The Queer Legends Who Attended Degrassi High Over The Years

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Since Degrassi: The Next Generation, the show has been filled with LGBTQ+ icons.

Degrassi viewers of any season will know that it has covered pretty much everything. While it very much was a product of the times, it featured some revolutionary queer characters that are still, to this day, some of the best LGBTQ+ teens to ever be seen on TV.With a new reboot coming from HBO Max, let's take a moment to look at the queer students of Degrassi High that made the most of their screentime.(Reminder: all of Degrassi: Next Generation is available on YouTube and its sequel Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix.)

1.Marco Del Rossi

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 2–7

When Degrassi: The Next Generation premiered its second season, Marco Del Rossi, played by Adamo Ruggiero, found a home and a place in Degrassi history with his role as a gay student who practically went through it all during his time on the show.

When gay kids in high school were fodder for bullying, Marco found an audience through an accurate portrayal that allowed him to live a pretty normal teenage life, for Degrassi standards anyway.

While at Degrassi High, he found love in Paige's hockey player brother, helped his friends come to terms with their gay best friend, and a bit of everything else that comes with being a Degrassi student.

2.Adam Torres

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 10–13

Degrassi once again waded into the queer storytelling waters with introducing Adam Torres, the show's first transgender character, played by Jordan Todosey. For those looking for a softer story about trans people, unfortunately, this isn’t the right place.

Adam was outed early into his time at Degrassi High, and while he made the most of it with a close group of friends, he was killed in a texting and driving accident at the end of his character's run.

3.Paige Michalchuk

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 1–8

One of the core cast of The Next Generation, Paige, played by Lauren Collins, became not only a fan favorite, but the bisexual queen of Degrassi High.

Her highly tumultuous relationship with Alex Nunez became one highlight of the show, while her story took her all over the place during her long tenure at the Canadian kingdom of Degrassi.

4.Alex Nuñez

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 3–7

While Alex, played by Deanna Casaluce, started off as the new bad girl at Degrassi, her relationship with Paige soon became what we would remember the character for.

Her up and down relationship with her once-nemesis Paige proved to be one of the show's best relationships to date.

5.Fiona Coyne

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 9–12

Legend and icon and star Fiona Coyne, played by Annie Clark, did it all as the troubled rich kid from New York who found herself at Degrassi.

From problems with alcohol and boyfriends and rich, uncaring family, Fiona made the most of her time before coming out and beginning a relationship with lovable oddball Imogen.

6.Tristan Milligan

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 11–14 and Degrassi: Next Class 1–4

For the gay kid at Degrassi, life can be tough, but Tristan, played by Lyle Lettau, he at least made his time memorable.

From heart attacks, anorexia, fights with his BFF, sleeping with a teacher, and so much more, Tristan made his mark on the screen and the halls of Degrassi in ways so few have before.

7.Miles Hollingsworth

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 13–14 and Degrassi: Next Class 1–4

The son of the politician, Miles Hollingsworth, played by Eric Osborne, spent a good chunk of his time at Degrassi High beefing with his father, before his troubles with his bisexuality take over.

He ends up in a love triangle of sorts with Maya and Tristan, which leads to him embracing his sexuality.

8.Zane Park and Riley Stavros

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 8–11

While the pair of football lovers ended up having a happy ending, in true Degrassi style, it didn’t come easy.

Ditzy Riley, played by Argiris Karras, stood out as the star quarterback for the school, but was plagued by his difficulties coming to terms with his sexuality. Zane, played by Shannon Kook-Chun, was the opposite, being the head of the Degrassi LGBT Club, while being an out and proud soccer and football player.

Riley’s anger issues and fear of coming out almost drive a permanent wedge between them, but they end their time at Degrassi High by coming together and preparing to go to the same college together.

9.Zoe Rivas

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 13–14 and Degrassi: Next Class 1–4

Unfortunately, Degrassi can often serve as a harsh reality for its queer kids, especially for Zoe, played by Ana Golja.

Her character went through some truly traumatic stuff during her time on the show, including self-harm and sexual assault, plus being kicked out of her home for coming out as gay. However, her relationship with another led to her finding love as her true self.

10.Rasha Zuabi

Degrassi: Next Class 3–4

The first gay Muslim character on the show, Rasha, played by Dalia Yegavian, gave the show a modern update while portraying a young Muslim immigrant trying to find herself (like everyone at Degrassi, all the time).

She ended up dating Zoe Rivas, another queer woman of color, during her last seasons on the show.

11.Yael Baron

Degrassi: Next Class 1–4

Degrassi’s first genderqueer student came in the fan favorite form of Yael, played by Jamie Bloch, whose punk attitude revealed to a softer side.

They aren’t only the first nonbinary student to appear on the show, but one of the few instances on TV where a nonbinary person may come to terms with their gender.

While Degrassi is often harsher than reality, Yael offered a chance for kids to see themselves and know it's OK to not know everything about yourself.

12.Imogen Moreno

Degrassi: Next Generation Seasons 8–11

When Imogen, played by Cristine Prosperi, joined Degrassi, she made everyone know she was the moment.

From her meddling on the stage in Degrassi’s theater department to her meddling in the other students' lives, Imogen eventually found her place dating another icon, Fiona Coyne.