11 Birthday Party Ideas for Teens That You’ll Remember Forever

birthday party ideas for teens
Teen Birthday Party Ideas You’ll Remember ForeverDesign by Yoora Kim - Getty Images

Planning a birthday party is often equal parts exciting and stressful. You can’t wait to celebrate your big day with your besties by your side, but what do you pick for a theme? Do you hang at home or head out somewhere? Do you plan activities for the day or night? As you ring in the double digits and beyond, you’re too old for the musical chairs and freeze tag. You want a birthday party theme that’s fun, memorable, and unique — and, tbh, Insta-worthy. Luckily, there are tons of teen birthday party ideas that are way cooler than the obligatory cake and birthday presents.

If you want to go big, pick a theme that will have everyone in school talking and counting down the days until the main event. Who doesn’t love a disco dance party or glow-in-the-dark moment? If you’d rather keep the festivities low-key, organize a relaxing at-home spa day or movie night. Or, gather your besties for a classic sleepover, complete with face masks, your favorite snacks, and a marathon of the best rom-coms of all time. No matter your vibe, here are 11 birthday party ideas for teens that’ll help the good times roll.

Spa Day

Embrace plush robes and fuzzy slippers for a calming at-home spa day with your besties. Queue up some chill tunes, light some candles, and make sure you have ample hair and face masks. Set up a mani-pedi station at a table in the dining or living room, and stock it with the necessities: polish colors, base coats, top coats, tweezers, nail files, nail cutters, cuticle pushers, and cuticle scissors. For gift bags, include lotions, eye masks, bath bombs, oil diffusers, face rollers, or whatever else needed to replicate the ultimate spa day.

Pool Party

If you’re #blessed and have a summer birthday (or live in a warm climate!), you cannot go wrong with a pool party. It’s the perfect setting for a casual and fun hang, and you don’t have to go *too* big with the decorations — but festive pool floats are, ofc, a must for those vibey Insta posts. Plan pool party games to get the whole group involved, or play a game of pool volleyball. When guests need a break from the water, they can pop out and rest on the lounge chairs and snack on some sweet treats. Want to keep the party going? If possible, build a bonfire out in the backyard for a chill night.

Hotel Sleepover

Slumber parties are always a good idea — but to make your birthday extra special, book a stay at a hotel for the night. The change of scenery is exciting, and you can take advantage of hotel perks like room service, the spa, and maybe even the pool. You’ll feel just like Eloise at the Plaza.

Dinner Party

Give your night a flair of sophistication with an elegant dinner party. Tablescape with cute silverware, flowers, succulents, plants, and candles, and depending on your group’s vibe, elevate the ambiance with upbeat bops or relaxed jams. Since this is a special night, ask your friends to dress up in their cutest ‘fits. Keep the menu lowkey so you’re not overly stressed about cooking, but don’t be afraid to go all out, either. Want to give the night an interesting twist? Instead of just a regular dinner party, make it a Chopped Challenge, based on the hit Food Network show. Break out into groups and cook creative dishes based on a mystery basket of ingredients.

Bring Your Own Board Party

We all love a charcuterie board. For the ultimate foodies, you need to have a board night for your next birthday party. Sure, someone can bring the meats and cheeses, but the options are endless with the other themed dishes you could bring. Put together a board of your favorite desserts, the best breakfast foods, or the ultimate toppings for custom tacos. Yum.

Glow in the Dark Party

Turn down the lights and get the glow sticks ready. A glow-in-the-dark party is a bright idea (see what we did there?) for your next birthday celebration. Have all partygoers dress up in neon clothes and decorate your space with vivid party banners, balloons, and lights. Don’t forget the necklaces or neon face paint for you and your besties, either.

Disco Party

So you just watched Mamma Mia! for the 100th time and you need a reason to perform the Donna and the Dynamos’ greatest hits. What better reason than your birthday?! Order disco balls of all shapes and sizes on Amazon, hang silver tinsel on the wall and over doorways, and play ABBA all night long. You are the dancing queen, and this disco-themed birthday party proves just that.

Movie Night

Whether you’re into spine-chilling thrillers or heartfelt rom-coms, a movie night is a low-key but festive fête. Queue up the new Netflix movies you and your friends have been dying to see, or rewatch a few of your beloved favorites. Pop the popcorn, grab your favorite candies, and get cozy under the blankets. Weather permitting, you could even set up a projector outside for a move night under the stars.

Taylor Swift Eras Party

Our girl T Swift has a party for everyone one of her eras, but why not combine them all into one epic party? Have partygoers dress up in one of Taylor’s era styles, whether it’s a fringe dress and cowboy boots from Fearless, high-waisted shorts, top, and a red lip from Red, or cozy cardigan and maxi dress from folklore and evermore. Obvi, your playlist is already set with Tay’s entire discography.

Classic Sleepover

No matter how old you get, sleepovers are the best. You get to hang with your besties, talk about your crushes, and snack on all of your favorite foods late into the night. Plus, you get to dress comfy and cozy in your favorite pair of PJs and slippers.


Can’t get enough of the cottagecore vibes? Plan an outdoor (or indoor!) picnic with your pals — trust us, the aesthetic will be perfect for your Insta grid. Lay out blankets and soft pillows, and pack picnic baskets with fruits, finger sandwiches, the makings of a charcuterie board, cupcakes, or whatever sweet treats you want for the big day. And don’t forget the flowers! To make snacking easier, bring some small tables or folding tables.

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