15 New Foods to Get Excited About in May


April showers bring May product launches. That’s not how the saying goes? Well, for The Takeout, that’s exactly how the saying goes.

Every day our inboxes are flooded with exciting new foods that are hitting the market, and we’re happy to share this intel with readers. Whether you’re looking for a new protein bar to fuel up with or affordable drinks to sip on this summer, May has a lot of new items in store for us. Here are the products to scope out this month.

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Papa Johns’ Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

Image:  Papa Johns
Image: Papa Johns

We praise whichever innovator bit into a Papa Johns Papadia and said, “This could stand to taste more like snack chips.” If you, like us, think that sounds brilliant, then we have good news: Papa Johns and Doritos have collaborated to make it happen. The Papa Johns Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia is a pizza crust filled with cheese, sauce, and toppings, then folded over to create sort of a quesadilla-pizza hybrid—the exterior of this one is dusted with a special Cool Ranch Doritos seasoning. Papa Rewards members can get them early, starting on May 1. Otherwise, the new limited-time Papadia will be available nationwide starting May 4.

Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa

Image:  Pace
Image: Pace

May is National Salsa Month, and Pace is celebrating by releasing an extra-hot salsa. Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa is three to four times spicier than any of the brand’s other salsas currently on the market. Pace assures us its salsa’s well-known sweet, tangy flavor will still be evident beneath all the extra heat. The brand is also launching a Red Enchilada Sauce; both new products will be rolling out nationwide to retailers over the coming weeks.

DiGiorno Loaded Ultra-Thin Pizza

Image:  DiGiorno
Image: DiGiorno

Skip the takeout and save on delivery fees in May, because DiGiorno is adding another style of pizza to its lineup. This month you’ll find DiGiorno’s Loaded Ultra-Thin pizzas at retailers nationwide. The new pizza has a crunchy crust and edge-to-edge toppings; customers can choose between the veggie lovers or the carnivore. Although prices may vary, the new ’za has a suggested retail price between $8-$9.

Magic Spoon Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oatmeal Cookie Cereal

Image:  Magic Spoon
Image: Magic Spoon

If you’re into sugary cereals, then you’ve probably at least heard about Magic Spoon, the brand that reimagines the kid-friendly cereals of our youth with less sugar and more protein. After hitting grocery stores for the first time this year, Magic Spoon is debuting even more options in May. Launching May 16 and while supplies last, you can try the brand’s limited-edition Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oatmeal Cookie cereals. The two cereals will be sold exclusively on the Magic Spoon website for $39 for a case of four or $54 for a case of six.

ALDI’s summer beverage lineup

Image:  ALDI
Image: ALDI

Summer is fast approaching (thankfully), and if you’re trying to day-drink on a budget, ALDI has it all covered. The grocery chain’s summer lineup of alcoholic drinks includes Zarita Cocktail Pouches, Don’t Mind If I Do Sparkling Rosé, and Intermingle Buttery Chardonnay, all under $14. In total, ALDI has 11 new alcoholic beverages, and they’ll be making their debut in May. It’s going to be a season of affordable sips.

ONE Peanut Butter & Jelly protein bars

Image:  ONE Brands
Image: ONE Brands

If you want your workout fuel to taste more like childhood, try ONE Brands’ limited-edition Peanut Butter & Jelly protein bars. The bars contain 20 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar, and they’re generally just more fun to eat than the protein powder you stir into other meals (ONE aims to create “dessert-level protein bars”). We’re interested to see whether this new flavor succeeds as a PB&J imitation. The bars will be available through August at Target and specialty retailers like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. They come four to a box, or in 12-count trays.

Mariani Packing Company Mango and Pineapple Chips

Image:  Mariani Packing Company
Image: Mariani Packing Company

Another summer-ready treat coming in May are pineapple and mango chips from Mariani Packing Company. The fruit chips launch officially on May 2 and are made using a unique drying method that creates a chip crunch rather than the chewier consistency of dried mango and pineapple—we’re excited to see how the flavor of these fruits translates to a crispy texture. The snacks will be available at major retail grocery stores.

Vizzy Orange Cream Pop Seltzer

Image:  Vizzy
Image: Vizzy

Described as “a sip down memory lane,” Vizzy’s new Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer will hit shelves nationwide for a limited time starting in mid-May. If you can believe it, Vizzy isn’t the first brand to release an Orange Cream Pop flavor—Coors Hard Seltzer released one in 2021. We were shocked by how accurately that product mimicked the taste of the classic ice cream truck treat, but the Vizzy release is set to be even more intriguing because, quite simply, Vizzy tends to taste better than Coors, full stop.

