12 Photos Of Kitchen Secrets That Will Forever Taint Your Perception Of Restaurants

If you're a restaurant lover, I'm so sorry about these photos you're about to see... They might just make you wanna cook for yourself for the foreseeable future. Here are 12 kitchens that need to be looked into ASAP:

1."This open kitchen with raw beef on expo for almost two hours."

Restaurant interior with raw steaks on display, a set table in the foreground, and chef visible in the background

2."With the ladder right there..."

Person stocking shelves with various food items in a store
u/1824blink / Via reddit.com

3."Our chef is trying to convince me this is medium rare."

A close-up of a medium-rare steak seasoned with herbs on a plate

4."This is from a restaurant near me."

Sign detailing a Missouri business's policy on breaks, expressing difficulty in staff scheduling and requesting cooperation

5."My girlfriend’s little brother just worked his first Thanksgiving double shift. This was the staff meal."

Turkey and cheese sandwich on a plate with a side of lettuce and sliced onion
u/VVarlok / Via reddit.com

6."I was fired after working a double on Christmas."

Text message expressing job application rejection without recommendation, overlayed on a blurred background

7."This is how they treat the dishwashers."

A busy restaurant kitchen with dishes stacked for cleaning
A cluttered commercial kitchen counter stacked with dirty dishes and utensils

8."This is how the kitchen is putting out chicken wings. Should I say something to management? It's an embarrassment."

A plate of cooked chicken pieces

9."Struggling... Do I have a moral obligation to report a shit restaurant I just quit?"

A jar of sauce with mold on the cap

10."Our walk-in fridge is just a closet with an air conditioner."

An air conditioning unit mounted above a door, surrounded by foam insulation in an indoor setting

11."Thank god there's only one animal in existence, so I don't need to wonder what kind of fat this is..."

Hand holding a container labeled "Fat 05/10" with meat in the background

12.And finally, "I opened the store today and went to go restock the margarine, only to find it like this. Should I be worried about what closing crew is doing?"

Top view of a container of softened ice cream with several scoops removed

H/T: r/kitchenconfidential