I'm Glad I'm Not In School, Because These 12 Teachers Who Wrongly Accused Their Students Of Cheating Are Infuriating

With the rise of ChatGPT and other AI applications, it's no surprise that teachers/professors are on high alert for plagiarism.

"Because I'm a pusher. I push people."
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The problem is that AI-cheating detectors aren't totally reliable, and in result, a ton of false positives come up. This has led to many students being falsely accused of cheating on essays and exams. Here are 12 students who had either this exact issue, or something really similar happen to them:

1."My professor falsely accused me of using ChatGPT to write my essay."

"If you have any questions about this course or this assignment, you can certainly email me."

Their response:

"I would like to have some type of meeting with you if you like but I did not plagiarize."
"After paying so much to attend these classes."

2."No words."

"I was accused of plagiarism by two profs and was given a big, long talk about how seriously it was taken."

3."Issue with Canvas audit log? I stayed on the exam page the entire time I was taking the exam, and yet, I lost 20 points. I have no idea what to do. I don't think my professor would believe me if I tried to tell her I hadn't left the exam window. Has anyone else had an issue like this?"

"The audit log shows that you were off the exam window 2 ties during question 25..."

4."My teacher literally nuked everyone's grade in the class. My teacher, as you can see by the picture, thinks people in the class cheated, so he reverse curved our grades, and so many of us lost huge portions of our grades. Since he curved our overall grade as opposed to the final, I lost 9.5% off my grade, and one girl in my class lost 13% (going from an A- to a C+). It honestly sucks he took out his anger upon the whole class, without any proof of actually cheating."

Screenshot of a message from a professor to their students

5."A professor at my school is dropping everyone’s best test grade in light of cheating allegations in other classes."

"This measure largely discounts anything gained by those who have points they did not earn..."

6."I had my first anatomy exam since classes moved online yesterday, and on a couple of the questions, I guessed by using logic — as per usual. On one question, I didn't know the term, but I knew that it was the tracheal cartilage and that a commonly used term for indents in anatomy is notch. It sounded right, so that's what I guessed. Apparently, many people had this answer, but it wasn't in our lab book. So, my professor thinks we cheated and sent the following email to the whole class. I'm torn because I don't want her to think I cheated, but also, I don't want to make her more upset or suspicious if I email her to explain how I got that answer without cheating."

"I had hoped that I would not have to address this, but there were several cases of academic dishonesty."

Here are some people on X's stories, too:

7. This false accusation:

Good morning. My instructor accused me of plagiarism, so I sent her this. Yes, I am THAT petty. pic.twitter.com/fBIpgBZgvY

— 🥂 (@amxrtf) November 3, 2019

Twitter: @amxrtf

8. This assignment:

My dank ass professor thinks I plagiarized and that I didn't read a whole 8 ass chapters FUCK THIS I AM NOT REDOING THIS ASSIGNMENT pic.twitter.com/CcNE3yy9mF

— ₊‧°𐐪♡𐑂°‧₊ (@stargirlvibes) March 19, 2020

Twitter: @stargirlvibes

9. This studydaddy:

So my professor accused me of plagiarism and that I copied my answer from a website called studydaddy.... pic.twitter.com/eEk3PV59FR

— asmsm (@aassmmsmm) April 21, 2021

Twitter: @aassmmsmm

10. This mock ad campaign:

raised concern without directly saying she thinks I plagiarized 😐 I email her for clarification that I indeed didn’t and if it impacted my overall score to possibly re-consider the score she gave me… pic.twitter.com/3cjAjaNUax

— bri bri. 🤙🏾 (@ohhitsBriiii_) May 24, 2022

Twitter: @ohhitsBriiii_

11. This poem:

ok uhm does this look plagiarized bc my teacher thinks i plagiarized and im screaming pic.twitter.com/qCuyGDomAW

— skooler ☆ c0mms open !!! (@skoolershearts) October 21, 2022

Twitter: @skoolershearts

12. And finally, this email exchange:

This is not an email I ever expected to receive or send. pic.twitter.com/5IBBhlvKcQ

— Rua M. Williams (@FractalEcho) July 19, 2023

Twitter: @FractalEcho

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