Bored? Try These ~Intense~ Friend Challenges and Thank Us Later

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Hi, so chances are you're running out of things to do with your friends that don't involve sipping spritzes on a patio somewhere, (Are you hoarding your coins for summer vacation expenses? Because same!). Or maybe your crew is literally spread all over the country, and you need some fun games and challenges to liven up your group FT instead of just sitting in front of a screen with a bottle of wine saying “Sooooo…” back and forth until someone’s phone dies. We are on this earth for only so long, and we have time to fill, people!

You're welcome in advance—we mined TikTok, YouTube, and other unhinged corners of the internet to create an entire catalog of tricky challenges and party games y’all can play together, either in person or virtually. There's everything from the literal most personal questions you can ask each other, to singing Lady Gaga songs at the top of your lungs, to challenging everyone to eat the spiciest foods imaginable. And yes, drinks are very much encouraged to accompany this tomfoolery.

So, next time you're tempted to bail on that meetup with your homies to dive into your latest Netflix binge, don’t! Try one of these fun challenges to do with friends instead. I mean, a good time that you don't have to get dressed up for?? (Unless you're going full out with The Bachelor in your living room challenge...) Yeah, sign me up!

1. Phone Roulette

We're gonna kick things off here with a super ballsy challenge. Everybody switched phones and you all take turns scrolling through each other's contact lists. When the moderator yells "stop" the player has to call whichever name they land on. Don't hesitate to establish some ground rules, (e.g. Work colleagues can't be called.)

2. Hidden Karaoke

Just how on point is your crew's musical knowledge? This game will put it to the test. Choose your song and listen along to the karaoke instrumental as your friends hide the screen from you and track your lyrical accuracy. And please, don't be afraid to sing your lil heart out.

3. Hit the Polls

Surveys might not sound like a total riot, but creating one personalized for your friend def is. Create a unique "Most Likely" or superlative questionnaire on Google Forms, and watch the results roll in. Highly suggest including "Most likely to end up on Love Is Blind."

4. Texting Lyrics

Each of you chooses a song and proceeds to text it one line at a time to whichever victim you choose in your contact list. Whoever makes it the furthest through the song in the convo wins. Try not to die laughing at the likely very confused responses.

5. Concert Challenge

There is something so funny about imitating massive superstar live performances without the stage/costumes/sound equipment/backup dancers etc. If you and your friends are ready to tap into your inner pop diva, this is a great way to exercise that creative director muscle. Choose a few songs by your fave artists and build out a full setlist.

6. Prize Wheel...of Shots

It's like Wheel of Fortune, except every single item on the wheel is a shot of something (like, some could be alcohol or whipped cream, sure, but others could be lemon juice or tabasco sauce). Buy a write-on prize wheel for customized fun—and get ready to enjoy some very intense reactions. Yes, this can be played remotely, just tell your pals what supplies they'll need in advance.

7. I'll Never Forget You

You've seen it on TikTok—someone starts by telling a story about a random person from their past, then BOOM, turns out that person is (their husband/best friend/something important, hilarious, or random). But now you have to do it with your friends, and it has to be a story they've never heard before. Everyone tries to guess who you're talking about before you finish the story, then they vote on who had the best tale.

8. Three-Minute Makeup Challenge

It truly doesn't get old: Try to put on your full makeup look in three minutes. Start with your everyday look and then go up from there. End with the most challenging looks of all: think false lashes and intense contouring. Bonus: What happens when you try to do your friends' classic makeup look in three minutes? I'll give you a hint—it prob won't look great, but it WILL be hilarious.

9. Your Last Photo

Stolen ~directly~ from Instagram, pick some fun categories ahead of time, and then surprise your friends so they don't have time to carefully cultivate their answers. Show us the last photo of your furbaby. Show us the last terrible selfie you took. Show us the latest ~cringeworthy DM~ you received (all your friends on dating apps have this on lock). Show us the first photo you ever took on your phone. Honestly, it's gonna get real funny fast.

10. Dress Like Your BFF

K, so you know how you have that one pal who has a very ~specific~ look? Everyone has to come in character as that person, and—here's the catch—they decide the winner out of who most accurately channeled their vibe. This is fun because you can all go out dressed basically the same, and then you rotate for the next party. Important to note here that this is extremely serious, and you have to give it 100 percent to beat your pals. Trust: It gets competitive.

