The 11 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets of 2023 for Relaxation and Recovery

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We consulted medical professionals and industry experts to help you find the right infrared sauna blanket for you.

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InStyle / David Hattan

The residents of Finland have been locking themselves in rooms to sweat for nearly 2,000 years. It might sound crazy when you describe it to someone that way, but the tradition commonly known as sauna has persisted through the millennia for good reason — very real health benefits.

“Published clinical reports have suggested that regular sauna bathing may improve cardiovascular function through vascular dilatation, modulation of the autonomic nervous system, changes in circulating fats (lipids) and lowering blood pressure,” says board certified, NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades.

Sauna is also reported to relieve muscle tension, improve sleep quality, boost mood and even help aid weight loss. That makes the sauna cabins a very popular stop for Shana Ominsky’s clients at the top-rated Lake Austin Spa Resort, where she is the Executive Spa Director.

The appeal of sauna is even more compelling when you consider that Finland has been ranked the world’s happiest nation six years in a row. Clearly, there is something to sweating.

But, unless you happen to be a hardcore Finnish carpenter, chances are you’re more likely to be heading to Ominsky’s spa than constructing a purpose-built room that can heat to 150-190˚F in your home or apartment. Enter the infrared sauna blanket, which offers the benefits of sauna at lower temperatures and in the comfort of your own home.

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Best Overall: HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: The high-quality materials, simple temperature control, automatic shut-off, Low-EMF rating, and ease of portability make this one of the best blankets out there.   

What We Don’t Love: Very little. We think this blanket sets a high bar for the competition.

Higher Dose purports to get you high naturally and 3 out of our 5 experts agree that this infrared sauna blanket is the best on the market. Featuring quality, non-toxic PU leather, an industrial grade zipper, an easily folded design and a carrying case, this blanket makes it easy to reap the benefits of infrared sauna at home.

Unlike many of its competitors, it also features additional layers of materials that will further enhance your experience, including a layer of charcoal to help deepen your detox and clay to balance the heat with negative ions, along with a medical-grade magnetic strip to improve blood flow and circulation. It even offers the added benefit of crystal therapy from a layer of amethyst and tourmaline that aid in fighting off free radicals. Top that all off with the fact that this blanket is low-EMF and our experts agree that it has set a high bar for at-home infrared sauna.

Price at time of publish: $599

Material: Polyurethane leather | Temperature Range: 68-158˚F | Settings: Levels 1-8, with timer and auto-shut off | Dimensions: 71 x 71 inches unfolded

Best Budget: SurmountWay Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: At a much lower price point, this blanket still delivers on the safety and performance we expect.  

What We Don’t Love: The fuschia color reads “pre-teen sleepover.” The look is generally not as sophisticated as the competition.

If you’re interested in trying out an infrared sauna blanket, but hesitant to commit to the higher price point of most of the options out there, the SurmountWay Sauna Blanket is a great option. It’s particularly easy to use, thanks to simple zone controls that let you easily dial in the temperature and duration you desire. It’s also designed with important safety features, like an automatic shut-off if it reaches a temperature that exceeds 185˚F.

And then there are the armholes, which leave us free to enjoy our favorite magazine or book while our bodies enjoy the benefits of sweating it out. However, those arm holes release a lot of heat, which means this blanket may use more energy than others. The general aesthetics also do leave something to be desired. The fuschia color might be flashy for some.

Price at time of publish: $126

Material: Oxford cloth and PVC | Temperature Range: 77-176˚F | Settings: 2 heating zones with time settings up to 60 minutes | Dimensions: 70 x 32 inches unfolded

Best Extra Large: Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: This blanket is packed with premium materials and features, including a super roomy design. It also features faraday shielding which makes it not just low, but practically zero EMF.   

What We Don’t Love: The extra room is ideal for taller or larger users, but might be less efficient for more petite users, who will be left with quite a bit of extra space to heat.

The Heat Healer is a great infrared sauna blanket with a wide range of features that even some of the top blankets don’t have. In terms of materials, it is absolutely top grade. It utilizes the extra durable Aramid, which is the same material used in suits for both firefighters and astronauts. It also features a layer of 96 jade and tourmaline stones to provide the added benefits of crystal therapy, helping to improve both your immune system and circulation according to Shana Ominsky, the Executive Spa Director at the Lake Austin Spa Resort.

And since everything is bigger in Texas, Ominsky especially appreciates that the Heat Healer is substantially roomier in both height and width than many other blankets. It’s designed to fit a user up to 6’6” in height and 300 pounds in weight, which can also be a detraction to performance. While it’s great for taller or wider users — or even those who may suffer from claustrophobia — the extra space in this blanket means more space to heat, which makes it less efficient for petite frames that don’t take up as much space inside the blanket. But don’t get us wrong: This is an outstanding blanket, and especially so if you are looking for one that provides extra room.

Price at time of publish: $496

Material: Aramid | Temperature Range: 140-176˚F | Settings: 1 heating zone with time settings up to 60 minutes | Dimensions: 75 inches long unfolded with 69 inch circumference when in use     

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Best Zero EMF: Hydragun HeatPod Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: While most blankets state they are low-EMF, the HeatPod is certified to be zero EMF.

What We Don’t Love: Lots of temperature settings also mean lots of options to toggle through.  

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which, in non-marketing speak, is more commonly called radiation. This sounds worse than it is, as most EMF is not harmful; in fact, the light bulbs we use daily emit more EMF than an infrared sauna blanket. But if you prioritize ensuring that you are not exposed to any radiation whatsoever, the Hydragun Heatpod is a great option. It features zero-EMF infrared coils, which are specifically designed to cut EMF emissions to zero. You can rest assured that the only thing that will be radiating is the glow of your skin.

Price at time of publish: $549

Material: Polyurethane | Temperature Range: 86-176˚F | Settings: 2 degree temperature increments with time settings from 5-60 minutes | Dimensions: 71 x 36 inches unfolded  

Best for Temperature Customization: REVIIV Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: Whereas most blankets offer a range of different temperatures, the Reviiv allows you to select a specific temperature from its full 100 degree range.

What We Don’t Love: All those options means you could be toggling through setting options for a long time.

It’s standard for an infrared sauna blanket to allow you to choose the heat setting, but having the flexibility to choose the exact temperature from the full temperature range is the defining feature of the Reviiv blanket. With a temperature range of 77-176˚F, the Reviiv can heat to almost any temperature, which you can control precisely with 100 different settings. You’ll never be left wondering what temperature “high, medium, or low” are with this blanket. Of course, that also means you could spend a lot of time deciding and finding which setting to use.

Price at time of publish: $369

Material: Polyurethane | Temperature Range: 77-176˚F | Settings: Full temperature control with 100 settings | Dimensions: 71 x 36 inches unfolded 

Best Splurge: Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: If you’re looking for a bit of extra heat, it’s worth the extra spend for this high-quality blanket, which heats up faster and gets hotter than most of the competition.

What We Don’t Love: It’s expensive and the materials are not that differentiated from other competitors at a lower price.

If it’s hot, hot, heat that you’re after, then the Bon Charge is the blanket for you. With construction and quality comparable to other top blankets, the Bon Charge vastly outperforms when it comes to the speed of preheating and the temperatures it is able to achieve — up to 176˚F. You’ll be luxuriating in low-EMF comfort and sweat in no time flat.

Price at time of publish: $699

Material: Polyurethane leather | Temperature Range: 77-176˚F | Settings: Fully adjustable temperature with timer settings from 5-60 minutes | Dimensions: 71 x 35.4 inches unfolded

Best with Sleeves: Surnuo Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: Sleeves with elastic cuffs mean that you can free up your hands during your treatment without losing quite as much heat inside the blanket.

What We Don’t Love: The PVC materials are not as high-quality as other options.

Though our experts all agree that one of the benefits of sauna is letting your mind unplug and drift without distraction, if you’re looking to free your hands up during your treatment to read or hold a device, this option from Surno is the way to go. It features sleeves with elastic cuffs that minimize the heat loss, but leave your hands free to wander — even though that’s what our experts recommend you let your mind do.

Price at time of publish: $160 

Material: Oxford cloth | Temperature Range: 77-176˚F | Settings: Time settings up to 60 minutes | Dimensions: 70 x 32 inches unfolded

Best Portable: MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket by Gravity

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: Lighter and more compact than a lot of the competition, this blanket is easy to store and its accompanying carrying case makes for easy travel.

What We Don’t Love: It’s easily portable because it’s physically smaller in dimension than other blankets, meaning it's not the best option for tall people.

For ease of storage and portability, the MiHigh Infrared Sauna Blanket V2 gets higher marks than most of the competition. It’s constructed of high quality PU leather, reaches a high temperature of 167˚F and still manages to fold up into a compact carrying case.

However, tall users be warned: The compact qualities of this blanket come mostly from the fact that it is physically smaller than many others. At only 62 inches long, it’s about eight inches shorter than most blankets, making it a less than optimal choice for taller users.

Price at time of publish: $499

Material: Polyurethane leather | Temperature Range: 77-167˚F | Settings: Adjustable temperature range | Dimensions: 62 inches long unfolded

Best for Beginners : Sun Home Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: This blanket opens up to be completely flat, making it a cinch to wipe down quickly after use.

