14 Women-Owned Food Brands You Should Add To Your Shopping List Right Now

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The month of March is dedicated to celebrating women of all ages, races, and backgrounds and there's no better way to show your dedication than by supporting these 14 killer women-owned food brands. International Women's History Month, and every other month of the year, is a time to recognize the struggles that women have overcome, encourage equality, and bring awareness to discrimination that still exists. The women on this list have prevailed and found success in creating delectable and often healthy food products despite there being a time when women were not even permitted to attend college or vote. In fact, as recently as 1988, certain states still required that women have a male relative as a co-signer for business loans.

Today, these women and their brands are crushing the food and business game with everything from dehydrated mushrooms — they taste as good as potato chips but offer healthy benefits — to classic desserts like cookie dough that's delicious and nutritious. Even other food brands are partaking in the celebration. For example, Corto's Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Stanislaus' Baby Plum Tomatoes have partnered with Pizza University and Christy Alia, founder/host of Women's Pizza Month to create a high-quality pizza kit to show their support in March. Although there are so many brands worth mentioning here's a list of 14 women-owned food brands that are pushing boundaries, beating adversity, and offering up tasty treats that you'll want to stock up on immediately.

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Jeni's Ice Cream: A Sweet Treat

Two pints of Jeni's Ice Cream
Two pints of Jeni's Ice Cream - Amazon

Whether on a hot day with the family, a date night, or a solo night on the couch with a good movie, everyone can appreciate a sweet treat like ice cream. Jeni's Ice Cream is not only women-owned, but the products are made with a recipe that has been perfected over 20 years, only uses Direct and Fair Trade ingredients, and works closely with family dairy farms.

Women were not allowed to attend higher education institutions until 1837. This was 200 years, which is 10,435 weeks, or 73,050 days after Harvard College was first established. Despite that history, in 1996 Jeni Britton was an art and art history student, with an adventurous side. Experimenting with unexpected ingredient combs — have you ever tried cayenne in chocolate ice cream? Jeni has — eventually led to a lifelong career in ice cream making. Since then, the brand has perfected the trade and continues to offer one-of-a-kind flavors. The brand is also a Certified B Corporation that's recognized for its social, environmental, and business leadership.

The Chai Box: Soothing And Satisfying Teas

Bag of chai tea
Bag of chai tea - Amazon

A piping hot blend from The Chai Box, makes for a perfect cup of tea, a women-owned brand that offers loose-leaf teas, authentic chai spices, accessories, and chai concentrates — many people might call this "chai tea" but this is technically incorrect. Just chai will do. Named one of Oprah's Favorite Things, The Chai Box has garnered attention for not only the great-tasting tea but also products that are wellness-focused and made with premium single-origin spices.

The inspiration behind The Chai Box — founded by Monica Sunny, a mother of three boys — is deeply rooted in her family's tradition of sipping chai in the mornings and at gatherings. These fond memories led to her experimenting with different flavors by mixing and blending teas at a young age. The soothing ritual of a hot cup of chai in the morning was a symbol of family and her Indian culture. The desire to pass that tradition on to her sons and future generations to come became the backbone of the company. For your next gathering, or if you simply want to start the day off right, check out some of the brand's bestselling items, such as the chia concentrate that's made in Atlanta, Georgia, and tastes perfect over ice with a splash of milk or cream. Perfect for birthdays, housewarmings, and get-well gifts, consider the All Chai'd Up Gift Set or improve your nighttime ritual with Lavender Nights, a caffeine-free blend.

Trade Street Jam Co.: Fruity Vegan Jam

Jars of Trade Street Jam
Jars of Trade Street Jam - Amazon

It's time to rethink some of the products we've grown up using. Most jams and jellies sold at the store are loaded with sugar and preservatives. Yet, Trade Street Jam Co., a woman and Black-owned brand is proving that delicious products are possible without harmful ingredients and unnecessary preservatives. Ashley Rouse, the founder and CEO of Trade Street Jam Co. offers delicious jams and sauces to enjoy while cooking, baking, and even mixing up a refreshing cocktail.

