11 Reasons to Ditch K-Cups

By Gilly Dukoff 


I truly do hate to be the one to break the news to the general public, but alas, here it is: Coffee from the pot is better than from a Keurig. Period. Before you all start rioting in the streets, hear me out.

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1. K-Cups are EXPENSIVE in comparison to coffee beans.


Business Insider came out with a truly eye-opening article that basically put K-Cups on blast for being so expensive. Get this: a pound of K-Cup coffee goes for roughly $50. Yeah, you read that correctly. Starbucks only goes for about $12 per pound. Dunkin is even cheaper at only $9 per pound. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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2. K-Cups are TERRIBLE for the planet.


It’s no secret that K-Cups are nearly impossible to recycle. Even the maker of K-Cups, John Sylvan, admittedly said, “‘I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it.” That’s just insane. 

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Because the K-Cup is made of plastic integrated with a filter, grounds and plastic foil top, separating the K-Cup takes an insane amount of work. So it just ends up in a landfill. BAD K-CUPS, BAD.

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3. Making potted coffee is just as convenient as making K-Cups.


Laziness isn’t a reason to use K-Cups. Most coffeemakers have timers nowadays so you don’t even have to put any thought while you make it post-REM cycle (or hangover). 

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As far as making K-Cup coffee during the day, skip it and drink water. Drinking that amount of caffeine during the day is stupid-bad for your health anyway.

4. Potted coffee simply tastes better.


From clogged up filters to dirty water that isn’t changed often enough, K-Cup coffee tends to taste blah and watered down. Nothing compares to the taste of a fresh cup o’ joe from your good old-fashioned coffeemaker. The taste is richer and bolder, no matter what you say.

5. Potted coffee is great two ways.


So you make your pot of coffee in the morning, but still have some leftover. Never fear. Stick it in a pitcher in the fridge and have it the next day as iced coffee. It tastes just as tasty and refreshing and it also saves you money. Can you do that with a K-Cup? Didn’t think so.

6. The actual Keurig machine is ridiculously overpriced.


Say no to expensive Keurigs. Coffeemakers are, in general, less expensive than Keurigs. You can buy a perfectly good coffeemaker for around $30, while a Keurig costs around $100. Why are we paying so much money for bad coffee? America, pull it together.


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