What We Don’t Love: It opens flat because it uses a velcro closure, which is not as efficient for retaining heat.

The trickiest part of cleaning an infrared sauna blanket is making sure you are wiping down corners and creases. That’s why for ease of cleaning, the velcro closure on the SunHome Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket is a real benefit. With velcro lining one side, the blanket folds over you to fasten on the other side, which also means it can lay completely flat, just like a regular blanket. The blanket has a fully customizable timer, so you can set your sweat session to exactly the length of time you have.

However, the velcro closure, while not a deal breaker, does mean that the blanket loses more heat during sessions and is not as energy efficient as some of its zippered cousins.

Price at time of publish: $499

Material: Polyurethane | Temperature Range: 95-167˚F | Settings: Fully-adjustable temperature control with timer | Dimensions: 71 x 36 inches unfolded

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Best for Tall People: LifePro BioRemedy Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: This blanket offers an extra long, 76-inch version at a very reasonable price.

What We Don’t Love: While it’s great for height, it still maintains a standard width, which makes it a less optimal choice for heavier users.  

If you have a lot of height, but not a lot of budget, the LifePro BioRemedy blanket is the perfect option. One of the few blankets that offers a 76 inch length, the extra wiggle room here will make all the difference for a tall user. There are also zipper closures on both sides of the blanket, so you can unzip and stick your arms out if you get a little too toasty. This blanket features less bells and whistles than higher end models, but it still performs admirably.

Price at time of publish: $180

Material: Oxford cloth and polyurethane | Temperature Range: 113-176˚F | Settings: 2 time settings, 30 or 60 minutes | Dimensions: 76 x 36 inches unfolded

Best with Separate Heating Zones: Gizmo Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy at

What We Love: While most infrared sauna blankets allow you to control your temperature, few allow you to set the temperature by body zone.

What We Don’t Love: More zones mean more settings to play with and this blanket only displays temperature in Celsius, adding to the confusion for most users.

If you know that you want to keep your feet warmer than your torso, the Gizmo Sauna Blanket is one of the only options that offers three separate heating zones for upper body, mid-torso, and lower body. All of the zones can heat to the same wide range of temperatures and are controlled by the same timer.

The blanket also comes in two sizes, with the extra large dimensions exceeding those of almost every other blanket on the market. With a lot of things going for it, this blanket does have one major disadvantage — the temperature displays are in Celsius only, which might confuse some users.

Price at time of publish: $400

Material: Polyurethane leather | Temperature Range: 86-194˚F | Settings: 3 zone control | Dimensions: 68 x 75 inches (standard) or 78 x 88 (large)

What to Keep in Mind


Infrared sauna blankets are typically constructed of synthetic materials, like polyurethane, or a blend of vegan and standard leathers. It’s important to look for materials that are free of solvents and other toxins, which have the potential to release gas.

The best infrared sauna blankets will provide proof that their materials have been independently tested by an accredited lab. These tests demonstrate whether their materials meet FCC standards for radiated emissions, SGS Labs for toxins and international safety standards, says Heat Healer founder, Lauren Dovey.

Temperature Range

Infrared, according to all of our experts, allows sauna blankets to operate at a lower temperature range while maintaining all of the expected benefits of the sauna experience. That means, according to Ominsky, you should be looking for a minimum temperature of 68˚F and a maximum of around 158˚F.

Personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, Samantha Altan reminds us that a traditional sauna reaches temperatures of 150-195˚F. The lower temperatures offered by infrared sauna is one of the primary appeals. "Infrared sauna blankets can be much more tolerable for those who are sensitive to heat,” says Dr. Alexiades.

“A full-size infrared sauna generally is heated to between 110˚F and 135˚F,” Altan says. “So you’ll definitely want your blanket to achieve those temperatures as well.”


All infrared sauna blankets offer temperature settings, but some offer more specificity and customization than others. If you want to know exactly what temperature your blanket is heating to, look for models with more settings.

You’ll also likely want a model with a built-in timer, as recommended by board certified naturopath, Dr. Lana Butner. She and all our experts caution against the risk of dehydration when utilizing a sauna. Ensuring that your infrared sauna blanket sessions are long enough to allow you to reap the full benefits, but not overdoing it and risking dehydration is crucial.

Some models offer multiple heating zones, allowing you to more precisely control the temperature in different areas of the blanket. If, for example, you know you’d like your feet to stay cooler than your torso, this might be an appealing feature for you.


Every body is different, says Dovey, so it’s important to make sure your individual body dimensions and preferences can be accommodated by the model you are purchasing.

"Some people can tend to feel a bit claustrophobic if the blanket is too tight or heavy,” warns Ominsky. If that sounds like you, make sure to look for roomier models.