As a trained chef, Ashley used her knowledge and passion for mixing flavors and blending unexpected ingredients to create jams that are so good you'll want to eat them with a spoon. With her kitchen know-how, Ashley's company meticulously cans its jams to ensure that they'll last on your shelf for up to a year, even without harmful additives to prolong shelf life. Flavors such as cherry ginger and smoked peach make the perfect bite when slathered on toast, but the company also offers flavor-packed cocktail mixers and baking mixes that are anything but ordinary.

Challah Back Girls: A Traditionally Braided Bread

Challah bread in hand
Challah bread in hand - Facebook

Challah is a traditional braided bread that's often served on Friday evenings and during holidays in Jewish culture like Rosh Hashanah. Although the history of Challah is difficult to sum up quickly, the number of parts that make up the loaf usually varies between three, six, and twelve, and each part symbolizes something different. Some consider the three parts of the braid to represent truth, peace, and justice. These ideals ring true through Challah Back Girls, a women-owned company that strives to unify and bring social awareness through its products.

Founded by four sisters, the company combines simple ingredients to create a slightly sweet, yet delicious bread to enjoy with family and friends. The company was born during the COVID pandemic in 2020 when the siblings began baking after school and work closures. Witnessing the needs of others eventually led the siblings to start baking for frontline healthcare workers and others in the community. When racial injustices sparked protests in May 2020 the siblings were inspired to fight injustices while sharing this beloved tradition, and Challah Back Girls was born.

Frooze Balls: Snacking Made Easy

Packets of Froozeballs
Packets of Froozeballs - Amazon

New Zealand's green, clean lifestyle is an inspiration for this woman-owned company, and so is the vegetarian lifestyle. The founder of Frooze Balls, Cherie Jackson, is a mother of three, and the idea for these flavorful snack bites was inspired by a need for healthy, plant-based foods for her and her family. With a husband and three growing teenagers, all of whom adhere to a plant-based diet, Cherie wanted to find a way to maximize her experience in the food world while creating a snack that served a purpose.

After studying nutrition at Queensland's University of Technology, Cherie used her knowledge to teach vegetarian cooking. With a history in plant-based foods, it was a natural progression into the creator and founder of Frooze Balls. Once you taste the complex flavors in these snacks, you'll be reaching for them time and time again. The triple chocolate fudge option is sweetened with dates, which makes them a sweet treat that you can feel good about. Other flavors include peanut butter and jelly, and lemon cheesecake to name a few favorites.

ChiChi Chickpea Oatmeal: A Healthier Breakfast

ChiChi oatmeal in a bowl
ChiChi oatmeal in a bowl - Instagram

Most women and men can relate to that sluggish, low-energy feeling that's all too common after breakfast. A meal that's supposed to boost your energy and get you motivated for the day is frequently packed with preservatives, sugar, and other processed ingredients, which leave us feeling tired before we even get out of the door in the morning. The dynamic duo of women, Izzy Gorton and Chiara Munzi were no strangers to this feeling. After questioning the effect that a standard breakfast of oatmeal was having on their blood sugar, they discovered that chickpeas were a much more nutritious option.

Through a bit of experimenting, and trying out various flavors and ingredients, ChiChi was born — a chickpea-based oatmeal containing 10 grams of protein in one serving. After dressing the chickpeas with some classic breakfast ingredients, such as apples, bananas, and maple syrup, the two women knew they were onto something. Winning awards at the WashU Venture Competition and the Draper Competition in Northampton, MA have just been the beginning signs of success for this women-owned brand. The positive reviews are pouring in, and it's no wonder considering the health benefits and clean ingredients used in this new favorite breakfast.

Omsom: Bold Asian Flavors

Boxes of Asian noodles
Boxes of Asian noodles - Amazon

Loud and proud Asian flavors is just one way to describe this fiery, women-owned Asian food brand that will have your mouth watering after just hearing about these products. Vanessa and Kim Pham are two sisters who adore and cherish their rich Asian culture and the food and flavors that come with it. As the daughters of Vietnamese refugees, the two fondly remember their mother whipping up unforgettable, authentic meals every night for dinner, which largely inspired their brand.