11. Without Any Instructions

A fave game of YouTubers, if you wanna really commit to this one: Get supplies ahead of time. Pick a thing you're all gonna create (from baking a whole f*cking cake to making a dress) where no one has any particular advantage—like a friend who's a pro chef or dressmaker. Now, the most critical part: Do not check the internet for hints. Do it all simultaneously under timed conditions, whether you're literally in the same room or shouting into a Zoom with total panic. Rate who completed the best version. Laugh at pretty much everyone's efforts.

12. Expensive Taste Test

Oh, what's that? You can do Cosmo's very own expensive taste test in person and over the phone?? Just have each of your friends pick an item from their homes in the same category (lipsticks, mugs, lamps) and see who can guess which one is the most expensive. This virtual version makes it even tougher because you can only see the items through the screen, so if you win, you're the real taste test MVP.

13. The Bachelor in...Your Living Room

We love a DIY reality show!! Basically, crown yourself the Bachelorette and select your dream lineup of bachelors/bachelorettes—they can be your favorite celebs, just some people you've been eyeing IRL, or a super fun combo of both. Then, over a few weekly catch-ups with the gals, go through your very own rose ceremonies and heartbreaking eliminations. Who makes it to hometowns? The fantasy suite?? Proposals???

14. Sweet vs. Spicy Challenge

Alright, if you want to make a game out of buying snacks for your hangout, select a few food groups (ya know, popcorn, candy, etc.) and buy one sweet version and one spicy version in each group. Then, when the gang gets together, do a random draw to see who has to eat the spicy version and who gets to enjoy the sweet. By the end of the night, you'll see who's mouth is on fire and who is (suspiciously) chilling. Here's an example if you're a visual learner:

15. Master a Reality Show Fight Scene

Brush off your acting chops (and pop-culture dictionary) by turning one of the most major reality show battles into a thrilling script for you and your friend group's home movie. Even if you're not all able to be together, TikTok's green screen and some master camerawork can def lead to a *hilarious* final product like this one.

16. While You Were Sleeping in the Waiting Room

Alright, so this one's typically a road trip game that requires one of your friends to fall asleep, but you can totally recreate the necessary vibes by giving one of your friends a meeting start time that’s a few minutes later than everyone else’s. Basically, before The Chosen One joins the call, your group will create a story that you’ll have to get your Chosen One to believe. This seems fun enough to me, but you can find some detailed rules to make things more interesting here.

17. Bad Romance Challenge

I can’t lie; this is one of the more random challenges I’ve seen on my For Your Page, but, truthfully, it KILLS me. Basically, just take turns singing this hook of LG’s “Bad Romance” and you’ll actually find it impossible not to break out into tearful laughter.

18. The Movie Game

If you and your gang are self-proclaimed movie buffs, you can put your money where your mouth is with this little word association game. Basically, the first member of your group will say the name of an actor/actress. Then, the next person will say a movie that they’ve starred in. Then, the next person will say another actor/actress that was in that movie. And so the game goes!

19. We're Not Really Strangers

Some friend groups just aren’t the game-playing type. It’s understandable! You’re refined, chill, etc. Well, that’s ok because this super intimate card game is the perfect way to spark great and super deep conversation over your glasses of wine. All you need is one friend with the deck who can serve as a moderator of sorts. Beware, though, feelings may arise.

20. Wheel (?) of Musical Impressions

You know the one! The one where you pick a song to sing and a person to sing it as! Just probably minus the big wheel and sound effects! Here’s Alessia Cara as Kourtney Kardashian as Olivia Rodrigo to inspire your performances:

21. Virtual Escape Room

Yup. You can do an escape room from the comfort of your separate homes. You’re welcome!

22. The Egg Challenge

Please don’t get mad, because no matter how ridiculous this sounds, it’ll have you and your friends occupied for HOURS. In accordance with this TikTok, basically grab an egg, some tweezers (or any other tools you see fit), and some protection for your workspace. Then—stay with me here—try to peel the egg’s shell from the egg’s membrane without cracking it. The first one to break their egg pays for dinner when you guys meet up again.

23. Scattergories

Here’s the deal: one letter. Five categories. 60 seconds to come up with a word starting with that letter that fits each category. Into it? Here’s a free game generator for ya.

24. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Yup, it's just like you remember it. Just share your favorite funny vid and see who cracks first.

