11 Times Professors Needed To Be Fired, And 8 Times They Deserved To Be Tenured

These 11 professors suck...

1. This professor who felt the need to correct their student instead of sending their condolences:

2. This professor who apparently doesn't care if their students have to break their necks to read the PowerPoint:

3. This professor whose "test email" is cruel and unusual punishment:

4. This professor whose lack of organizational skills is confusing the hell out of their students:

5. This professor who wouldn't know compassion if it hit them in the head:

6. This professor who has likely caused a lot of concussions:

7. This professor who banks everything on one exam:

8. This professor who hopefully doesn't teach English:

9. This professor who wasted their students' time (and low-key contributed to the demise of this person's laptop):

10. This professor whose anti-vax beliefs bit 'em in the ass:

11. And this professor who's a straight-up perv:

These eight professors rule...

12. This professor who welcomed a student into their family:

13. This professor who couldn't contain their love for their students:

14. This professor who showed an appreciation for their student's gaming passion:

15. This professor who gave their students the freedom to be weird:

16. This professor who gave their students the textbooks for free:

17. This professor who encouraged a student to prioritize their health:

18. This professor who isn't letting student dining off so easy:

19. And finally, this professor who told a struggling student exactly what they needed to hear: