11 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were Vegan

This article was written by Arista Moultrie.

If you’re beautiful, talented, famous, and rich chances are you don’t eat. There’s an even higher chance you are so pretentious that you will eat a little but put yourself under “dietary restrictions” for the fun of it. The latest diet in Hollywood these days seems to be veganism. We all know about Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone’s Save the Animals campaigns, but here are a few celebs that you may not know are vegan.

1. Ariana Grande


Some of you might have already known she was vegan, but who can pass up an opportunity to talk about how she looks like a preteen playing dress up. She can still sing her little 13-year-old-looking butt off though.

2.  Carrie Underwood


Maybe you wouldn’t have to dig your keys into the side of his pretty, little-souped up four-wheel drive if you just sat down with him for a beef burger and a beer. Maybe then that southern boy will respect you.

3. Ellen DeGeneres


Nothing to say here. She’s perfect and can do whatever she wants.

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4.  Jared Leto


He’s blonde. He’s vegan. He’s going to be playing the Joker and look trashy in makeup. Is he turning into Pamela Anderson?

5. Johny Galecki


You know what Leonard? We can definitely see the whole vegan thing now, but keep doing you. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a classic.

6. Laura Prepon


We know it’s just the character she plays, but do prisons have tofu? Yeah, we know. That was a quality joke you’ve probably heard a million times. We’re here to make it a million and one.

7.  Paul McCartney


He was the only one in Rihanna’s new video that looked more like 50, 51 seconds from wildin’. Who knows, maybe it’s because he’s vegan and didn’t have enough beans and legumes that day. He couldn’t waste all of his reserved energy.

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8. Sarah Silverman


Good for you Sarah! She just might be the most surprising one on the list. Her motto’s probably, “It’s okay to offend humans, just not animals.”

9. Sia


So according to present-but-never-visible Sia, veganism makes for a more elastic heart and an almost nude Shia LaBeouf. Sure, we’ll take it. 

10. Travis Barker


Alright, this obviously came out of nowhere. We’re all as confused as Shannon. This screams, “Look at me, I’m hardcore but not really. I’m still rich and care about my health.”

11. Betty White


Well look at Betty keeping up with all the latest trends, including veganism. She’s on it, and to still be kickin’ it at her age, we’d take the pork off our fork, too.

Mad props to all of these celebs, though. The willpower it must take to be that rich and not buy all the burgers and ice cream you could ever want in life is insane. Most of us couldn’t do it, and honestly most of us wouldn’t. We’ll take the pork buns for $300, Alex.

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