11 Petite Summer Maxi Dresses, Because We’re Tired Of Getting Everything Hemmed

Maggie Griswold, Julia Marzovilla
·1 min read

If there’s one thing to love about summer, it’s the incredible array of cute maxi dresses available. However, if you’re under 5’4″—like I am—you probably tend to skip over this adorable warm-weather trend because everything is too damn long and getting dresses hemmed is such a hassle. Rather than miss out on some of the cutest dresses of the season, though, I decided to hunt for petite summer maxi dresses—and I actually found quite a few. (If you want to do a little happy dance, feel free. I won’t judge; this is exciting!)

The day I discovered petite clothing was truly a glorious one. I try to buy petites whenever I can—especially in...

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