Closure Style

The best infrared sauna blankets generally utilize either a zip or a velcro closure. Zippers not only provide ease of accessibility, but they trap heat better, making them more energy efficient as well.

That said, for those who might experience claustrophobia, a velcro closure may be a better option. A velcro closure would allow them to exit the blanket more quickly than a zipper would, potentially alleviating any anxiety. Velcro closures also allow the blanket to open completely flat, which can make cleaning a bit easier.

Your Questions, Answered

How do infrared sauna blankets work?

Despite the scientific sounding name, the concept behind infrared sauna blankets is pretty simple, according to Dr. Alexiades. “Infrared saunas are just a newer spin on the traditional sauna experience,” she explains. “They focus on the infrared delivery of heat rather than other forms of heat production. Infrared rays heat up the body with less impact on the temperature of the room, but still induce the intense sweating that characterizes a sauna experience.”

An infrared sauna blanket delivers heat to your body through the air, similar to what you would experience in a cabin, just in a much smaller space. According to Dovey, this is what makes infrared sauna blankets so great. “A sauna blanket actually heats up quicker and is more energy efficient and space saving than a traditional cabin,” she says.

What are the benefits of an infrared sauna blanket?

The benefits of infrared sauna mirror and even improve upon those of traditional sauna, according to all of our experts. Dr. Alexiades calls out that sauna has been shown to improve cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure. Ominsky says that many of her clients seek out sauna because it can reduce high blood pressure, increase metabolism and release toxins from the body.

Dr. Butner is particularly keen to highlight the detoxifying benefits. She says that internal organs, including the kidney, bowels, lymph nodes and lungs, reap major benefits from infrared therapy.

Dr. Alexiades agrees: "On the skin level, sauna use has been reported to not only flush out toxins, but also to remove dead skin cells, purge clogged pores, deliver fresh nutrient supplies to the epidermis, and help reduce the prevalence of stress-related skin breakouts.”

Altan is a particular fan of sauna for the pain relief and muscle relaxation it can offer after a tough workout. “The heat of a sauna helps promote muscle relaxation by reducing muscle tension and eliminating lactic acid and other toxins that may be present,” she says. “Under the high-heat provided by a sauna, the body releases endorphins which can also help to minimize pain. As the body temperature rises in the heat of the sauna, blood vessels dilate allowing for increased blood circulation, which in turn speeds the body’s natural healing process.”

Beyond the health benefits, the most obvious benefit of an infrared sauna blanket is that it allows you to sweat it out in your own home. And some, like Ominsky, even would argue that the blanket experience is, in some ways, an enhancement on the relaxation of traditional sauna rooms. “One of the best attributes of the blankets,” Ominsky says, “is that when you are lying down it allows the blood to circulate and that contributes to a deeper relaxation while receiving all the benefits.”

How do you clean an infrared sauna blanket?

Cleaning an infrared sauna blanket is simpler than you'd probably think. Just wipe it down with a paper towel after a sweat session and then follow that up by using a non-toxic disinfectant wipe or spray. Ominsky uses Citrus II, which is a gentle citrus spray that will kill any bacteria. Before packing it up and stashing it away, Altan says you should first make sure that the blanket has dried completely, especially in the tight corners, otherwise you could end up with mold.

Placing an additional cotton blanket inside will also reduce clean up time by helping to absorb your sweat.

What should I wear under an infrared sauna blanket?

You should fully cover your body with all-natural materials while using an infrared sauna blanket. Long-sleeves, pants, and socks are all recommended for two reasons. First, it will help protect both your skin and the blanket itself by avoiding any direct contact. Second, the layer of fabric will help to absorb excess sweat, making clean up easier.

How often can you use an infrared sauna blanket?

Our experts all agree that it is safe for most people to use an infrared sauna blanket daily, as long as you are properly hydrating before and after your sessions.

Dovey offers that consistency of use is key for seeing the full benefits. “We would suggest three to four times per week for 30 to 60 minutes for at least six weeks,” she says. “15 minutes helps to relax you and provide muscle relief, whereas 30 to 60 minutes works to get a good sweat on, increase circulation, burn calories and improve cardiovascular function.”

For athletes or anyone looking to maximize their recovery, Altan recommends using an infrared sauna blanket one to two times per week in order to see the most impact.

However, pregnant women should avoid both sauna blankets as well as traditional saunas for the duration of their pregnancy. Additionally, anyone with a medical condition should pay particular attention to their usage, says Dr. Butner. She creates specific schedules and programs for patients who have PMS/PCOS or Lyme Disease. If you have a medical condition, it is best to consult your physician to determine the frequency of use that is right for you.

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