14 Seriously Funny Students Who Deserve A Trophy For Making Their Teachers Break Character

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1. This student, who delivered a classic burn in a fresh new, hysterical way:

Person holding an index card that says "Your mom" above a bin with "area and perimeter' homework
u/Auraus / Via reddit.com

2. This college student, who decided that class was as good a time as any to make breakfast:

3. This student, who brought in this hilariously adorable note from their parent:

4. This student, who created this artwork and gave it to their preschool teacher to display:

5. This student, who made a get-well card for their teacher that gave their personal secret to healing from any illness:

6. This student, who drew this hysterically confusing photo of themselves "painting":

7. And this elementary school teacher, whose student made this very, er, unusual heart:

8. This student, who got caught with this paper during class:

9. This student, whose writing of the word "start" looked like a more hilarious instruction:

Close-up of "start" looking like "shart"

10. This student, who got sarcastically hilarious on her dinosaur assignment:

11. This student, whose holiday gift for the teacher came with this hysterically clever message:

12. This student, who kept it all the way real about what their teacher looks like after drinking a little too much the night before:

13. This student, who got caught with this note so hilariously direct, the teacher framed it:

Close-up of handwritten "Fuck Mr B"

14. And finally, this student, who made their teacher laugh by delivering the sickest burn a student could deliver:

H/T: r/funny.