12 Types of Sheets That Make for the Coziest Bed Ever

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You may not sleep on a $400,000+ mattress like Drake, but there are a few things you can do to ensure a cozier, more restful slumber. Like investing in a decent—yet far from six-figure—mattress topper, pillow and, most importantly, bedding. There’s a dizzying array of options to choose from, which can give you a total case of decision paralysis: Why spend the money if you’re not sure whether you’ll like it? I get it, which is why I'm cutting through the jargon to bring you the 12 key types of sheets to consider, along with pros and cons for each, based on their breathability, softness and overall value.

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What Differentiates Types of Sheets?

There are a few key terms thrown around when talking about sheets, which impact a set's softness, durability, price point and stain-/wrinkle-resistance.

The 12 Main Types of Sheets You'll See Sold in Stores & Online

1. Cotton Sheets


Ah, the fabric of our lives—and what most of us think of first when we think of sheets. Cotton is the King of bedding, and the length of its cotton fibers has spawned a few popular variations on the material that you’ll find when shopping for sheets. Short-staple cotton is most commonly produced, making it more affordable, though long-staple and extra-long staple (such as Supima and Egyptian cotton) tend to be softer to the touch—and pricier.

Sheets labeled 100 percent cotton (and are considerably cheaper than similar options) often use Upland cotton, a short-staple variety, which tends to be breathable but can pill over time, though that's not always the case. (Both of my picks below feature long-staple.) It's also common to see cotton and polyester blends, which are more wrinkle resistant.

The bottom line: If you prefer crisp sheets with a matte finish, look for cotton percale; if you like something softer, with more of a sheen and a cozy drape to it, seek sateen.

From $159 at Brooklinen (percale)

From $90 at Quince (Sateen)

2. Egyptian Cotton Sheets


When it comes to luxe sheets, you've probably heard people rave about Egyptian cotton, and for good reason: Its long-staple fibers give it a silky feel that's still durable and less likely to pill after repeated washes. Since it is hand-picked and can only be grown in certain regions, it tends to be the priciest option for cotton bedding.

From $72 at Amazon

From $80 at Macy's

3. Pima/Supima Cotton Sheets

Lands' End

Supima is the trademarked name for Pima cotton, a long-staple variety that's grown in the U.S. and is just about as durable and soft as Egyptian.

From $126 at Lands' End

4. Jersey Knit Sheets


Jersey knit sheets have become a dorm staple for three reasons: (1) It’s affordable, (2) it’s soft and (3) it’s stretchy, meaning you don’t have to fight as hard to put on that fitted sheet. It’s also for those reasons that they could be a great fit for anyone’s bedding, at any stage of life (particularly if the thought of making your bed makes you die a little inside).

From $30 at Amazon

5. Flannel Sheets

L.L. Bean

Technically, flannel is part of the cotton family, but I'm giving it its own spot on this list because it—as the youths say—hits different. As in, the yarn has been brushed in a way that makes the fabric feel heavier and fuzzier. This makes it ideal for surviving a Game of Thrones-caliber winter; just look for a twill or plain weave for softer sheets.

From $119 at L.L. Bean

6. Bamboo Sheets


If you’re constantly kicking your leg out from under the sheets—or waking up in a puddle of sweat, no matter how low the thermostat—it might be time to switch to bamboo sheets. They’re lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking, making them great for (cue Danny from Grease) summer niiiiiiights. They tend to feel almost silky, too. However, if you’re buying them for their eco-friendliness, it’s worth double-checking the material first—if it’s bamboo that’s been turned into a rayon or viscose blend, the fabric has gone through a process that involves using toxic chemicals, warns the FTC. (That said, most brands on the market are rayon or viscose.)

From $155 at Amazon

7. Linen Sheets

The Citizenry

Linen sheets are the secret to that rumpled-chic look shown in home magazines and influencers’ breakfast in bed posts. They can give a rustic or boho vibe, depending on how they’re styled, but that carefree look comes at a cost: It takes several washes to get them soft, and you’ve got to be OK with wrinkles…or ironing your sheets.

From $289 at The Citizenry

8. Lyocell (or Tencel) Sheets


Lyocell is a relative newcomer to the market, being a plant-based fabric that was first produced in Alabama 30ish years ago. It’s made largely from eucalyptus, which grows quickly, doesn’t require toxic chemicals to get its softness and it requires half as much water to produce it than cotton does. On the surface, that makes it pretty eco-friendly, though some experts caution how it’s made could negate those benefits. That said, it tends not to cling to your skin, it doesn’t retain odors as easily as other fabrics and it’s cuddly soft. Tencel—another material you may see advertised on sheets—is a trademarked blend of lyocell fibers.

From $151 at Buffy

9. Polyester Sheets


Polyester may conjure images of cheap, cheesy clothing, but when it comes to bedding, it’s…well, still cheap (or at least, a cheaper option). And, when it’s part of a blend (like, ahem, microfiber), results in cushy bedding that doesn’t wrinkle easily.

From $12 at Kohl's

10. Microfiber Sheets


When you want soft and affordable, microfiber—specifically brushed microfiber—is the way to go. It’s often made from polyester, nylon and/or wood pulp, and it’s revered for its velvety feel. Hot sleepers, take heed: These sheets don’t wick away moisture, so you may wake up sweaty.

From $21 at Amazon

11. Satin Sheets

Madison Park Essentials

When you want the sexiness of silk sheets without the price tag, turn to satin. It’s made from synthetic materials, which makes it more affordable, and it has a similarly cool, borderline-slippery feel.

From $25 at Amazon

12. Silk Sheets


They’re more than sleek looking (and feeling); silk sheets are also naturally hypoallergenic and cool to the touch. They’re also expensive to produce, which makes them among the pricier sheets you can buy, and keeping them clean and wrinkle-free can be pretty high maintenance. (We’re talking using special detergent for delicates, washing them in cold water and so on.)

From $259 at Lilysilk

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