These 14 Cats Can't Wait for School to Be Back in Session

cat helping boy with school work
cat helping boy with school work

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This summer really flew by, just like it does every year. Soon the days of lazing in the sun and cold drinks by the pool will be gone. Because now that August is here, school is just around the corner. We're trading our sidewalk chalk for some glitter pens and our beach bag for a backpack. But us humans aren't the only ones preparing for the incoming semester. Our pets are ready to register for classes, too.

Cats can be pretty studious themselves. They're disciplined, hard-working, and actually super smart. OK, they might not be the most hardworking creatures in the animal kingdom, but we have faith in them to bring home a stellar report card anyways. Whether they're a classroom pet or just want the house to themselves, these felines can't wait for school to be back in session.

Watchful Eye

Scrambles is going to stare at you until you ace all your spelling words. Luckily for you, none of them are more than two letters. We're working our way up to C-A-T, but no rush, Scrambles is a patient kitty.

Buffy Hits The Books

Nobody disturb black cat Buffy, she's deeply invested in her studies. And no, that's not a spellbook either, even though this black beauty's name comes from a show about a vampire slayer. It looks like she's studying math which is a lot less interesting.

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Old School

We're hoping Snowdrop the "fluffdrop" lives up to her white cat name, but we hope she isn't too poofy to fit in her very own kitty desk. She's old school (pun intended) and even has chalk to match her powdery coat. Not to mention the top opens up to fit all of her tasty homemade cat treats—perfect for a little extra motivation when the lessons get tough.

Teacher's Pet

Teacher's pet? More like teaching pet. Homeschooling looks pretty sweet when you get your lessons from a friendly feline. Under Archie's watchful blue eyes, we think this studious human sibling is definitely going to ace this test.

Tardy Paws

Uh oh! Looks like Patty is going to be late on the first day. Lucky for her, we can only guess that her human has the perfect cat stroller to walk her to school. The views are way better on the sidewalks anyway.

Scribble and Scribe

Yes, cats can see (some) color. And Lily can't decide which color she wants to write with today. That's totally the reason why she hasn't started her homework. It's definitely not because she doesn't have opposable thumbs…

Lulu The School Cat

As the Head Cat of Chontales Academy, Lulu knows the school inside and out. She also knows where all the best cat nap spots are, most notably in the hallway underneath all the colorful backpacks. Looks like she's dreaming of getting her very own cat backpack someday, and we can't blame her!

Kitty Kindle

James has a pretty sweet deal going at Green School South Africa. Kiddies and kitties curled up on the couch with a Kindle, now say that three times fast. Just kidding… your language lesson for today can come from reading like these two instead.

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In A Bind(er)

Orange cat Luis looks a bit scrunched up in that school binder. We guess he took the phrase "hit the books" a little too literally this time. But seriously, someone should tell him that sunspot on the floor is much more comfortable.

Cat Pack

"What do you mean I can't come to school with you?" Sorry, Ninja, but you weren't so sneaky this time. We'll give you the full rundown of what you missed in class today so you don't feel too left out.

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Snack Time

Who among us isn't guilty of chewing on our pencil during school? Feline Phoenix is no exception. Granted, pencils were never our favorite enrichment toy, but no judgement to this tabby for getting a kick out of her fresh new school supplies.

Zoom Bathing

Tristian loves sunbathing by the light of the Zoom call. OK, it's not quite the same as the sunshine, but an overheated laptop can be pretty warm for a chilly kitty. You being able to see the screen is of secondary importance.

Paws Off

Hey! Eyes on your own paper little guy. We see that mischievous look on your feline face. Cats are super smart without cheating on their tests. Remember—knowledge is power, so study hard and always show your work.

Evil Eye