People Shared The Funniest Wikipedia Pages They've Ever Read, And It's A Perfect Read

One of the best places to get lost on the internet when you're bored (or curious) is Wikipedia. Because, in case you didn't know, Wikipedia — although mostly very helpful and informational — is actually a pretty weird and funny place.


So, we decided to ask members of the BuzzFeed Community what some of their favorite, funny Wikipedia pages are, and they came back with a few pretty great examples. Check it out:

1.Dusty the Klepto Kitty

Cat standing outside by a fence

Dusty has apparently ~stolen~ over 600 different things, including 16 car wash mitts, 8 sponges, 213 dish towels, and a TON of other things. He was even a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman.

"OK, the fact that Dusty the Kelpto Kitty (which is the coolest little name) was able to steal all this WITH a bell on his collar… Respect, little kitty. You have my respect."


Associated Press / Via

2.Brigitte (dog)

Jay holding Stella in the pool

There's a lengthy, several-paragraph-long section dedicated to Brigitte's — who plays Stella on Modern Family — career, which includes some behind-the-scenes drama between her owner and agency. And, turns out, she's actually the winner of "Best Dog in a Television Series" at the very first Golden Collar Awards (which is a thing?!)!

"This page is pretty great. It reads like it was written about a Golden Age of Hollywood starlet!"



3.Breast-shaped hill

Breast Shaped Mountains Under Cumulus Clouds

This is quite literally a Wiki page dedicated to hills that are literally in the shape of a breast. According to the page, these hills are even sometimes called a "pap." It's a far more in-depth article that lists all the different breast-shaped hills on every continent, and there's even more than you could ever imagine.

"Being a woman made breast-shaped hills amusing to me."


Craig P. Jewell / Getty Images

4.Toilet paper orientation

Toiler paper on a roll with the paper going over and a hand grabbing it

Yes, it's exactly what you think it's about. This Wiki page is all about toilet paper holders/dispensers and how people orient their toilet paper on them — "over" or "under." It even goes so far as to talk about public opinion... Apparently about 70% of people prefer the OVER position, FWIW.


Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

5.Phallic architecture

Selection of phallus differnet types in Chao Mae Tuptim shrine

In a funny meta-statement, this Wiki page says, "Buildings intentionally or unintentionally resembling the human penis are a source of amusement to locals and tourists in various places around the world." So, yeah, turns out dick jokes are a very universal thing.

"Specifically, the winner for 'world's most Phallic structure,' Ypsilanti Water Tower."


Justhavealook / Getty Images/iStockphoto

6.High five

Sony Pictures Releasing

In case you're wondering, this article actually goes into the origins of the high five, and, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase has been used since at least 1980 (which, TBH, sounds about right). Although the article does go on to say that apparently Magic Johnson "once suggested that he invented the high five at Michigan State, presumably in the late 1970s."

"So much description and depth — it feels like it’s satirical, but it is in fact purely educational."


7.Tashirojima, aka "Cat Island"

Cats relax on the street on Tashirojima Island

This is a small island off the northeast coast of Japan. According to the Wiki article, the island has about 80 human residents (with more than half of them being senior citizens over the age of 65) compared to the 150 cats that permanently live in one of the villages (as of 2015). And, yeah, thousands of tourists visit the island every year because of the cats. :-)

"'Cat Lady Paradise' in Japan."


Sankei / Getty Images

8.Battle of Palmdale

Two pilots standing in front of planes in palmdale, CA in the 1950s

"Whenever my family road trips I read the Wikipedia page for whatever podunk town we’re driving through. Palmdale, California is an absolutely nothing town, but a few years ago I learned there was an incident called the Battle of Palmdale in the 1950s that totally amused me. Basically, the military attempted to shoot down a runaway drone, and it turned into a drawn-out comedy of errors. Miraculously, no one was hurt, which makes it funny and not tragic. Not hilarious but definitely made me laugh."


Bettmann / Bettmann Archive / Getty

9.Emu War, aka the Great Emu War

An old newsreel that says western Australia makes war on emus, army machine guns are called in to help farmers at Campion repel mobs of marauding birds

"The Great Emu War (which really redirects to the simplified name Emu War, but for obvious reasons, I think of it as the former — it's got so much more pizzazz!). It documents the month-long period in 1932 when the Australian military, armed with literal machine guns, went to 'war' against emus. SPOILER ALERT: Do you know how drugs won the War on Drugs? Well, guess who won the Great Emu War?"


AP / Via

10.Aroma of Tacoma

Long Exposure of the Simpson Tacoma Kraft Paper Mill

So the "Aroma of Tacoma" is apparently a really awful and unpleasant smell in Tacoma, Washington that was first named in the early 1940s. According to the Wiki page, "The smell has been described as similar to the odor of rotten eggs." Allegedly, the aroma has been attributed to things like sediment in the nearby bay, sulfur released from a paper mill, a rendering plant, an oil refinery, or literally just all of the above.

"Washington State's worst unintentional slogan."


Ryan Manuel / Flickr Vision / Getty

11.Longest word in English


I'm not going to write out the entire word here, because it is in fact 189,819 letters long. But, for short, it's Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylalanyl...isoleucine, which is apparently the chemical composition of titin, the largest known protein. **The more you know!**


12.Finally, the List of inventors killed by their own invention

Reichelt wearing the parachute he designed

"A surprisingly (or IDK — maybe NOT surprising?) long list. Some particularly wild examples on this Wiki page: Karel Soucek — a stuntman who created a 'shock-absorbent barrel' that he died in after being dropped from the roof of the Houston Astrodome. And Franz Reichelt, a tailor, who invented a coat parachute, but died when he jumped from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower, attempting to test it."


Ullstein Bild Dtl. / ullstein bild via Getty Images

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity

What's a funny Wikipedia page you know of? Tell us in the comments below, and IDK, maybe there'll be a part two!