Caramel Cold Brew M&M’s

Image:  Mars, Inc.
Image: Mars, Inc.

We’ll never say no to a new M&M’s flavor, and while Caramel Cold Brew M&M’s made their debut at the tail end of April, you’ll definitely see them rolling out on store shelves nationwide by the beginning of May. The product is described in its press release as “a delicious combination of smooth, robust coffee flavor and sweet, chewy caramel, covered in classic M&M’S milk chocolate and wrapped in a colorful, candy shell.” We are eager to find out whether the coffee notes can cut through the sweetness of it all—but even if it can’t, well, Caramel M&M’s are pretty good too.

Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé Hard Cider

Image:  Angry Orchard
Image: Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard’s cider is sweet but satisfying, and we have high hopes for the brand’s new Blueberry Rosé Hard Cider, since blueberries are a mild fruit that’ll play nicely with rosé. This product, described as an “apple-forward cider with subtle blueberry notes and a ruby red hue,” is 6% ABV and available nationwide in the brand’s “Sunny Sessions Variety Pack” for all your summer barbecue needs.

JET-PUFFED Color Changing Marshmallows


Look, we have zero idea how JET-PUFFED’s new Color Changing Marshmallows work, so we’ll just let the press release describe them. “This is the first time the brand has used the secret color changing ingredient in combination with their jet-puffing technology designed to make the fluffiest and puffiest treats to step up your roasting game,” the brand writes. “The never-before-seen color changing marshmallows are igniting families’ campfire fun by bringing pops of color to delicious, ooey gooey s’mores.” It looks like the pink ones turn orange when roasted, and the blue ones turn green? These sound like the most exciting things to happen to kid cuisine since green and purple ketchup.

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage

Image:  Butterball
Image: Butterball

The people you trust most with your annual Thanksgiving turkey are bringing the brand’s signature bird into the summer season. Butterball is launching a butcher-style turkey sausage link that is “bun-length” and comes in two flavors: Old World Smoked and Polish Style. The grill-ready sausages will be sold in packs of four at major grocery stores for $5.49.

Popeyes Mango Lemonade (and return of Ghost Pepper Wings)

Image:  Popeyes
Image: Popeyes

To wash down the return of a seriously hot comeback item, Popeyes is adding a new lemonade to its beverage lineup. This Mango Lemonade is made with cane sugar and can be ordered chilled or frozen at any Popeyes restaurant. The sweet and tart mango flavor of the new drink should pair well with an order of the chain’s Ghost Pepper Wings, which have also returned to the menu. The six spicy and crispy chicken wings marinated in a ghost pepper spice blend are served with a side of ranch and will only be available for a limited time.

Pizza Hut Sirloin Cheesesteak

Image:  Pizza Hut
Image: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is launching a new protein on its menu, served two different ways. Starting May 2, you’ll be able to try grilled sirloin steak, or rather cheesesteak, at Pizza Hut either in pizza form or as a handheld Melt. The Cheesesteak Pizza will be priced at $13.99 and will be topped with sirloin steak strips, alfredo sauce, green bell peppers, onion, and parmesan oregano. The pizza can be ordered in medium or large sizes with any crust. On the more compact side, the Cheesesteak Melt will be filled with melted cheese and sirloin steak strips, along with other savory toppings, then baked and finished with butter and parmesan oregano seasoning and served with ranch sauce for dipping. The melt will be priced at $6.99. The two menu items will be available nationwide, but only for a limited time.

Homebake 425°/:30

Image:  Kraft Heinz
Image: Kraft Heinz

Being able to come home after a long day, pop something into the oven, and have dinner served quick is the universal weeknight goal, and Kraft Heinz has launched a new brand to fulfill that need. Homebake 425°/:30 (yes, those numbers are part of the name) is a mix-and-match collection of frozen entrées, sides, and veggie dishes available in nationwide stores like Kroger, Meijer, and Target. The meals are designed to be cooked in the oven all together (whether side or main) at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. There are over 500 combinations of these family dinners, but some of the options for sides and mains include Chicken Parmesan, Southwest Style Chipotle Chicken, Italian Style Cauliflower, Green Bean Casserole, Southwest Style Cheesy Rice, and Parmesan Crusted Potato Medley.

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