15 Black Beauty Influencers On TikTok That Will Take You From A Makeup Novice To A Blending Baddie In No Time

If you remember back in the YouTube days, there were only a handful of Black beauty creators teaching us the tips and tricks of the makeup world. Back then, colors didn't extend to every hue, and Black women were put into a limited box.

Jackie Aina at the 2021 Met Gala
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Thank God those days are over! Black beauty creators exist and are here to stay! They cover it all from learning the best skincare products for oily skin to testing brands like Makeup By Mario and giving their honest reviews.

Searrching foundation shades on TikTok to see results

The best thing with TikTok is configuring a search for Black women by typing it or putting "Black girl" at the end of every search.

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From OGs to newbies, these Black beauty creators signify boldness, beauty, and Blackness with the content they are pushing out every day. Although you can still find them shining and thriving on YouTube, they've also brought their talents to TikTok.

Aaliyah Jay on the red carpet for "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
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Check out some of my faves:

1.Jackie Aina


Replying to @sams_pie sometimes I love to chat so todays topic was tips on how not to get an influencer to try your brand or your product #dailyvlogging #influencermarketing

♬ Bittersweet Symphony - Sandstorm

Jackie Aina is one of the founding MUVAs of the Black beauty influencer community, and was one of the very few that launched her success on YouTube. The Nigeria-American entrepreneur specializes in makeup, but has been upping her lifestyle content by showing off her amazing life living in a mansion in California with her husband.

2.Monet Michael


all my favorite gadgets I use to create bomb content 🤝😌 tripods, lighting, vanity, cameras period. also use the iphone14 pro back camera for all of my tiktoks !!

♬ original sound - monet mcmichael 🤍

Monet Michael is new to the beauty industry and found major success on TikTok. Her videos include everything from GRWM videos and product hauls to family life and fun night out with friends. The Puerto Rican and Black creator has nearly three million followers and is one of the youngest creators to do it big at only 23! What I love most about Monet is that when you watch her videos, it feels like you're on FaceTime with your BFF. She keeps it real and she keeps it cute!

3.Shanell Sorrells

Shanell Sorells offers amazing informational videos on makeup and gives real reviews on products. She is also a makeup artist! So, if you want honest opinions on the latest and most viral products, so you don't waste your time or your coin, you should definitely check her out.

4.Logan Nicole


Replying to @dollfacejesss Easy & wearable v-day glam💗 (I filmed in more natural light instead of artificial light to show you guys that skin has texture and texture is REAL🫶🏻) #fypシ #makeup #makeuptutorial #valentinesdaymakeup

♬ Frozen - Sabrina Claudio

Something about Logan Nicole's makeup videos are so soothing. Her in-depth tutorials really seem like anyone can do the same look. She'll take you from beginner to "Yeah girl, I'll do your makeup" in no time. Check out her videos if you need help perfecting the perfect base.

5.Heather Sanders

Heather Sanders isn't just a beauty influencer, she's also the owner of Sorella Boutique, based in Los Angeles. What I love most about her videos is she has taken viewers on a journey of learning how to do makeup. She doesn't consider herself a pro in makeup like other influencers but she's an advocate for women feeling beautiful from her boutique to her vulnerability in front of the camera — which makes her so REAL!

6.Miss Evelyn

Miss Evelyn is the queen of lip combos on TikTok! The UK native combines a variety  of makeup looks and lip combos of the day — from browns to reds for Valentine's Day and any other special occasion you can think of.

7.Kristy Sarah Scott

Kristy Sarah Scott may be known for playing pranks on her husband, but she also brings another fun element to her content by recreating popular fashion looks and beauty trends. For instance, she recreated Kylie Jenner's full lion dress and makeup look.

8.Tanicha Rose

Tanicha Rose gives viewers an inside into her content-creating life, advising others on tips and tricks to becoming a micro-influencer. From helpful beauty vlogs to fashion styling, her videos are highly recommended!



no beauty filter, don’t play with me

♬ original sound - NATORI 🌩

A true master of the cat eye, Uche Natori's makeup base is always perfect and her videos are always so helpful! The London-based influencer is constantly switching up her looks, giving fans the confidence to experiment with their style, and to try new things.

10. Kam Gregory


HAPPY FENTY BOWL SUNDAY😌🤎 who are we rooting for? not sponsored btw #rihanna #superbowl #makeuptutorial #fentybeauty @Fenty Beauty

♬ original sound - mkm

Kam Gregory gives the best advice for those looking to get started on their makeup journey. Her transitions are wild! Recently, she has taken viewers on a journey into her dating life, which is always fun because dating nowadays can be an emotional roller coaster. The beauty guru always offers new, simple ways to do makeup and that's something I'll always appreciate.

11.Dasia Janae


Couldn’t resist recreating Rihanna’s Super Bowl look ❤️‍🔥 @priscillaono @rihanna #makeuptutorial #makeuptok #rihannasuperbowl2023

♬ original sound - DJ CJ

Dasia Janae's TikTok makeup content is so refreshing! She details the perfect way to blend your eyeshadow, how to mix-and-match your wardrobe, and even some dancing videos. Her personality shows through all of her content. She's also know for recreating celebrity makeup looks, like Rihanna at the Super Bowl.

12.Lelani Green


Howd I get here ? 🥹🥹🥹

♬ original sound - 🤍

Leilani Green is the queen of dramatic eye makeup looks and it's always on point! Although her makeup tutorials might not always be beginner-friendly, they can always serve as inspiration. I also can't get enough of her lip syncs. They pretty intense, but you can't look away, because she knows her lyrics!



Watch me do my makeup and give dating advice no one asked for #fyp #makeup

♬ original sound - Shayla

Makeupshayla has been around since the early Youtube days. She explores everything from beauty and fashion to health and wellness. She took viewers on her fitness journey as she shed 20 pounds and it was really honest and enlightening. Plus, I can't get over how her face always seems to have this glow.

14.Alissa Ashley


Trying this new #glossbomb shade ‘Riri’! #fentybeauty lmk if you guys want me to try the Riri liquid lip as well! #makeup

♬ Sure Thing (sped up) - Miguel

Alissa Ashley is another OG from the YouTube beauty game. Over the years, viewers have learned that they can always count on her honest reviews when it comes to makeup and skincare. And her side commentary always keeps me laughing. Oh, and did I mention she's a twin? That's right, if she looked a little familiar to you, Alissa's twin sister is fellow YouTuber Arnell Armon.

15. And last, but certainly not least, Aaliyah Jay

Aaliyah Jay is the queen of eyeliner, and has been known to create a dramatic wing or two. She's a certified YouTube It Girl, and might possibly be the reason why so many women started to shave their face with aloe vera gel, to make applying makeup smooth and easy.

Is there a Black beauty creator that you love that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below!