As a way to honor their favorite Asian dishes and meals, the two came together to create Omsom. The company name comes from om sòm, a Vietnamese phrase that translates to noisy or rambunctious, a term that Kim and Vanessa fondly remember their parents using. And the name suits this brand perfectly, from the colorful packaging to the bold flavors, such as coconut lemongrass curry and chili sesame saucy noodles. As big selling point, the noodles are ready in just four minutes and they are air-dried, rather than deep-fried, making them a healthier option to reach for. Omsom offers vegan and vegetarian options without sacrificing flavors and also leaves artificial flavors and preservatives off the ingredient labels.

Stellar Snacks: Pretzels With Bold Flavors

A bag of pretzels
A bag of pretzels - Amazon

Stellar Snacks is a brand that creates hearty, flavorful twisted pretzels that are vegan and non-GMO, in packaging decorated with colorful flashy artwork that makes a great conversation starter. The brand was brought to life by a mother-daughter duo who yearned for a satisfying snack that was made with passion and natural ingredients.

Each bag of pretzels showcases the unique work of up-and-coming artists to promote and support them while also bringing a smile to consumers' faces. Passion and purpose are two ideas that are the foundation of Stellar Snacks, shining through the quality of the pretzels as well as the extra mile, such as the artwork and sustainability efforts. The crunchy texture and flavorful buttery taste are achieved in Carson City, Nevada where the pretzels are baked every day from scratch. Two stand-out flavors among their collection are Sweet & Sparky, which contains a zesty buffalo seasoning, and the more classic Bold & Herby, boasting roasted garlic and onion.

Kelly's Croutons: Flavorful Vegan Crunch For Soups And Salads

Bag of croutons
Bag of croutons - Amazon

This small women-owned brand has some big flavors when it comes to vegan croutons, cheezy vegan parmesan, and bread-free crumbs. Based in Orange County, California, Kelly's Croutons was born from a little friendly challenge. The founder of the company was challenged by her daughters to try out a vegan lifestyle. At the time, in an attempt to recreate her favorite recipes, Kelly's new buttery, crunchy croutons took on a life of their own. Soon enough, using nutritional yeast, Kelly was creating flavor-packed parm alternatives that were seasoned with bold flavors like spicy chipotle and lemon pepper with a taste that had to be shared

Kelly's croutons are the perfect addition to soups and salads, adding that quintessential crunch. The parm seasonings also available can take your tacos, pasta, soups, salads, and more to another level, but they're also great sprinkled over popcorn, rice, vegetables, bagels, and more. The bread-free crumbs, which are made from pea protein and taste amazing on a baked potato, green beans, or macaroni and cheese are just the latest addition to Kelly's products that you don't want to miss.

Leah's Better Bites Bakery: Bite-Sized Baked Goods For Everyone

Package of dessert bites
Package of dessert bites - Amazon

Like so many great ideas, Leah's Better Bites Bakery was born out of necessity. When Leah Lopez's young son was battling very serious food allergies, she began taking matters into her own hands. The tasty desserts all started in her home kitchen as she navigated the world of life-threatening food allergies and found it wasn't always easy to find allergy-safe desserts that her family enjoyed. Now, Leah's Better Bites offers a line of products from cupcakes, cakes, and DŌ bites that are free of the top most common and dangerous food allergens, including gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and more.

The next time you're craving something sweet, check out the classic chocolate chip cookie dough bites, the celebration cake with rainbow sprinkles, or the sweet and salty option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Leah's products are also certified vegan, plant-based, and kosher. Desserts such as this only get better when the brand makes the extra effort to also be sustainable, and Leah's Better Bites is currently working to reduce its carbon footprint by shipping 90% of its products in plant-based renewable packaging.

