'1000-Lb Sisters' Star Tammy Begs Her Family to Bring Her Home From Rehab

Find out why Tammy Slaton is pleading for her family to bring her home from rehab.

Tammy Slaton is at odds with her family.

In an exclusive preview of the March 7 episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, the TLC star's loved ones debate whether they should consider her pleas to be brought home from rehab. As Tammy's family reveals, their sister has concerns regarding her health during her stay at a facility.

While sister Amanda seems keen to support Tammy's decision, brother Chris appears less than convinced. "Well, she still got the bacterial infection in a facility," he notes during the family meeting. "So if she can get one there, she can definitely get one at home."

In a confessional, Chris reveals the extremes that Tammy has gone to express her hope to leave rehab. "Begging, ranting, raving, pleading, for us to come and get her," he shares. "Tammy's being the most persistent person on coming home."

In fact, Chris says this is the most persistent he's "ever seen her be on anything," adding, "If this bitch would of acted this way on a diet, we would have never been here. We'd have took care of this 29 years ago."



Tammy entered a rehab facility after finding herself over 700 pounds at the start of season four. She later had a health scare, which required her to undergo a tracheotomy.

Ultimately, the family decides to call Tammy in rehab and inform her that they aren't equipped to give her the care she needs. Tammy offers up an expletive-filled response, telling her loved ones, "I don't give a f--k. I'm not staying here."

When Chris suggests moving Tammy to another facility, she makes it clear that she is not on board with that plan. "I do f--king have a choice," she snaps. "I know how to take of it myself."

Sister Amanda accuses Tammy of being "hateful" when the latter snaps at the family's additional health care suggestion.

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"You're not listening to me," Tammy hits back. "You f--king come here and be resident. Y'all try doing this. It's not f--king fun and it's not easy."

She resolves, "Either you're gonna come and get me at the end of next week or I'm leaving."

This declaration shocks sister Amy, who notes, "She'd rather live on the street than be in a nursing home, where she is getting 24-hour care. Food. Water. Shelter."

Amy's big concern? Tammy's trach will "get more infected," resulting in possibly sepsis and death.

See how the drama plays out this Tuesday at 9 p.m. on TLC.