The 11 Best Nonalcoholic Wines, according to a Sommelier


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Whether you're a wine lover looking to cut back on alcohol or just want a tasty, alcohol-free drink that still feels special, consider giving nonalcoholic wines a try. Nonalcoholic wines are becoming increasingly popular. But with so many good options available, how do you know which bottle is best? We tapped Breana Killeen, M.P.H., RD, who is a trained sommelier, to get all of her expert recommendations.

"As a wine lover, I had to find nonalcoholic options when I was pregnant with my twins last year. These were the best I tried," says Killeen. Check out her top picks for the best nonalcoholic wines, including picks for red wine, white wine and more. Plus, find out where to buy these nonalcoholic wines so you can try them for yourself (note: prices may vary depending on location).

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Cropped Hands Pouring Red Wine In Wineglass
Cropped Hands Pouring Red Wine In Wineglass

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Best Nonalcoholic Red Wine

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: California, USA

Tasting notes: Blueberries, blackberries, black pepper, chocolate

For a glass of cabernet sauvignon, try Ariel's nonalcoholic red wine, which ages in oak barrels in California. Ariel recommends pairing it with manchego cheese, carne asada, Texas chili or wood-fired pizza.

Buy it: Total Wine, $7.99

Sovi Red Blend

Region: California, USA

Tasting notes: Black raspberry, dark cherry, baking spices

This canned wine is easy to grab and pack for a beach day, mountain day or any other adventure. Each canned wine contains one and a half glasses, and they're sold in a pack of four.

Buy it: Sovi, $32 for a 4-pack

Luminara Red Blend

Region: California, USA

Tasting notes: Black cherry

Made from fruit grown in the Napa Valley, this red blend has subtle notes of smoke, spice and oak.

Buy it: Total Wine, $20.49

Best Nonalcoholic White Wine

Fre Chardonnay

Region: California, USA

Tasting notes: Apple, citrus

Fre uses a unique spinning cone process to remove the alcohol while still preserving the wine's flavors and aromas. For pairings, Fre suggests seafood dishes, roasted veal chops, creamy pastas, salad and mild cheeses.

Buy it: Total Wine, $7.99

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

Region: Rheingau, Germany

Tasting notes: Lime, citrus, rhubarb, apple

With a crisp, refreshing taste, Leitz's Eins Zwei Zero Riesling is perfect for sipping after a long day.

Buy it: Astor Wines, $14.99

Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Tasting notes: Citrus, currant, passion fruit

With a crisp and dry finish, this delicious nonalcoholic white wine is made in New Zealand. According to the Giesen website, once the fruit arrives at the winery it is de-stemmed and gently pressed for optimal flavor.

Buy it: Total Wine, $18.99

Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay

Region: Southern Spain

Tasting notes: Apple

Made in vineyards throughout southern Spain, this sparkling chardonnay is vegan, halal and low in sugar. It has a touch of sweetness and a medium-dry palate.

Buy it: Food52, $22

Best Nonalcoholic Rosé Wine

Pierre 0% Rosé

Region: South of France

Tasting notes: Red fruit

A blend of chardonnay and merlot grapes, this pink-hued rosé is fresh and lively on the palate. For pairings, Pierre suggests grilled food, salads and desserts.

Buy it: BeClink, $31.99

Surely Nonalcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Region: California, USA

Tasting notes: Guava, strawberry, kiwi, melon

Surely's nonalcoholic sparkling rosé uses a vacuum distillation process to remove the alcohol while still keeping the flavors of the wine. Each bottle contains three 8-ounce servings.

Buy it: Surely, $29.99

Sovi Sparkling Rosé

Region: California, USA

Tasting notes: Pink grapefruit, cherries, salted watermelon

Another variety from Sovi, this sparkling rosé is on the dry side. Grab a can of this wine for your next picnic in the park.

Buy it: Sovi, $28 for a 4-pack

Best Nonalcoholic "Sparkling Wine"


Tasting notes: White tea, white cranberry, ginger

Made from carbonated water and white tea, this nonalcoholic bubbly isn't really wine, but it's plenty festive, featuring notes of ginger and white cranberry. You can drink Töst as is or use it as an ingredient for a mocktail.

Buy it: Töst, $27 for three bottles