XO Baking Co.: Gluten And Rice-Free Products

Box of gluten free cake mix
Box of gluten free cake mix - Amazon

Lindsey Braham is a woman to aspire to. She's not only a certified Health and Nutrition coach, professional chef and baker, an athlete/marathon runner and marathon training coach, and a trained black belt, but she's also the founder of her own baking company. A longstanding passion for baking also sparked inspiration in Lindsey and she eventually hoped to open her own bakery; however, the competition was brutal.

It seemed like fate had other plans, as the baker was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2009. This hurdle didn't slow Lindsey down but rather gave her the push and direction to create XO Baking Co., the first-ever company to use organic coconut flour in every gluten-free recipe. Now, the brand offers a range of baking mixes that you can use for every occasion. From breakfast to birthdays, XO Baking Co. has a product to transform the meal into a restaurant or bakery-level endeavor.

Revival: Delicious Nut Butter

Jars of nut butter
Jars of nut butter - Facebook

Peanut butter has become a staple ingredient in most households. The next time you're reaching for a jar of traditional peanut butter, that often contains palm oil and added sugar, instead pick up a jar of Revival, a natural nut butter that's a women-owned brand. Revival came about when the founder, Rachel Klein, was quite literally reviving her lifestyle by getting back to a plant-based diet. This happened to be around the time she was planning her wedding. With a history and a passion for whipping up healthier foods in her kitchen at home, Rachel set her sights on a nut butter that would taste great and keep her healthy lifestyle on track.

Rachel's original recipe, which is now known as sea salt and vanilla, blossomed into a range of nut butter that's sold in 48 states and can be found on Walmart shelves around the country. The brand stands out for its great taste, which is achieved by roasting fresh almonds, rather than stale almonds or almond milk byproduct, which it notes as a common practice by other brands. A meticulous process and close relationships with farmers contribute greatly to the brand's success. It was back in 2014 when Rachel first packaged her recipe and presented it as wedding favors. The rave reviews it received eventually led to what Revival is today.

Onana Foods: Paleo Tortillas

Tortillas on plate with salsa
Tortillas on plate with salsa - Facebook

Another women-owned food brand is Onana Foods, which only sells one product currently, but it's one you'll definitely want to stock up on. Cofounded by Deanna and Donna, two women who were passionate about eating healthy and transparency on food labels, Onana Plantain Tortillas was born. These are plantain-based wraps that do not have that distinct banana flavor. What makes them even better is that they're made with nutritional, wholesome ingredients.

After many experiments, the two founders created a product that they felt good about eating themselves and sharing with friends, which had become somewhat of a challenge. The founders of this company had been evaluating the ingredient labels on so-called healthy brands and were surprised by what they found, not only in traditional items but also gluten-free products that presented themselves as healthier. The labels of these products often read like a riddle with confusing names and less-than-obvious health facts. At Onana, the mission became to create a product that tasted good but was also nourishing and upfront about the ingredients. Hard work paid off because Onana Tortillas have more Vitamin A, C, B6, and Magnesium than most popular tortilla brands.

Deux: Cookie Dough That's Good For You

Jars of cookie dough
Jars of cookie dough - Amazon

How can you not support women-owned food brands when they're churning out winners like Deux, a line of cookie dough that's good for you? As recently as the 1960s certain collegiate establishments did not accept women attendees, and an article published by Forbes in 2024 reported that the wage gap is still very much a real thing. According to research, women earn approximately 16% less than men and about 84 cents for every dollar that's earned by a man. However, this unfortunate fact hasn't slowed down Sabeena Ladha, the founder and CEO of Deux Foods, Inc.

Sabeena's love for cookie dough goes back to when she was a kid who loved to snack. As she got older and came to understand what ingredients were on the labels of her favorite snacks, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Now, Deux offers cookie dough that's not only made without harmful ingredients but has added beneficial items to the mix. Rather than refined sugar and preservatives, expect aloe vera, elderberry, zinc, and L-Theanine in these cookie doughs and dessert spreads.

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