toy to discreetly toss in your bag (hey, you never know when you're gonna need an orgasm...).

It's easy to hold and the silicone tip is ultra-soft to the touch. In order to adjust the vibration modes, you simply turn the tube, just like a lipstick. Not to mention, this li'l guy is totally waterproof, too.

17. Crave Vesper Bullet Vibrator Necklace

Oh you fancy, huh? For the ultimate in under-the-radar vibrators, this sleek bullet is designed to look exactly like edgy jewelry. It comes in silver, 24K gold, or rose gold—so you can match your vibe to your outfit with ease.

The thin Vesper offers four speeds and two modes (pulsing and constant), but stays quiet as it works. After all, the whole point of a bullet vibrator is discretion, right?

18. Rechargeable Power Bullet

This sexy plastic bullet is completely waterproof, comes with nine vibration settings, will easily fit into the smallest of purses, and can keep buzzing for up to 60 minutes on just one charge. You can call it magic.

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