12 Beautiful Blue Exterior House Colors That Add Instant Personality

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Your home's exterior sets the tone for whatever may lie inside, so it's important that it packs plenty of style too. And one way to add lots of personality and character to your home's exterior is to paint it blue, as a blue-painted home brings with it a unique look without feeling out of place or distracting. Here are 12 of our blue exterior house colors, from moody blue-gray to bright and bold teal.

Sherwin Williams Foggy Day

Want to give your home's exterior a moody, coastal feel? Try Sherwin Williams' Foggy Day. This calming gray-blue would work especially well on the exterior of Craftsman and colonial style homes.

Sherwin Williams Labradorite

This deep blue is another great choice for the historical home exteriors, as it brings color and charm without feeling distracting or in-your-face. Pair Labradorite with soft white accents for a picture-perfect look.

Sherwin Williams Silken Peacock

Go bold with Sherwin Williams' Silken Peacock. This brilliant blue will make your home's exterior the prettiest on the block, and it's a great color pick if you're aiming for a show-stopping, hard-to-ignore approach.

Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight

Who says blue needs to be bright? Try a darker and more elegant color pick with Moscow Midnight by Sherwin Williams. This dark and deep blue will bring with it an air of subtle, yet undeniable, style to your home's exterior.

Benjamin Moore Palace Blue

This regal blue will bring an equally palatial look to your home's exterior. Benjamin Moore's Palace Blue gets its inspiration from the wallpaper at the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg.

Benjamin Moore Coastline

Try bringing in the slightest hint of purple to the front of your home with Coastline by Benjamin Moore. This faded blue combines accents of gray and lavender for a muted color look that still packs a punch.

Benjamin Moore Heaven

This soothing, barely-blue gray paint shade can give your home's exterior a subtle pastel look. Heaven by Benjamin Moore is a great neutral shade that's still so much more interesting than white. Pair it with pops of deep blue to complete the look.

Benjamin Moore Excalibur Gray

Excalibur Gray by Benjamin Moore is another one of our blue-purple-gray color favorites. This color will look stunning on the exterior of Victorian or Queen Anne style homes, as it brings with it a touch of whimsy.

Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue

This muted teal is a great pick for homes near the water, as its color brings with it an undeniable coastal feel. Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore is also an excellent exterior color pick for antebellum or southern style homes, especially if you're looking for an exterior that's more than just white.

Benjamin Moore Boca Raton Blue

For a distinctive look, try Benjamin Moore's Boca Raton Blue. This fun and fresh teal takes inspiration from the colorful homes of Miami, Key West, and Cuba, and it's sure to be a stunner wherever it's added.

Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

Named after a British beach where the shells and mud share a similar navy hue, Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue brings brilliant color to any home's exterior. It's an elegant and rich blue that provides plenty of character without distracting from the rest of your home's exterior.

Farrow & Ball Cook's Blue

Cook's Blue by Farrow & Ball is a vibrant blue that brings fun color to wherever it's added. It will fit in perfectly on home exteriors with white or gray accents, and it will look even better when paired with a few carefully chosen teal accents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blue a good color for a house exterior?

Blue is an excellent color for the exterior of a home. It adds personality and character without looking out of place, no matter where you live. It's available in lots of different shades and undertones too, making it ready to fit a variety of different moods and styles.

What is the most popular blue color for houses?

One of the most popular blue color choices for exteriors is slate blue, which adds muted, timeless color. Similarly, dark, inky blues are also popular thanks to their elegant look.

What color goes well with a blue house?

Blue houses look great alongside soft white or gray accents, as they balance the otherwise colorful exterior. For a bolder approach, blue exteriors can be paired with teal or green accents to ensure your home really stands out.

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