14 Hilarious Internet Moments That Just Prove Takeoff Was One Of The Funniest Rappers In The Game

Takeoff helped change the rap game with hits like "Stir Fry" and "Walk It Talk It." As the youngest member of the hip-hop trio Migos, he was a man of few words off the stage, but in the studio, he dropped bars.

Migos performing onstage

On Nov. 1, he was killed in Houston, Texas.

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Kirshnik Khari Ball (professionally known as Takeoff) was not only the most chill member of Migos — he was a very skilled rapper, too.

Takeoff pointing at the audience as he stands onstage
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In honor of his memory, let's "walk it like [we] talk it" down memory lane and remember some of his funniest internet moments.

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1.When Migos joined James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, the late-night host hilariously questioned why they had a bag full of cash and couldn't fathom how much was there. Takeoff answered with one of his famous short-but-sweet responses.

James asks how much money they have in their bag, and Takeoff responds "A whole lot"

2.When James asked each Migos member what their favorite ad-lib was, Takeoff had the best answer.

Takeoff exclaiming "Mama!"

3.When James turned on Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," Migos went wild. Takeoff lived his best life and hit multiple famous dances while singing at the top of his lungs.

Takeoff doing several different dances in the car while singing along to Whitney Houston

4.When James tried to add new instruments to Migos's "Walk It," Takeoff's facial expressions of disapproval said everything we were thinking about James' silly ideas.

James playing a children's toy and other random instruments, and all the members of Migos looking at him with disgust

Seriously, look at Offset and Takeoff with the "we don't have time for these shenanigans" faces.

CBS / Via media.giphy.com

Watch the full Carpool Karaoke segment here:

5.When Quavo and Takeoff went Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City, 28-year-old Takeoff tried to explain why he couldn't buy 1985 Air Jordans when they first dropped 37 years ago, and Quavo called him out.


Watch the full episode of Sneaker Shopping here:

6.When Migos visited The Breakfast Club to discuss their album, Culture II, host Charlamagne Tha God claimed Nicki Minaj couldn't understand Takeoff's verse on the song "Motorsport" featuring her and Cardi B. Takeoff answered "in ad-lib," but it was the Office-style glance at the camera that sold it.

The host says Nicki Minaj didn't understand Takeoff's verse was about her, and he simply responds "Cap" and looks into the camera

7.When host Angela Yee inquired about Takeoff's upcoming solo project, The Last Rocket, and he responded with a signature ad-lib. The room couldn't handle it.

Angela asks if it's an album or a mixtape, and Takeoff responds "Wait on it"

Watch the entire Breakfast Club interview here:

8.The music video for Migos's "Walk It Talk It" featuring Drake was funny from start to finish, but Takeoff in that huge blond afro with a tiny blue pick and a powder blue suit was classic.

Quality Control / Via giphy.com

9.When Migos returned to The Breakfast Club to promote Culture III, Angela Yee tried to get some details about Quavo and Takeoff's dating life at the time. Takeoff had a smooth response and brought it back to the music.

Angela asks how he dates when he can't know the other person's intentions, and Takeoff responds he doesn't and the new album is asks what people see in him

10.When Angela Yee kept digging, Takeoff shut it down in the funniest way.

Angela continues pressing about how he dates, and Takeoff says "I got no tea, now; you're trying to get some tea"

Watch the entire interview here:

11.When Takeoff went viral after showing off his DJ fading skills on the turntables to Quavo's "Lose It" featuring Lil' Baby.

12.When Takeoff was featured on BuzzFeed to take the "Which Migos Rapper Are You?" Quiz, and he consistently struggled with navigating the website.

A producer asking Takeoff if he's clicking on the answers to the quiz that he picks, and he responds "That's what I was not doing"

Watch the video of Takeoff taking the quiz here:

13.When Migos returned to The Late Late Show with James Corden, he tried to call out Takeoff to explain why the rapper was a little too quiet during the Carpool Karaoke segment. His rebuttal was hilarious, per usual.

Takeoff saying he was carsick and he's not used to riding in little vehicle with no air conditioning

Watch the entire Late Late Show interview here:

14.During Complex News' Everyday Struggle, right before things got a little heated, the exchange between DJ Akademiks and Takeoff was something from an episode of a hilarious sitcom. It all started with a question about "Bad and Boujee."

DJ Akademics repeatedly asking Takeoff to repeat himself

And it kept going on, y'all. How many times did these men have to ask and answer the same question?

DJ Akademics once again asking Takeoff to repeat himself, so he says the same thing much louder this time

You have to watch the back and forth for yourself here:

So, what are your favorite Takeoff moments? Let us know in the comments below.