The 14 Best Dog Jigsaw Puzzles To Keep You Busy This Winter

Rachel Crocetti
·5 min read

Courtesy of Etsy

This year has kept us inside more than ever before, and while baking banana bread and learning Tik Tok dances was fun at the beginning, you might be hitting a boredom slump. Cue dog puzzles! These dog jigsaw puzzles will keep you occupied during the cold winter nights and exercise your brain (even if it’s the only thing you’re exercising). So light a fire in the fireplace, put on some good music, and get puzzling. Bonus if your dog has their own interactive puzzle to enrich their routine while you work!

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We’ve selected 14 of the best dog jigsaw puzzles in every category and price point to keep you busy the rest of this winter.

Best Dog Breed Puzzle: Ridley’s Dog Canine Lovers Puzzle

If you’re a dog breed aficionado, this classic 1000-piece puzzle is perfect for you! Covered in labeled dog breed photos and complete with facts about each breed, this puzzle will not only entertain you, but might also teach you a thing or two!

Shop Now: Ridley’s Dog Canine Lovers Puzzle, $52;