25. Explain That Gram

If you're all familiar with the interview show Hot Ones (ya know, “the show with hot questions and even hotter wings”), then you’ll know exactly how to play Explain That Gram. If not, it’s super simple: Comb through your friends’ social media (oh yeah, go way back) and pick the photos that you feel need some backstory. Then, go around the room and have everyone relive their youth! So fun, fresh, and slightly embarrassing.

26. The Prediction Game

This is one of my absolute faves! Basically, you pick a question you want the ~universe~ to answer (What’s my vibe this year? How will my date go this week?), and then you answer them through your song library. Just press shuffle, and the title of the song that comes up will tell you everything you need to know. It's like a Magic 8 Ball, but way better.

27. Fruit Roll-Ups Race

I hope you have your game face ready because this challenge is waaay harder than it looks. All you need is a Fruit Roll-Up and a competitive drive akin to one Serena Williams. And if you lose? TBH, there are no losers because everyone gets a Fruit Roll-Up in the end???

28. The Alphabet Challenge

Everybody’s favorite road trip game, but for anything! Choose a topic your little heart desires, and then y’all take turns picking a word that fits while going down the entire alphabet. Like, if the topic is “reality TV shows,” the first player could say American Idol, and then the next one could say Bad Girls Club, etc., etc. until someone can’t think of one. Bonus points if you somehow figure out how to turn this one into a drinking game.

29. Skribbl

This is not your mother’s Pictionary. This online drawing game lets you create a private room for friends as you race against the clock to guess what each player is drawing. I played this last weekend, and things got HEATED. No pressure, but ~the Louvre~ is watching.

30. (Virtual) Beer Pong

If you're doing this remotely, the regular ol’ beer pong rules apply, but this time, everyone involved has gotta set up their own arrangement from home. Perf for two teams going up against each other via FaceTime—just make sure your phone is out of the splash zone!!

31. Recreate a Famous Movie Scene

Take a page out of Ariana Grande and co.’s book and use the audio from a well-known movie scene and recreate it with your friends. If over video, everyone is responsible for their own costumes, setting, and filming their clips. One of you pieces it all together, and voilà!

Here’s a scene to get you started.

32. 100-Layer Challenge

V simple, v chaotic: See which of your friends can apply 100 layers of literally *anything* they have in the house first. I’m talkin’ foundation, sheet masks, nail polish, Nutella, salami, the works! Have fun, and pleeease send the pics my way.

33. Guess the Song

Play the most obscure instrumental version of a song you can find on YouTube and see which of your friends is the *last* person to text you the name of it. That person has to drink, and then it’s their turn to try to stump the group. Your Saturday night Glee rewatches could never.

34. Chopped: Home Edition

For an even more intense version of Chopped, all of you need to establish a list of random ingredients that everybody has in their kitchen. Set a timer and race to see who creates the most ~creative~ final product. Eat it after and be merry.

35. Boss Bitch Fashion Show

This one is self-explanatory. Show up and show off your best looks if you’re looking to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. Don’t forget to post the pics to the ’gram.

36. Supermarket Whatever-You-Have Sweep

Race to see who can secure a predetermined list of random household items and make it back first. Share this A+ generator page with your crew to figure out the list. (Alternative for in-person—figure out where the host keeps their everyday items on the list.) May the odds be ever in your favor.

37. Chubby Bunny

Ah, a timeless classic. Set yourself up with a bag of marshmallows (Jet-Puffed ONLY, unless you want subpar puff!). See who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth at once while saying “chubby bunny.” Please take pics and treat yourself to hot cocoa afterward.

38. A Virtual Lip-Reading Battle

Take turns mouthing *anything* from famous quotes to song lyrics and see who can guess what’s being said first. Like Wheel of Fortune but really f*cking hard? Sorry not sorry!

39. Level Up

If you’ve been missing your daily step count, this challenge is pretty much a workout disguised as a game. See which of your crew (YES, PUPS ARE OBVIOUSLY INCLUDED!) can jump over the tallest tower of stacked items. Please be careful! But also, please record for posterity! Tysm.

40. Lemon Challenge

You have to record this challenge because it’s sooo much better to be able to watch it back. Have each of your friends attempt to eat a sour lemon. Count how many seconds go by before one of you guys flinches/makes a facial expression. Whoever lasts the longest is the winner. Also, I’d be concerned for their taste buds!

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