This Bunny Waffle Maker Was Made for Easter Brunch

mini bunny waffle maker
This Bunny Waffle Maker Is Perfect for EasterAmazon

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We can't deny it: we're obsessed with our mini waffle makers. They are truly one of the coolest kitchen gadgets. We may have originally snatched them up to make Valentine's Day and Christmas breakfasts a bit more festive (and a heck of a lot easier), but here we are buying one for each and every season. Of course, Easter is naturally included, because is there any other holiday that deserves a sweet way to start the day as much as Easter? We think not. And who can resist that cute little bunny? Not us!

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Bunny Mini Waffle Maker



If you haven't used one of Dash's mini waffle makers, yet, we have one question: where have you been? These breakfast heroes gained popularity when we all started working from home and we're looking for ways to make everyday feel a bit more normal. Then we realized just how easy they make breakfast. Whip up a batter earlier in the week, store in the fridge, pour into the maker, and you're just a few minutes away from warm, fluffy goodness. And then Dash started releasing a variety of different molds for each holiday. Needless to say, the whole fam was hooked pretty soon.

Just like their previously released versions, the Easter bunny mini waffle maker comes in spring-ready hues like pastel blue and blush pink. And get egg-cited, because it's not just bunny waffle makers in the Easter line-up. Dash also makes the cutest Easter egg waffle maker, too! Pro tip: they're great for little ones to decorate with icing for a fun Easter activity. You could even sneak one of these adorable gadgets into your kid's Easter baskets.

Think these handy little devices are just good for waffles? Think again. Use them for cookies, hash browns, pancakes, sandwiches, and so much more. The options are endless with these! Your kids will never turn down a spinach-laced scrambled egg if it's in the shape of the Easter bunny. You can thank us later for this one.

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