14 Products That Can Help Even the Most Stressed Sleeper Get a Full 8 Hours

Kristin Magaldi

In life, there are few greater joys than waking up the morning after a sleep so restful, you haven't moved from the first position you laid down in. Peeping into the rising sunlight crusty-eyed and dry-mouthed as you realize you got an uninterrupted eight hours is the ultimate state of bliss, but it happens rarely. Fortunately, closing your eyes and praying for the best no longer has to be your default method of attempting to sleep peacefully. With a few small changes to your bedroom, and some strategic purchases of sleep products proven to lead to more shut-eye, you too can feel like a bear post-hibernation.

Below, ee've compiled a list of some personal favorites and bestsellers that will make even the Sandman jealous.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Before you write off a quality mattress as a luxury purchase, hear me out for a second. Other than your job or school, where do you spend a majority of your time? Bed. And what is necessary to be a fully functioning human during your waking hours? Sleep. It therefore stands to reason that investing in a mattress, which will last you about seven years according to the Better Sleep Council, is actually worth your while.

I got the Casper Wave about two years ago when I was waking up with mysterious back pain, and the issue hasn’t come back since. Because the Wave has gel pods placed near your hips and lower back, you don’t sink into the mattress and you feel more supported. For better or for worse, I spend a lot more time in bed since I got a Casper.

- $2,336 Available at Casper

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Another bedtime feature you really shouldn’t skimp out on? Your sheets. Having ultra-soft, cooling bed coverings that don’t peel off the side of your mattress in the middle of the night makes a world of a difference. And since we’re talking about Egyptian cotton here, you know these sheets will be so soft, you’ll want to make clothes out of them.

- $69.99 Available at Amazon

Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

Your duvet is another important piece of the quality-sleep puzzle. I once was a victim of a synthetic duvet that left me sweating throughout the night, but no more since I tried this one. There are a few lightweight, cooling duvets out there, but this one from Casper has an added layer of merino wool to help moisture evaporate. Trust me—once you try this baby out, you’re not going back.

- $351 Available at Casper

YnM Weighted Blanket

If not feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep is an issue for you, you’ve probably heard about the powers of a weighted blanket. This Amazon pick is weighted down by glass beads, which will ensure you feel comfortable but not too hot in the middle of the night. Over 13,000 reviewers agree that sleeping with this blanket has translated to many nights swept away to dreamland.

- $49.90 Available at Amazon

ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Jumping on the essential oil diffuser bandwagon may seem like a self-care cliche, but there’s a reason so many people swear by this product. Not only will a diffuser help your room smell nice, you can use different scents at night to help lull you to sleep and in the morning to wake you up. Personally, I’d opt for this lavender essential oil a half hour before you intend to go to sleep. This diffuser in particular also has an automatic off-switch feature, so you don’t have to worry about it being on all night.

- $25.99 Available at Amazon

Summersalt Cloud 9 Silky PJ Shorts Set

There’s something special about sleeping in silky pajamas—it’s an added layer of luxury and comfort, like making yourself hot cocoa with fresh chocolate rather than the powdered stuff. Summersalt is known for its amazing bathing suits, but its pajamas deserve a similar reputation. The Cloud 9 shorts is a dream, pun fully intended.

- $95 Available at Summersalt

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan

If, like myself, you’re the type who cannot sleep without absolute silence, let me introduce you to the product that will change your world. As someone who has had to endure erratic pipe clanking throughout the winter with little hope of blocking out the sound, this noise machine was a divine solution. Because it sounds like a fan, it won’t keep you up by adding to the noise you’re trying to block. You can also adjust the volume and type of sound to one that will fade seamlessly into the background.

- $45.98 Available at Amazon

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow

Didn’t think you could overhaul your entire bed without changing your pillows, did you? For the affordable price of $23.99, you can get a set of two of these bad boys. Over 9,000 Amazon reviewers agree this is one of the best pillow sets they’ve ever laid their heads on; not only are they durable, but the medium-firm blend is perfect if you don’t like your pillows too squishy.

- $23.99 Available at Amazon

LEISURE TOWN Mattress Pad Cover

Not everyone is in the position to throw their current mattress to the curb and splurge on a new one. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in lumpy, springy agony. This mattress pad topper by LEISURE TOWN is soft, cooling, and easy to clean. One Amazon reviewer even noted that after trying several mattress pads, this was the one that finally allowed him to have a good night’s sleep.

- $39.90 Available at Amazon

Casper Glow Light

By now you’ve probably heard that the biggest perpetrator ruining your sleep is the blue light being emitted from your phone. Fortunately, Casper thought of a solution. The soft, ambient light of the Glow Light slowly starts to dim as you get ready to go to sleep, preparing your body to catch some ZZZs. Once it’s time for you to wake up, the Casper Glow Light can be programmed to wake you back up with a slow progression of brightening light. No longer can you make the excuse that you’re just looking at your phone before bed to “set your alarm.”

- $116 Available at Casper

Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtain Panel

If you live on a bright street or don’t want to be woken up on the days when the sun rises at 5 a.m., blackout curtains are essential. This highly-rated Amazon pick means you don’t have to splurge on pricey window treatments, and they come in an assortment of colors to suit the style of your bedroom. Available in three different sizes to accommodate different windows, hese curtains by Deconovo are also insulted, which can save you money on heat during the winter.

- $15.99 Available at Amazon

Germ Guardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier

An air purifier may sound like a non-essential for sleep, but it's actually pretty necessary. According to the National Sleep Foundation, poor air quality in your bedroom can make breathing difficult, which in turn can impact your sleep. An air purifier like the Germ Guardian helps remove pollutants, allergens, and dust from the air, allowing you to snooze easy.

- $82.99 Available at Amazon

thisworks deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Do not underestimate the power of aromatherapy when it comes to sleep. A few spritzes of this on your pillow before you hit the hay can help calm you down and prepare you for bedtime. One Amazon reviewer even noted that the “dreamy, soothing scent” was the extra boost he needed to fall asleep quicker.

- $35 Available at Amazon

LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you want a soft light in your bedroom that can also improve air quality, look no further than a Himalayan salt lamp. These products are known for taking dirt, dust, and other allergens out of the air, and their ability to emit negative ions can help relax you, according to some studies. This one from LEVOIT comes with a dimmer that you can use right before you go to sleep. 

- $19.99 Available at Amazon

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